What really made Sheng Xi decide to dispose of Lin Xiaoniang was Old Lady Sheng's words

What really made Sheng Xi decide to dispose of Lin Xiaoniang was Old Lady Sheng's words

What really made Sheng Xi decide to dispose of Lin Xiaoniang was Old Lady Sheng's words
What really made Sheng Xi decide to dispose of Lin Xiaoniang was Old Lady Sheng's words

Lin Xiaoniang is offline, which is a great pleasure. Although it was Minglan who really accelerated her downline, it was Sheng Xiang's decision to use the family law to punish her and send her to Zhuangzishang.

Sheng Xi is a person who is accustomed to weighing, and his coolness is undeniable. If you want to say gentle, I am afraid that it is all given to Lin Xiaoniang and Mo Lan. It's just that in the end, it was they who hurt him the most.

Just as when Wei Xiaoniang died in childbirth, Mo Lan was caught for fornication, and Sheng Xiang was furious. But he didn't think about how to deal with Lin Xiaoniang at the first time.

What really made him ruthless was Old Lady Sheng's words.

What really made Sheng Xi decide to dispose of Lin Xiaoniang was Old Lady Sheng's words


How much does Sheng Xi protect and pamper Lin Xiaoniang?

When Wei Xiaoniang died, there were two lives in one corpse, and a formed baby boy in her belly. At that time, the old lady went to pay homage to the Buddha, and Sheng Xi and the eldest lady went to the Yue family to say goodbye.

Lin Xiaoniang was already in charge of Zhongfeng, and it was incumbent upon her to take care of Wei Xiaoniang in the absence of others.

Ten thousand steps back, even if Lin Xiaoniang did not do anything, she could be severely punished in the name of "taking care of the unfavorable".

Not to mention all the indications that something is wrong. The stable mother ran away, the mother-in-law who boiled water did not, Minglan found Langzhong, and the Sheng family closed the door and did not let him in.

No matter how bad it is, involving heirs, Sheng Xi should investigate well now, find Lang Zhong, who was seen by Wei during pregnancy, and interrogate the female envoy who was waiting. Gu Tingye is also the most powerful witness.

What really made Sheng Xi decide to dispose of Lin Xiaoniang was Old Lady Sheng's words

But Sheng Xi did nothing. Lin Xiaoniang cried and cried to "plead guilty", and fainted when she said it, he hurriedly picked her up and changed a few langzhong for her.

Ming Lan was stimulated, and the personnel was unconscious for many days, he did not go to see it in person, and entrusted it to Hualan; The thick burial of the Wei clan was Hua Lan's idea for the eldest lady; The old lady went home when she heard the news, and Sheng Xi was still strange in her heart that someone talked too much.

Old Mrs. Sheng accused Lin Xiaoniang, and Sheng Xi said that she was thin-skinned and that the people below did not listen to the command; Old Lady Sheng wanted to raise Minglan and Sheng Xi suggested that she change to Mo Lan.

Every word is exculpation, it is all favoritism.

Although he asked Lin Xiaoniang to hand over the housekeeper rights and snubbed her for more than half a month, Lin Xiaoniang showed weakness several times and expressed her feelings, and everything was as usual.

No matter how it looks, it looks like a pretense, so that the big lady and the old lady can shut up.

Not to mention the other little things. In the family of officials and eunuchs, the continuation of heirs is the most important thing, and in Sheng Xiang's eyes, it is just that. Probably only the child born to Lin Xiaoniang on the tip of her heart is important.

What really made Sheng Xi decide to dispose of Lin Xiaoniang was Old Lady Sheng's words


After Mo Lan was arrested and returned home, the situation became clear, it was Lin Xiaoniang who helped plan, cover, and facilitate fornication.

Lin Xiaoniang also cried and pleaded, saying that Changfeng's future would be affected, and indeed pinched Sheng Xiang. Therefore, he locked Mo Lan into the ancestral hall and detained the subordinates separately from Lin Xiaoniang, but there was no next move.

As the head of the family, he should have the decisiveness and execution power, Sheng Xi also has it, but he did not do it immediately, but went to the old lady to come up with ideas.

There is a deep meaning behind this move.

First, the old lady has always been the backbone of the Sheng family, and whenever something big happens, Sheng Xi will inevitably go to ask for ideas. The choice of the old lady every time was wise.

Second, Sheng Xiang was a little undecided, Lin Xiaoniang's crime this time was too big, and the evidence was conclusive, and it couldn't be covered up at all. But it was his beloved, and he was really ruthless, and he was hesitant for a while.

The eldest lady fainted several times, Rulan was so angry that she wanted to jump into the lake, and Hua Lan also went back to her mother's house to cry. He knew that if he took it again and let it go again, he would not be able to deal with the aftermath.

Of course, if he sincerely disposed of Lin Xiaoniang, he only needed to tell the old lady his thoughts, instead of asking for ideas. What's more, the old lady was also angry and was sick.

His move was to explore the old lady's bottom line, and also to get a reassurance.

What really made Sheng Xi decide to dispose of Lin Xiaoniang was Old Lady Sheng's words


The old lady said that Sheng Xi was a person for officials, and the swords, guns and halberds in the officialdom were all avoided, and Lin Xiaoniang counted him as an accurate. Mo Lan's road is what Lin Xiaoniang walked and succeeded.

Sheng Xi did not follow the accusation, only said that he was young and did not understand things. Such a deduction, the old lady is full of cocoons, it can be seen that his attitude has not changed much.

The old lady also said that she didn't want to pursue the past, but Lin Xiaoniang cried, made trouble and hanged herself three times every time she made a mistake, and finally revealed it without pain.

Sheng Xiang said: In the past, it was all trivial things, and Lin Xiaoniang was confused for a while. At this point, he is still protecting, which shows that Sheng Xiang has a lot of leeway for Lin Xiaoniang.

If he really wanted to deal with it, he would say that he was confused and indulged her in the past, which caused her to become more and more bold.

What really made Sheng Xi decide to dispose of Lin Xiaoniang was Old Lady Sheng's words

The old lady also saw that the matter had come to this, she could no longer turn a blind eye, so she gave a dose of "fierce medicine".

"If it weren't for the past twenty years, you have always protected the Lin Clan, even if she does not know the height of the sky and the earth and has the audacity to act, there would not have been this ugly incident. Mo Lan should have been a good boy, and he learned from Lin Gaoshuang to be forgetful, duplicitous, and did not hesitate to ruin the reputation of all the female dependents of the Sheng family for his own selfish interests.

Mo Lan will marry in the future, and it may be better to leave Lin Gaoshuang, but Changfeng is the son of the Sheng family, and if he is taught badly, it is not a matter of face and reputation. Last year, he befriended the Qiu family and talked nonsense, causing you to be detained in the palace by the official family, so soon you forgot? ”

In addition to the eldest lady of the Sheng family, everyone knows how to handle Sheng Xiang, which is also quite interesting.

The lethality of these words was too great, and after Sheng Xi listened to them, he suddenly woke up, stood up and forgot to even salute, and left in a hurry.

To put it bluntly, Sheng Xi felt that the matter of face, as long as it was properly solved and taken time, could be completely covered up. The Sheng family has Changbai, Hua Lan, and other sons and daughters and in-laws, and the reputation will return.

Under this premise, Lin Xiaoniang can be saved.

But when the old lady mentioned the matter of being detained in the palace, Sheng Xi had to be alert. Lin Xiaoniang dares to make a fuss about the face of the Sheng family today, and next time it is difficult to guarantee that she will not plot more, and if she encounters something like that, not to mention that her career is blocked, the entire Sheng family may overturn.

Therefore, the old lady's words are the reason why he is really determined to do something.

What really made Sheng Xi decide to dispose of Lin Xiaoniang was Old Lady Sheng's words

Later, he went to see Lin Xiaoniang, just to see this woman's attitude, if he still begged himself as before, gentle and obedient, he could open up.

Unexpectedly, Lin Xiaoniang broke the jar and broke, so that the last bit of hope and tenderness in Sheng Xiang's heart dissipated.


Seeing this, it is inevitable to sigh. Using the family method on Lin Xiaoniang in the ancestral hall, Sheng Xiang's unbearability was all on her face. Such a thin snobbish person would give the last tenderness of his heart to a woman.

It's just that "the good things in the world are not strong, and the colorful clouds are easy to scatter and the glass is brittle", when a woman bets all her wealth on a man, it is doomed to tragedy.

What really made Sheng Xi decide to dispose of Lin Xiaoniang was Old Lady Sheng's words

Lin Xiaoniang's bad makes people's teeth itch, she is very smart and knows how to win people's hearts. But she is also too stupid, she only knows to envelop the hearts of men and make the rest of the Sheng family hostile to her.

Not to mention, Lin Xiaoniang was frantically bouncing on the bottom line of Sheng Xiang, and she didn't know it.

Although this is a negative example, I don't want everyone to go to the drilling camp, but through Lin Xiaoniang's ending, I still want to say that where there are people is rivers and lakes, walking in the world, and the most important thing is to deal with people.

Don't easily put yourself in an embattled situation, without violating the principles, be tactful, there is nothing wrong with it.

Life is so long, momentary wins and losses are not worth showing off, and moving forward steadily can you really laugh at your opponent.


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