The restrained relationship between the various fighters, after watching it, I call NB!

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Choose a hero to restraining the relationship and fight the wild chapter.

The restrained relationship between the various fighters, after watching it, I call NB!

The other side chooses Agudo, and we choose Lan. As we all know, the more targets Lan gets, the stronger the mobs summoned by Agudo just become Lan Brush's passive target, and the infinite passive Lan will soon be able to take Agudo away.

The other party chooses Lan, and we choose Pangu. Pangu's unique disarming skill mechanism perfectly restrains Lan brush from passively sucking blood, and the disarming of up to four seconds allows Lan's combat effectiveness to be directly cleared.

The other party chooses Pangu, and we choose Tachibana Youjing. Tachibana Youjing is an assassin who mainly relies on skill output, Pangu's disarming mechanism is of little use to him, coupled with a short CD, high burst, and two displacements, Pangu can't run away if he wants to.

The other party chooses Tachibana Right Kyo and we choose the camera. Kagami big moves can fly around, Tangerine is difficult to hit him, and Kagami burst damage is higher, Tangerine is easily taken away by Kagami.

The other party chooses the camera, and we choose Na Kor Lulu. Nako Lulu is stronger in the later stage, and she can be a telekinetic mirror in the middle and late stages, and the same level of single-pick mirror is really not easy to fight.

The restrained relationship between the various fighters, after watching it, I call NB!

The opponent chooses Nako Lulu, and we choose the monkey. We all know that Lulu's set of skills is terrifying to hurt, and the monkey's skill can be completely immune to damage, and the backhand rolls directly to take Lulu.

The other side chooses the monkey, and our side chooses Liu Bei. Liu Bei's big move has a shield, a hegemon, a considerate face, and the explosive damage is high, and he is very strong in the early stage, hanging and beating the monkey.

The other side chooses Liu Bei, and our side chooses Armor. Liu Bei's output is multi-stage damage, the big move of the armor can just block the damage, Liu Bei's damage becomes like tickling, standing on Liu Bei is completely worthless.

The other side chooses armor, and our side chooses Han Xin. The damage of the armor battle is very high, but the legs are short and inflexible, Han Xin can easily cheat the big move of the armor, and then use his multi-stage displacement to pull one, drag until the end of the big move and continue to pull up, the armor without the big move is really brittle.

The other party chooses Han Xin, and our side chooses Yunzhong Jun. The clouds are full of passivity, and the faster the opponent runs, the more games they play. Han Xin is one of the most flexible heroes, and there is no way to pull Yunzhong Jun at all, because he is likely to pull himself off.

The restrained relationship between the various fighters, after watching it, I call NB!

The other party chooses Yunzhong Jun, and our side chooses Dian Wei. Dianwei's big move mechanism plus anti-armor, don't you run faster and more? My super high armor is not afraid, I can run you alive.

The other party chooses Dian Wei, and we choose Luna. Dianwei's attack comes with real damage, and the biggest drawback is that it is short hands, on the contrary, Luna Moon Infinite Link can easily play Dian Wei.

The other side chooses Luna, and we choose Arthur. As long as the group sees Luna in a messy show, Arthur goes up is a silence, let him stand, in the later period Arthur is silent for three seconds, and the moon is infinite and does not even dare to think about it. Luna's biggest annoyance may be silence.

The other party chooses Arthur, our side chooses Miyue, the chain continues to suck blood after it hits, and can also slow down, the sticky ability is very strong, basically relying on the law injury flat A output, even if it is silent, it is not afraid, the blood that was beaten by Arthur can be sucked back quickly, and the big move also has explosive damage.

But if the other party chooses Miyue, what should our side choose?