Professionals also step on the pit, bank wealth management losses also charge fees, leading to complaints! What a situation

Professionals also step on the pit, bank wealth management losses also charge fees, leading to complaints! What a situation

Professionals also step on the pit, bank wealth management losses also charge fees, leading to complaints! What a situation

Bank wealth management was spit on the hot search.

Many investors "lost more than 2,000 yuan for 10,000 yuan, and they couldn't stand selling it a few days ago, and they actually charged handling fees." ”

Friends who read my manuscripts often may have the impression: "Don't be a debt taker!" ”

I've said this many times in the past.

Predictably, I will say this many times in the future.

There is no other reason: times have changed!

The most obvious example is that since last year, wealth management products have changed their terms and conditions and no longer carry out the back-up.

In other words: in theory, all wealth management products are no longer capital protected.

This means that all investors are the first responsible persons for wealth management products.

To put it more bluntly: the era of buying financial management in the past has passed, and investors need to bear their own profits and losses when buying any financial products from now on.

But in fact, compared with professional institutions, investors have a natural "information gap", and it is easy to become a takeover.

For example, in previous years, P2P lending platforms attracted many investors and promised high returns.

Investors who do not "exit" at the first time will face huge losses.

Another example: From November to December last year, the wealth management product market experienced a wave of large losses, especially those classified as R2 risk.

Professionals also step on the pit, bank wealth management losses also charge fees, leading to complaints! What a situation

The reason behind this is also very simple, the bank's wealth management products package a large number of bonds, especially local bonds and real estate bonds, but their fluctuations will naturally affect the income of wealth management products.

For example, some high-end wealth management products with thresholds (starting from 500,000 yuan) often include real estate investment trusts (REITs), REITs used to be a popular choice for real estate investment because they provided stable rental income and potential capital appreciation.

However, with the decline in economic growth, the decline in consumer income, and the oversupply of the real estate market itself, rents face the challenges of falling income and unstable real estate market, which also affects the income of related products.

What's more, once the trust company behind the relevant wealth management products has a "run" and there is a cash flow problem, there will be a problem with a large number of high-end wealth management products.

Finding no: the "pit" of wealth management products is quite large.

In fact, not only ordinary people are easy to step on the pit, even professionals often fall directly into the pit.

In the past two years, a considerable number of listed companies have purchased wealth management products that claim to offer 5% to 8% returns, ultimately unable to deliver on their promises, resulting in losses for many investors.

In my opinion, the biggest pitfalls of wealth management products are:

They constitute quite complex, packaging together a variety of different types of debt risk and then attracting investors with high rates of return.

For those who understand investing, high returns often come with high risks.

But quite a few people think: the products I buy at the bank will not pit me, right?

And then there is no then.

Professionals also step on the pit, bank wealth management losses also charge fees, leading to complaints! What a situation

How can ordinary people avoid such "traps"?

I think there are three points:

1. Any wealth management products that promise high interest rates from unknown sources must be rejected, they are most likely financial products packaged with local debt.

You must know that individuals have no dignity in front of the system and have no room for bargaining.

Not only should you first stay away from debt silt areas, but you must also choose wealth management products to stay away from any wealth management products in areas with high debt incidence.

I directly named here:

Wealth management products, including debt, in Yun, Gui, Sichuan, the three eastern provinces, Shandong, Guangxi and Henan should be kept away as much as possible.

Of course, it does not mean that the wealth management products issued by them will definitely lose, nor does it mean that the wealth management products issued in other regions will not lose money, but the probability of "thunderstorm" of wealth management products in the above regions is relatively high.

2. Understand the risk level of wealth management products.

Wealth management products are divided into five different categories according to the risk from low to high, from R1 to R5.

Ordinary investment advice is to only choose lower risk R1 and R2 rated products, but please note that R2 products have already lost money.

Products with R3 and above have a higher risk, and it is recommended to do what you can.

3. Master some important indicators.

For example: the proportion of bonds in wealth management products, and the composition of bonds.

The former determines the level of return and the latter determines the level of risk.

And most importantly: the expected rate of return

When the current yield is higher than the average yield, this can be a sign of risk.

To sum up, we need to understand that times have changed.

When the economy is growing high, some investment products cannot make money, which is not a problem of investment level, but a problem of distribution.

Some bigwigs take away the wealth of the residential sector by various means to maintain the "advantage" of involution and cost.

But there are still some investment products that make money, even if there are a large number of loopholes in the trading link, but make a lot of money, there are still some gains, which can be taken out and distributed.

But when economic growth slowed, things changed:

Even if the loopholes were plugged, the "hedging" strategy was adopted ...

But it still can't hide the essence of the distribution of principal - some people enjoy dividends, and some people become dividends.

Nowadays, the vast majority of old drivers are driving more steadily.

As ordinary investors, there is nothing else we can do – lower expectations.

At present, in addition to bank time deposits (large amounts), the most stable is - money funds (balance treasure, change pass), and it is also relatively friendly, how much money can be invested, withdrawn as you go, annualized by about 2.4%.

In addition, if you want to obtain higher returns, there is no other way to systematically learn financial knowledge and build a risk control system.

In fact, in my opinion, if you are still the same as before, close your eyes and buy bank management, then it is no different from the feeling of driving up the mountain: sometimes it is a hitchhiker, sometimes it is a roller coaster, all by luck.

Good wishes, I am Xie Xiaobai who wishes you wealth and freedom

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