Lin Yuwei, the champion away from the hustle and bustle

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The Paper reporter Ma Zuoyu came from Hangzhou

Wu Yanni's silver medal in the 100-meter hurdles was canceled, putting Chinese athletics on the hot search on this night.

On the hot search list, there were once three or four related topics occupying the top 10 positions, even surpassing the popularity of the national football team and national pingping. Netizens discussed the on-site referee's decision, Wu Yanni's on-site response, and her late night apology.

Under these hot searches, there is only one label about Lin Yuwei winning the championship.

Lin Yuwei, the champion away from the hustle and bustle

Lin Yuwei ran 12.74 seconds, setting a personal best.

On the evening of October 1, in the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium, 24-year-old Lin Yuwei overwhelmed her opponents in the women's 100m hurdles final in the "grand finale" that night, helping the Chinese track and field team regain the gold medal lost at the last Asian Games.

At the same time, she also set a new personal best, and successfully reached the Paris Olympics, getting a valuable ticket.

Lin Yuwei and her story deserve to be known by more people.

Lin Yuwei, the champion away from the hustle and bustle

Lin Yuwei stood on the top podium.

Unexpected finals

The "Big Lotus" of this night poured in the same number of spectators as Xie Zhenye had won the men's 100m final the night before.

Even in the evening competition, Feng Bin broke the Asian Games record to win the women's discus gold medal, Wang Jianan defended her title in the men's long jump event, and Zheng Nina helped Chinese athletics regain the heptathlon gold medal after four Asian Games... But a large part of the audience's focus was on the women's 100m hurdles final.

Wu Yanni, since winning the gold medal in the 100-meter hurdles in 12.93 seconds at the National Athletics Championships and World Championships and Asian Games Trials at the end of June this year, has quickly "out of the circle" with her outstanding appearance and frank personality, although her personality has caused some controversy on social networks, but she has always been the "favorite" to win the women's 100-meter hurdles at the Asian Games.

Just before the final, almost the entire audience stood up to watch, holding up their mobile phones to record this historic moment; In the mixed interview area, dozens of media reporters from all over the country have already crowded the entire channel, trying to occupy a favorable position to intercept the "traffic responsibility" of the game at the first time.

Lin Yuwei, the champion away from the hustle and bustle

Lin Yuwei (center) was not accidentally disrupted.

However, Wu Yanni's rush disrupted all the waiting. She first greeted the audience who supported her at the scene, and then communicated with the referee team and technical officials for a long time - when the eyes of the entire audience stayed on Wu Yanni and the referee, few people noticed that Lin Yuwei was actively warming up and maintaining her physical condition for the first time.

In the end, the on-site referee allowed Wu Yanni to continue the race under the protest according to the rule that "athletes can protest the starting foul and penalty decision", and the whole race was back on track.

Shots, starts, steps, hurdles... Lin Yuwei and Wu Yanni rushed to the front all the way and collided with the line almost at the same time. Just after crossing the finish line, the two Chinese athletes briefly hugged and celebrated, and then Lin Yuwei stood on the field waiting for the final result.

Until the final ranking was displayed on the big screen at the scene, Lin Yuwei finally cried with joy.

Lin Yuwei, the champion away from the hustle and bustle

Complete the expectations of the late coach

Lin Yuwei's tears, like her senior sister Ge Manqi a day ago, were mixed with too many complicated emotions - one of which was the longing and gratitude for her mentor Liu Chaoxu.

At the end of November last year, the death of coach Liu Zhaoxu due to illness caused a huge blow to Lin Yuwei and Ge Manqi.

According to Lin Yuwei and the relevant personnel of Ge Manqi's team, during the period when coach Liu Chaoxu just passed away, "Lin Yuwei's eyes were dazed and helpless."

Not only that, Lin Yuwei returned to the sun a week before the World Championships and Asian Games trials at the end of June this year - but she ran 12.97 seconds to win the runner-up and qualified for the Asian Games without fully recovering.

Lin Yuwei, the champion away from the hustle and bustle

"There have been very, very, very many things that have happened this year, and I have only been able to actively adjust my mentality and re-engage in training, and I have had countless thoughts of giving up." Lin Yuwei cried after the game and said, "But thinking of the words in my heart, that person's expectations of us, I still persevered." ”

In fact, when Lin Yuwei ran a personal best of 12.85 seconds in 2021, she was the leader in the women's 100m hurdles in China at the time - at that time, there was not much attention paid to this uncompetitive event in the world, and she had to rest for four months due to a back injury during the period when the results had just broken through.

As Lin Yuwei herself said, injuries and the death of the coach made her depressed for a while, but she never gave up, but silently insisted on training, and continued to improve her ability after Liu Zhaoxu's former assistant coach Li Bin took over the coaching whip.

Lin Yuwei, the champion away from the hustle and bustle

Lin Yuwei hugged Wu Yanni after the game.

"Wu Yanni and I are promoting each other"

This season, Lin Yuwei has actually been making breakthroughs.

In late February this year, in the women's 60m hurdles final of the third leg of the 2023 National Indoor Athletics Invitational Championships, Lin Yuwei won the championship with a time of 8.08 seconds, setting a new personal best.

At the end of June, in the women's 100m heats of the 2023 National Athletics Championships, Lin Yuwei ran a personal best of 11.57 seconds.

On a stage like the Asian Games, she set a new personal best in the 100m hurdles and helped the Chinese track and field team regain the gold medal.

Although Lin Yuwei's traffic on social networks was not as high as Wu Yanni and Xia Sining for a long time in the past, and she did not get so much popularity in the Hangzhou Asian Games, Lin Yuwei's persistence and hard work made her finally shine.

Lin Yuwei, the champion away from the hustle and bustle

In an interview with the media, Lin Yuwei was also asked about the competition of Chinese women's hurdles, and she also mentioned the progress brought by the competition with Wu Yanni, "I can't run fast without her, she doesn't have such motivation without me, we won't improve so fast." ”

Now that both Lin Yuwei and Wu Yanni have qualified for the Paris Olympics, as ST Asia 100m hurdles champions, Lin Yuwei is also looking forward to continuing to move forward with her agreement with coach Liu Zhaoxu, transforming her thoughts about coaching into a belief in continuing to improve and accelerate.

"I said at the Asian Games trials that I wanted to look forward to the Olympics... I will continue to work hard and thank everyone for their support. ”

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