One move saved 101 people! Zhang Jun, good!

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Emergency reporting reminder to avoid risk,

The village secretary saved 101 people in one move.

On September 26, the reporter learned from the Hubei Provincial Emergency Management Department that Xianfeng County, Enshi Prefecture, successfully avoided flood disasters and was praised by the Department of Risk Monitoring and Comprehensive Disaster Reduction of the Ministry of Emergency Management as a typical case.

On September 20, Tangya Town, Xianfeng County, suffered heavy rainfall. At 13:34 on the same day, the Xianfeng County Meteorological Observatory issued a red warning signal for heavy rain: it is expected that in the next 3 hours, there will be 30-50 mm of precipitation in Huolongping Township, Tangya Township, Xiaocun Township, Qingping Township, Jindong Township and surrounding townships in the county. The meteorological risk level of mountain flash floods, geological disasters, and floods of small and medium-sized rivers is extremely high, please pay attention to prevention.

One move saved 101 people! Zhang Jun, good!

The scene of the incident

The Tangya Town Government quickly "called" to the villages, asking them to strengthen inspections of hidden disaster risks. At about 4 p.m., Zhang Jun, a local disaster risk information reporter and village branch secretary in Longtanba Village, noticed that the water level of the Qingshi River had risen sharply during his river patrol, and judged that a certain work area in a low-lying area near the river was at risk of being flooded, and he immediately reported to the higher department.

After receiving the danger report, the local area immediately organized personnel to rush to the scene to check the situation, and after on-site research and communication, the leading cadres stationed in Longtanba Village, the two village committees, and the members of the sharp knife squad quickly transferred 101 workers to a safe place for proper placement, and set up temporary monitoring points, arranged special personnel to guard and pay close attention to the rain and water conditions. At about 6 p.m. that day, the rainfall increased, the water level in the work area exceeded the warning line by 2 meters, and some factory buildings were flooded.

One move saved 101 people! Zhang Jun, good!

The scene of the incident

"It rained two days ago, and the work area was not flooded, and I was afraid that they would have a fluke mentality, so after receiving the warning information that day, I rushed to remind them as soon as possible. Fortunately, the government department organized the transfer in time, and the workers were safe. Afterwards, everyone was a little afraid and thanked us one after another. Zhang Jun told reporters.

The relevant person in charge of the Xianfeng County Emergency Management Bureau told reporters that through scientific early warning, timely "calling" research and judgment, and decisive transfer and disposal, the risk disaster was eliminated in the bud and the safety of people's lives and property was successfully guaranteed.

The Department of Risk Monitoring and Integrated Disaster Mitigation of the Ministry of Emergency Management pointed out that this is a typical case of local personnel assisting migrant workers to carry out successful evacuation transfers.

It is understood that in view of the obvious local microclimate characteristics and frequent floods in individual areas during the autumn flood season, Xianfeng County has registered and compiled a record of 61 rivers, 19 reservoirs, 6 water conservancy projects under construction, 439 hidden danger points and more than 100 low-lying villages and resettlement sites in the county. In view of the situation that outsiders at the construction site are not familiar with local disaster risk hidden dangers, strengthen communication reminders and assist in transfer, and timely eliminate disaster risk hidden dangers in accordance with the requirements of "should be transferred to the fullest".

One move saved 101 people! Zhang Jun, good!

The scene of the incident

According to a relevant person from the Hubei Provincial Emergency Management Department, in order to do a good job in disaster prevention, mitigation and relief, the province has issued "ten measures" for flood prevention and disaster relief, giving full play to the role of the disaster risk information reporting team to ensure early detection, early reporting and early disposal of dangerous situations, and to protect the safety of people's lives and property to the greatest extent.

At present, Hubei Province has given full play to the role of 60,000 disaster risk information reporters, extending the tentacles of disaster prevention and avoidance to the very end of each village (community). After grassroots disaster information officers discover potential risks and report them according to procedures, the relevant departments will promptly carry out information reporting and carry out advance disposal, giving play to the role of "first responders", not only acting as the "sentinel probe" for monitoring potential risks, but also opening up the "last meter" of early warning information transmission.

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