Whiplash Weekly: Ken Hu is the rotating chairman of Huawei; Cainiao submits listing application to HKEx; Li Shubin was promoted to senior vice president of Meituan


Editor's note: Whiplash will take stock of important events that occur in the week in the form of a weekly report, covering the international and domestic science and technology Internet, and delivering industry information to technology industry practitioners and users.

—— Domestic News ——

1. Huawei issued an announcement on the rotating chairman of the company: Ken Hu is the rotating chairman of the board of directors for a six-month term; Huawei held a full-scenario new product launch conference in autumn, releasing seven new products. Huawei will soon release the industry's first full range of 5G-A product solutions. Huawei Mate60 packs the main navigation position at the top of Weibo; Hongxing Erke refutes rumors: At present, there is no ability to give Huawei foundry chips; Andy Lau serves as Huawei Mate60RS Extraordinary Master Brand Ambassador; Huawei sends Mate60 mobile phones to employees during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

2. Cainiao submits a listing application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and Cainiao will become the first share of Alibaba's spin-off listing; Ali and Tencent deepen cooperation, and Moments of friends can jump directly to the Taobao live broadcast room; FAW-Volkswagen signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Alibaba Cloud; Change of legal person directors in 5 subsidiaries of Taotian Group: common industrial and commercial changes, not involving any management changes; Alibaba Cloud open source Tongyi Qianwen 14B model; Alipay launched overseas car rental services; Taobao Live launched the service guarantee product "Rest assured".

3. New energy vehicle deliveries in September: NIO delivered 15,641 new vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 43.8%; Li Auto delivered 36,060 new vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 212.7%; Xpeng Motors delivered 15,310 new vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 81%; Leapmotor delivered 15,800 units, with a cumulative delivery of 44,325 units in the third quarter, an increase of 30% month-on-month; Avita delivered 3,083 units in September, up more than 50% month-on-month; Lantu Automobile delivered 5,010 units in September, a year-on-year increase of 99%.

4, evaluation blogger B too evaluation Hua Xizi caused controversy; Hana Xiko staged "crazy literature": to go door to door with Chanel, to measure the value of eyebrow pencils and pencils; Deli released a video in response to Hua Xizi's "madness"; Anti-counterfeiting blogger Wang Hai reported Hua Xizi's false propaganda; Hana Xizi claimed the title of "Dream Ambassador".

5. Xiaohongshu search delivery has been upgraded to "Search Pass", and the original pages and functions remain unchanged; Xiaohongshu's e-commerce platform "Little Oasis" officially stopped operations on October 1; Xiaohongshu will invest tens of billions of traffic support and 100 million subsidies during Double 11; Xiaohongshu launched "Private Message"; Sequoia China buys Xiaohongshu stake at a preferential price.

6. WeChat launched the Miaojian camera APP; It is reported that WeChat has begun to adapt to the version of the open source Hongmeng; Channels live launched brand complaint function; WeChat "Ask a Question" is fully online.

7. Oriental Selection Anchor Zhongcan rebroadcast; Oriental Selection "Beijing Tour" ended, and the special products sold for more than 60 million yuan on the day of broadcasting; Oriental Selection hopes to cooperate more with domestic brands; Dong Yuhui clarified the source of Jay Chou's concert tickets: internal tickets that are not sold to the outside world.

8. Meituan's revenue in the second quarter increased by 39.2% year-on-year; Li Shubin, head of Meituan's platform, is senior vice president; Meituan Flash Sales and Huawei have started a strategic cooperation, and more than 1,000 stores have settled in.

9. O'Neill was a guest in the crazy little Yang brother live broadcast room, with more than 1.14 million online users; Brother Xiao Yang talked about his experience of becoming popular, and at first he just wanted to see what he could do to make money; Ling Dale said that it was impossible to surpass Brother Xiao Yang, and he didn't think about it; Brother Xiao Yang delivered a speech at the 2023 Douyin E-commerce Author Summit; Brother Dayang issued Mid-Autumn Festival benefits, which was complained by netizens for being too stingy.

10, Xiaomi's first car confirmed to support Apple CarPlay; Xiaomi large model investment layout exposure; Xiaomi Group spent HK$47.51 million to buy back 4 million shares of the company; Xiaomi held a meeting of core cadres to announce the goals and science and technology strategy for the new decade; The Xiaomi Mi 14 series is expected to be officially unveiled in early November.

11. The stock price of Li Auto fell by 10%, and Wang Xing continuously reduced its holdings; Li Auto delivered 36,060 units in September, setting a new monthly delivery high; Li Auto completed its 500,000th delivery; The legal department of Ideal Auto issued a document clarifying that other operators had never been authorized to sell vehicles; Ideal car launched the function of overcharging station points deduction charging costs; Ideal 100 high-speed supercharging stations completed.

12. Xu Jiayin was suspected of violating laws and crimes and was taken compulsory measures; Evergrande Automobile, China Evergrande and Evergrande Property will be suspended.

13. Pinduoduo launched a new app "Fast Group"; Kuaishou launched the long-form video app "Poof"; Douyin launched the "Lightning Search" APP.

14. Tuhu was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on September 26: the opening price was HK$28, and the market value was 22.7 billion.

15. NetEase Youdao and its employees constitute trade secret infringement and compensate Ape Counseling 500,000 yuan.

16. The founder of the flower e-commerce company responded to the suspension of business for rectification: do his best to change the status quo.

17. Luo Yonghao was applied for arbitration, involving 580 million yuan of investment funds from the Hammer Technology Fund.

18. "Digging and Digging" Teacher Huang started the live broadcast with goods, and the total sales of 4 sessions exceeded one million yuan.

19. Untrustworthy Internet celebrities provoked the court and were detained by live broadcasting.

20. Simba Heilongjiang special live broadcast to help farmers live broadcast sales exceeded 100 million.

21. WM Motor was frozen 4 billion in property, and the headquarters was empty.

22, responded that the sale of Tesla cars was false news.

23. NIO Phone ushered in the first OTA upgrade, which will update functions such as intelligent car control, NIO Link relay, and NOMI voice.

24. Douyin Internet celebrity Fang Qi officially settled on Taobao and made her Taobao live broadcast debut at 3 pm on September 28.

25, LeEco responded to the Huawei press conference: I thought it was a blockbuster, but I was crushed again.

—— International News ——

1, France approved Apple to upgrade the iPhone 12 to solve the radiation problem; Apple iPhone 16 series 4 models exposed; Apple said that the iPhone 15 Pro overheating has nothing to do with the titanium alloy bezel and will be solved by the iOS17 system update; Apple updates App Store support documentation: Listed apps must have an ICP filing number; Apple and OpenAI have completely abandoned their cooperation plans; Kuo called the Apple Car project "disappeared."

2. Tesla began to deliver HW4 models pre-equipped with FSD assisted driving functions; Tesla humanoid robot update; Tesla launches new Model Y; Tesla expands the scale of supercomputing Dojo computing power; Tesla has adopted integrated die-casting technology to achieve rapid molding; Tesla battery energy storage project in Australia caught fire again.

OpenAI will launch new voice and image functions on ChatGPT; OpenAI announced that ChatGPT will be able to browse the latest Internet information directly and provide relevant links. OpenAI seeks deals with valuations of up to $90 billion in old stocks; Rumor has it that Apple's former design director and OpenAI CEO discussed building AI hardware.

4. Faraday appoints Scott Graziano as its chief legal officer; Faraday delivered only 3 units in the third quarter of 2023; Faraday announces plans to issue ATM shares.

5, Musk forwarded the giant panda video, netizens frantically liked; Musk praised the iPhone 15 camera function, and once complained that there was nothing new in the replacement; Musk keeps publicly pleading with celebrities to post on X, and they get angry if they choose another platform.

6, Microsoft technology director Kevin Scott: NVIDIA AI chip supply is improving; AI energy costs are too high, and Microsoft is considering nuclear power to power data centers.

7, Meta AI chip supervisor was exposed to leave; The Meta Connect developer conference was held at its Silicon Valley headquarters.

8. Indonesia prohibits social platforms from providing commodity payment transactions.

9. Anthropic, an American artificial intelligence startup, received a $4 billion investment from Amazon.