Yuan Baoling - I give you a thumbs up

author:Lushun old plum head

This year marks the 140th anniversary of the establishment of Lushun Dockyard, and four years ago I posted an article praising Yuan Baoling, a monument to Lushun. On the eve of the 140th anniversary of the factory, the old text was slightly revised and reissued to commemorate the occasion.

Two Opium Wars

The strong ships and cannons of imperialism broke the monopoly of the Qing Empire

To resist imperialist aggression

Li Hongzhang asked the imperial court to build the Beiyang Naval Base in Lushun

A silent fishing village has turned the page of modernization

The beginning of the establishment of the port

The county ordered Lu Erfa to be the first port construction official

Ignorance, incompetence, blind command problems pile up

Li Hongzhang let him go

The second Hong Kong founding official, Huang Ruilan

This person is domineering and has chaotic management, stirring up resentment among the people

Profit from fraud, and the quality of the project is not up to par

Li Hongzhang replaced it

Zhou Fu Baoju directly subordinate the alternate Taoist Yuan Baoling out of the mountain

In danger, he was appointed as the general office of Lushun Port Authority, both military and political

Yuan Baoling was praised by Li Hongzhang

"Zhuxi Rong Equipment, Botong Economy, Only with diligence" candidates

Yuan Baoling - I give you a thumbs up

Yuan Baoling ((1841~1889)

Yuan Baoling first climbed Baiyu Mountain

Facing the Yellow Sea

Rolling mountains

Heartfelt admiration

The Ten Thousand Sects will return to Hairuo

Two mountains are lined up, and the shape is better than nature

Here you can fight and retreat

West Ce Jingu, North Gu Liaoshen

It is an excellent first choice for building the base of the Beiyang Navy Division.

Yuan Baoling was determined to reform at the beginning of his tenure

Streamline the administration and reduce redundant personnel

More than 400 mediocre talents who ate mixed rice were smashed into their rice bowls

Enable experienced technicians to overcome difficulties

A brand-new situation has emerged in the coastal defense project

The summer of 1883 was sweltering and rainy

The silt in Tangao is filthy and smelly,

Yuan Baoling made medicinal herbs and boiled them into soup

Doctors are recruited for medical examinations of workers

Huang Ruilan cut corners, and the cement at the bottom of the dam was not dug up

The dam body of the tofu dregs project leaks and sags

October 28, 1883

For days, thunderstorms, tides swelled, and winds were fierce

Two cracks in the dam collapsed

If not repaired in time, the entire dam will be destroyed

Yuen Baoling led the staff of the Engineering Bureau and migrant workers to fight for the rescue

He led the way, leading the way

He threw away his official hat and pulled up his official robe

Fighting in the mud and on the front line

Call for help from the garrison in times of crisis

Commander Song Qing sent the 3rd Battalion of the Yi Army

General Wang Yongsheng sent the 1st battalion and 3 sentries of the escort barracks to participate in the rescue battle

The re-reinforced dam has withstood strong winds and waves

Yuan Baoling fought on the dam for 40 days

That sturdy dam still stands on the edge of East Australia

Yuan Baoling - I give you a thumbs up

"Masonry Battle" scene (painting)

Jiangang repair dock employs British, German and French engineering and technical personnel

All foreigners are very arrogant

Yuan Baoling deals with them, does not entangle small things, and strictly controls major matters

German engineer Dulwich advocated the construction of red bricks fired from clay

Yuan Baoling insisted on using red granite from Shidao, Shandong

The two sides argued about carrying out brick-burning experiments

The draft of red bricks made by German craftsmanship far exceeds that of domestic green bricks

Twenty percent draft

It won't take long to be soaked and rotted by seawater

Shipyards that have been heavily invested in construction will become a quagmire

Yuan's ideas are supported by foreign scientists

4 months of perseverance without giving in

Only then is the big dock as strong as the beginning, and it is red for a hundred years

4 months of perseverance without giving in

Only then will the century-old dock continue to contribute to naval construction

Yuan Baoling - I give you a thumbs up

The sturdy Lushun dock

Yuen Baoling acted impartially

Reasonable handling of disputes between the former Engineering Bureau and local owners over land use

Reimburse the money owed by the predecessor to the common people in full

He attached great importance to education and established schools

Modern education replaced several private schools

He cared about the lives of his people

Lead the local people to plant mulberry trees

Educate people to raise silkworms at their own expense

Promote the civilization and economic development of the people in Lushun

Yuen Po Ling presided over the Port Authority for four or five years

Repair forts, consolidate dams, build factories, build docks, open telegraph offices, and run hospitals、、、、、、

The first phase of the project was fully completed

The first port in the East is spectacular

Yuan Baoling - I give you a thumbs up

The Lushun Mine Battalion was established at the request of Yuan Baoling

At this time

Yuan Baoling climbed on the white jade again and wrote the White Jade Mountain Palace Association

Create a rule that has not been seen in 4,000 years, and wish to become the Bohai Ping Domain and stay in the capital

Ring 90,000 li far-reaching, talking about Kunming pond water, Han Wujing banner

Looking at the east and west shores of the military port

The fort stands like a tiger, and the red-clad cannon is majestic.

Yuan Baoling wrote down the Golden Mountain Fort United

The sea is back, recalling the former Tang War and Liao Campaign, and the history of heroes in the past;

Takayama Tianzuo, may after Hojing abundant water, Zhongxing Sun Moon Li Shenzhou

If you have the opportunity to stand on the mountain of gold

Recite aloud the joint son left by Yuan Baoling

You will feel it

Words and blood, sentences and sentences, shaking the heavens and the earth, strong rivers and mountains

Yuan Baoling - I give you a thumbs up

Lushun Port before the Sino-Japanese War

To resist imperialist aggression

For the establishment of the Beiyang Naval Base

Yuan Baoling was exhausted and wore liver and gallbladder

Exhausted and lamented all night

Accumulated overwork and illness can not afford to have a stroke

He regretted that it was not fully completed while critically ill

In order to speed up the progress of the project and ensure the quality of the project

He suggested to Li Hongzhang

Lushun Dockyard is open for bidding

The first article of international investment promotion was opened

In 1884,

Li Hongzhang saw the achievements of coastal defense camp construction,

He praised: "The stronghold of the Lushun Fort is strong and defensible, thanks to the strength of the bowling superintendent."

In April 1886,

Prince Yizhen of Alcohol personally read Lushunkou,

It is believed that the coastal defense arrangement of Lushunkou is appropriate, and the bowling is particularly effective、、、、、、

On the sick bed, Yuan Baoling wrote a poem

Shangxiangxian labor re-education master, and looked back at the banner in the air.

May the words beg for seven years of illness, and my friend is in March.

There are still tears of Jia Sheng's anxiety about the country, and he dares to forget his ancestor's words to cross the river.

The husband is not dead, and Longquan is there, and he should be beheaded at the end of the day.

Recite Yuan Baoling's sick poem

We felt it

The Lushun Military Port was not completely completed, and he fell ill and was unwilling

He admonished us

In search of a good medicine for a rich country and a strong army, we must plan ahead and plan ahead

To emulate the ancients

Worried about the country, he swore to die and regain the country

He hopes for latecomers

It is necessary to use the strong Lushun military port to defend the Daqing River and Mountain against the invaders

Just a year before the completion of the Lushun Naval Base

July 20, 1889 (August 16, 1889)

Yuan died of illness at the age of 48

Millions of silver docked by Yuan Baoling

He is strictly controlled and budget-wise

He is upright and selfless

Not a single cent of public funds was filled with private pockets

The burial behind him should be helped by the world

A corrupt government still has such a self-disciplined clean official

In this way, today's corrupt officials should be humiliated

In order to praise the builder of the first military port in the East - Yuan Baoling

The imperial court rewarded the state funeral

The Guangxu Emperor gave an edict

He was posthumously awarded the title of "Bachelor of the Cabinet"

His life deeds are publicly commended and listed in the national history

Yuan Baoling - I give you a thumbs up

Yuan Baoling's 5th grandson Yuan Qicheng and his wife came to the dock to present a basket of flowers

The history of a city needs to be inherited,

A city should have its own cultural connotation

In the land of Lushunkou, there are many monuments

But I couldn't find a small stone piece by Yuan Baoling, the first hero of the construction of the Hong Kong dock

When we self-financed the call for a statue of Yuen Baoling

Someone even inquired which workshop of the factory Yuan Baoling was

Someone is asking if there is a stain on a Qing government official

Some even questioned that he was not a member of the CCP

This cannot but be said to be a kind of ignorance

This cannot but be a sad regret

Who can believe it

Go to the Palace Museum in Beijing,

Access to Qing history archives

So far, not a single photo of Yuan Baoling has been found

There was only one group photo

He stood on the far left in the back row without opening his eyes

The single person we saw was a high-tech approach

The eyes of the statue we see integrate all aspects of Yuan's close relatives

Maybe he's too busy

Too busy to take pictures

Maybe he's too tired

Too tired to open his eyes

Yuan Baoling - I give you a thumbs up

The first left in the back row is Yuan Baoling

Carry forward the spirit of Yuan Baoling

Shenzhen Evening News published an article - Lushun owes Yuan Baoling a monument

Military writer Chen Mingfu in the book "Vicissitudes of Travel Shunkou"

Shout for the statue of Yuan Baoling

I think in the near future

Along the dam of the Lushun military port or by the dock

Yuen Baoling holds a tall statue of the blueprint for the construction of Hong Kong

Standing majestically between the sea and the sky

Carry forward the spirit of Yuan Baoling

On the land of Lushun

We do not forget our original intention and pass on the torch

To continue to write a new poem of Lushun construction

Yuan Baoling - I give you a thumbs up

A small sample of Yuan Baoling created by Jiang Guangxiang