Zuckerberg's first interview with the amazing world in the metaverse; TikTok Indonesia frustrated |

Zuckerberg's first interview with the amazing world in the metaverse; TikTok Indonesia frustrated |

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Zuckerberg's one-hour "real human dialogue" in the metaverse amazed the world

Zuckerberg's first interview with the amazing world in the metaverse; TikTok Indonesia frustrated |

The famous American podcaster Lex Fridman and Zuckerberg had a conversation in the metaverse, which made the two hundreds of miles away have a face-to-face feeling. This is mainly due to the technology of 3D models with photorealistic accuracy. Their conversations exploded in an hour and tens of millions of views in just a short time. Meta's Codec virtual reality avatar uses scanning technology to build a 3D model of a user's face, powered by AI. Zuckerberg also mentioned that they plan to give people the ability to use their phones for quick scans in the next few years. (Heart of the Machine)

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TikTok frustrated in Indonesia

Indonesia's president's ban on direct sales transactions on social media platforms like TikTok will be part of the amended Indonesian Trade Ministry Regulation No. 50/2020. If the rules go into effect, Indonesians will be able to watch short videos on TikTok, but not shop directly. The news will have an impact on TikTok's business in Indonesia, TikTok's second-largest market. According to reports, TikTok CEO Zhou Shouzi traveled to Indonesia to communicate with the government to solve the problem. (Tiger Sniff)

Inflation and high development costs are putting Japanese game makers under pressure to raise prices

Capcom President Haruhiro Tsujimoto said during the Tokyo Game Show that since the cost of game development has increased 100 times, and the increase in selling price is small, he hopes to increase the unit price of games to form a healthier business model. His remarks may indicate that the Japanese game industry is exploring raising game prices. Major game makers Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have all raised the price of some games to $70 in the past year or two. Among them, the main factors that increase prices are the increase in development costs and global inflation that aggravates the cost of enterprise employment. (Titanium Media)

India's Biggest Startup: Highest Valuation of $22 Billion, Now Down 75%

Indian online education company Byju's once became India's most valued unicorn with a valuation of $22 billion. However, due to financial management errors and poor governance, the company's valuation plummeted by more than 75%. Deloitte believes that Byju's accounting method is flawed, with no increase in revenue and a significant increase in net loss. In addition, Byju's is alleged to have secretly transferred more than $500 million to the Camshaft Capital Fund. The company is in trouble, facing unsubscribe issues, loan disputes and investor disappointment. (Tencent Technology)

Spending plus funds to break and close the business for rectification, the founder exclusively responded: do everything possible to change the status quo

Flower e-commerce Huajia fell into crisis, and the suspension of business for rectification caused employee salary arrears and user disputes. Wang Ke, founder of Huajia, said: "The team faces many and complex problems, and it is very challenging to do our best to change the status quo. Wang Ke emphasized: "Huajia has been working for almost ten years, which is the hard work of our team, and we cannot give up because of the temporary difficulties now." "Competitors such as Pinduoduo, Douyin Live and Hema overtaking on curves have made pendant flower e-commerce lose their living space. Huajia used to be a unicorn, and the founder invested all his savings, but the Mini Program and Taobao stores have no manual customer service response, and some stores have closed. The lead that was once lost may be due to competition from the invaders' strong capital. Consumers are shifting to integrated e-commerce and lack resilience and staying power for subscription-based flower consumption. (Chinese entrepreneur)

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Apple CEO Tim Cook admits to developing ChatGPT-style products promising to expand enrollment in AI

During his visit to the UK, Cook said that Vision Pro brings an epiphany moment and can usher in a new era of computing. Apple is actively researching generative artificial intelligence technology and increasing recruitment of AI talent in the UK and globally. Apple will hire more employees in the UK and invest more in artificial intelligence. The British tech industry has expressed support for Apple's investment in the UK. (Tencent Technology)

The strongest LLaMA suddenly strikes! Change only one hyperparameter and beat ChatGPT with multiple tasks

Meta's new alpaca family AI model, LLaMA 2 Long, surpasses LLaMA 2 in performance, on par with GPT-4, with a context length of 32,000 tokens. Superior to Claude 2 with 100,000 tokens in human assessment. LLaMA 2 Long uses a 400 billion token corpus blessing and has modified the position encoding. The largest version used by the LLaMA 2 Long is also only 70B, which is much smaller than other large models. (Qubits)

50 million yuan is only enough to see the fireworks once! Is the bubble big for large models?

More than 70 large-scale language models with 100 million parameters have been released in China, and it is generally believed that the key links of all walks of life are worth transforming with large models. However, despite the popularity of enterprise adoption of large models, ordinary users have not yet perceived the value of their applications. The cost of large models is also a challenge for startups, and commercialization opportunities need to be found in the middle or application layer. At the same time, large model applications also face the challenge of "illusion" and data accumulation. At present, there are different opinions in the industry on whether there is a bubble in large models, but most people believe that only a few basic large models will become the final demand. (The Paper)

OpenAI, the valuation of half a year has tripled!

OpenAI, a U.S. artificial intelligence company, is in talks with investors to sell its existing shares, which could be valued at $80 billion to $90 billion, nearly triple the valuation it raised in April. If the deal goes through, OpenAI will be one of the most highly valued startups in the world. According to internal sources, OpenAI expects revenue to reach $1 billion this year and increase further in 2024. At the same time, OpenAI's main competitors are also accelerating the pace of funding and challenging the company. (Rongzhong Finance)

26% of the top 100 global sites like Pinterest and Indeed have blocked GPTBot

At least 26 of the top 100 sites (compared to 242 in the top 1,000) have blocked GPTBot, a web crawler launched by OpenAI on August 7. That's a 250 percent increase from last month, when only 69 of the top 1,000 sites blocked GPTBot. (Webmaster's House)

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Zhang Yaqin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: There are more than 200 driverless large-model enterprises There may be only 10 left in the future

At the 2023 Global Intelligent Vehicle Industry Conference, Zhang Yaqin, dean of the Intelligent Industry Research Institute of Tsinghua University, said that artificial intelligence is a key technology to promote unmanned driving, among which large models and generative AI have brought new impetus. The future development direction of unmanned driving requires market orientation. He proposed the need for new algorithms and models to deal with the many challenges in autonomous driving, and stressed that our AI should be more controllable, trustworthy and safe. He believes that driverless driving can be achieved and predicts that driverless driving will be parallel to human driving for a long time. At the same time, he also believes that the safety of unmanned driving is extremely important. (Bagel Finance)

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