Xiaomi stock production increased by 60% Xiaomi 14 series products are fully forecast

Xiaomi stock production increased by 60% Xiaomi 14 series products are fully forecast

According to the news, Xiaomi will release two new machines of the Xiaomi 14 series in late October or early November, and the product positioning is benchmarked against the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max, which has begun mass production a few days ago. Xiaomi insiders revealed that the number of omni-channel stocking orders increased by 60% compared with the same period last year. At the same time, the Xiaomi 13 series has completed the full-year sales target in advance of the first quarter.

In addition, Qualcomm has announced that the 2023 Snapdragon Summit will be held from October 24 to October 26, and Qualcomm will officially launch the high-profile third-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship platform at the summit, which is the long-awaited Snapdragon 8 Gen3 chip.

Qualcomm's annual flagship processor is generally released at the end of November, more than a month earlier this year, so many manufacturers' flagship machines will also be released in advance. In more than ten years, Xiaomi will basically launch Qualcomm's flagship processor. The author summarized the relevant news of Xiaomi 14 according to the news on the Internet, in addition to the first Snapdragon 8 Gen3, there are many improvements.

1 Xiaomi Mi 14 short board major upgrade

Xiaomi and Huaxing Optoelectronics have always maintained a deep cooperative relationship, and the first domestic 1.5K and 2K screens were basically launched by the two. In March this year, Huaxing Optoelectronics officially announced the narrow frame technology.

Xiaomi stock production increased by 60% Xiaomi 14 series products are fully forecast

- -! Xiaomi can't even do Nubia??? See... The price may not be high, maintaining 3999 yuan turned out to be a curved screen? Vehicle Connected Vehicle Connected Vehicle This time, Huaxing Optoelectronics' screen can achieve four-sided border as low as 1mm, and is developing FIAA Slim design scheme, which can reduce the manufacturing process of narrow border screen body equipped with FIAA technology to a certain extent, reduce the cost of the screen body, and improve production efficiency. Without increasing the panel frame, the display equipped with TCL Huaxing narrow frame technology can reduce the luminous power consumption of about 8% of the same brightness.

Xiaomi stock production increased by 60% Xiaomi 14 series products are fully forecast

Most likely, this time the Xiaomi 14 is equipped with the screen of Huaxing Optoelectronics. The Mi 14 is equipped with a 1.5K straight screen, supports 2880Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, and the peak brightness exceeds 2600 nits, while the Mi 14 Pro and Mi 14 Ultra are equipped with a 2K micro-curved screen.

The Xiaomi Mi 14 rear specification is 50MP ultra-large bottom main camera (1/1.28 inch) + 50MP (JN1) ultra-wide angle + 50Mp vertical telephoto JN1 3.2X optical zoom (1/2.76 inch) Leica triple camera, front 32MP (support 4K recording).

Compared with the image specifications of the Mi 13, the Mi 14 can be described as reborn and very powerful.

Xiaomi stock production increased by 60% Xiaomi 14 series products are fully forecast

In particular, the Xiaomi 14 series will support 4K selfies and support 60fps format, which will greatly improve the positive selfie experience. Of course, Xiaomi 14 can support 1080/60fps after opening the beauty is already good, at present, Xiaomi 13 can only support beauty 1080/30fps.

For a small phone, the requirements for large power are indeed harsh, and although the Xiaomi 13 battery is relatively small, the battery life is very good. Xiaomi's fast charging head of a model MDY-14-EC has been certified, supporting 20V 4.5A up to 90W fast charging, so Xiaomi 14 is expected to be equipped with a combination of 4860mAh + 90W wired fast charging + 50W wireless fast charging, this combination is already a luxury top configuration for small fuselage, if the power consumption of Snapdragon 8Gen3 can be as good as Snapdragon 8Gen2, the battery life will go to a higher level.

The memory of Xiaomi Mi 13 starts at 8GB + 128GB and is priced at 3999 yuan. This year's memory price reduction, 8GB + 128GB is unlikely to appear on the flagship machine, the starting specification of Xiaomi 14 will be 12GB + 256GB, the price is still 3999 yuan. In addition, the price of 16GB+1TB will be 4999 yuan.

2 Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro: unique design

Combined with the previous revelations and exposure lines, the Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro will be equipped with a 50MP 1/1.28-inch ± lens (aperture range of f/1.4-f/4.0), which is said to have a light intake comparable to a one-inch lens. In addition, the front of the phone will be equipped with a 2K resolution extremely micro four-curved eye protection screen, and use a new domestic substrate, and the brightness border will refresh the record. At the same time, the new machine will also be equipped with advanced equipment such as a high-density battery with a capacity of 48xxmAh± and a large-size X-axis motor.

Xiaomi stock production increased by 60% Xiaomi 14 series products are fully forecast

Previously, some bloggers have exposed the design line draft of the Xiaomi 14 series. According to the blogger's latest description, the Xiaomi 14 standard version will use a small straight screen and a right-angle middle frame design, while the Pro version will use a large micro-curved screen and a right-angle middle frame design, and will provide a glossy body version, canceling the partition design in the original line drawing.

Earlier, some bloggers broke the news that Xiaomi 14 Pro also has a titanium alloy version similar to Apple's iPhone 15. Xiaomi has adopted a variety of new materials and processes in this new machine, such as screen, middle frame and back cover. However, unfortunately, the special version of the satellite communication function that Xiaomi Mi 14 Pro originally planned to offer has been canceled.