At both ends are strongholds, there are traitors in the strongholds, and she has led the special branch committee here for nearly half a year without incident

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At both ends are strongholds, there are traitors in the strongholds, and she has led the special branch committee here for nearly half a year without incident

In early 1943, Wang Shirong, then deputy secretary of the Women's Committee of the Lunan District Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, was delegated to Tengyibian County, where her husband Mu Lin was secretary, to appoint a member of the county party committee and help in the work in the second district. At this time, the situation in Lunan deteriorated, and Comrade Wei Siwen, director of the organization department of the district party committee, talked with her and decided to send her to work in the enemy-occupied area, serving as a member of the Peitong Tengxibian County Party Committee and secretary of the Xiazhen Special Branch, changing her name to Wang Xiuqi, and secretly carrying out the work of the party and the masses in a legal capacity.

Wang Shirong had no mental preparation or experience, and felt that the burden was too heavy, but she felt that as a party member, she must obey the organizational arrangements and resolutely accepted the task.

One day in early April, after dusk, she set out with traffic officers from a village called Shidaoyu, and her husband, Mulin, came to see her off. Her husband had a leg injury and difficulty walking, she could not rest assured, and it was the first time she had worked in an enemy-occupied area, and the difficulties and dangers could be imagined. Both of them knew that this difference was difficult and dangerous, and life and death were uncertain. When they came to the entrance of the village where the enemy and friend meet, they looked at each other silently, and no one spoke. After a while, Mu Lin waved his hand in the night, and Wang Shirong turned around and went on the road with the traffic officer. She didn't have to look back to know that her husband must have stood at the head of the village and watched her go away.

Wang Shirong was dressed as a rural sister-in-law, holding a small baggage, like a relative, following the traffic officer, passing through the guerrilla zone and entering the enemy-occupied area.

It is the season of warm blossoms in spring, the wheat is green, the fields are green, and the peach blossoms and apricot blossoms on the edge of the village are blooming, but she has no intention of appreciating. When I first arrived in the enemy zone, everything was rusty, and my mood was particularly nervous. Walking near Zaozhuang at night, only ten miles away from her father's house, she was a little emotional. What are relatives doing? Did they know that she was close at hand, looking over them?

After crossing Jinpu Road and arriving at Huangshan Taoyi in the south of the road, they stopped at a secret traffic stop. Seeing her comrades along the way, who were as enthusiastic as relatives, made her feel warm, safe, and a little more relaxed.

Two days later in the morning, she set off with another comrade. When they arrived at Lincheng, it was when the people gathered in the morning, and the Japanese soldiers at the gate of the city carried bayonets and looked at the passers-by. Wang Shirong was a little apprehensive, her hair was in a fake bun, and she still had pencils in her stockings. As long as the enemy searches, this alone, she will be exposed. But people came and went, and no one paid special attention to them, and she calmed down a little, pretended to be calm, and calmly walked in front of the enemy. When she left the city, she found herself sweating nervously.

After leaving the city, there were more Japanese soldiers. On the road from Lincheng to Xiazhen, there were truckloads and teams of Japanese soldiers passing through. The Japanese soldiers in the car were not much, but when she met people walking on the highway, drinking water and resting in front of stalls, she felt a little nervous, but she had to bite the bullet and walk over. In this way, after traveling tens of miles in the enemy-occupied area, he smoothly settled down at a family in the south of Xia Town in the evening. Only then did she learn that the person who showed her the way was the owner of the house, Comrade Wang Jide, who was 23 years old at the time.

The Wang family was a local hometown, a revolutionary family. His father, uncle, and brother all died, and his younger brother worked in the Weihu Brigade. Under the cover of selling cigarettes, Wang Jide did secret work in the Lincheng area and rarely returned home. The family is full of women and children, all three of them are in their twenties, and the three younger sisters are all around ten years old. The Wang family is very "red" in this area and has great prestige among the masses.

The whole family lives in the same hospital and eats separately. Wang Shirong ate and lived with the wife of Comrade Wang Jide, whom she called her second sister-in-law. The second sister-in-law is cheerful and capable, and treats her like a sister. Most of the surrounding neighbors are also resistant and sympathetic to the war. The women in the family never asked her what she was for, as if everyone already knew it. She settled here peacefully.

A few days later, Comrade Zhang Qinglin, the secretary of the county party committee, dressed as a fisherman, came to meet her. Secretary Zhang's clothing and language were completely localized and massive. He told her that although Xiazhen was a stronghold of the enemy and puppets, with a small Japanese army and a regiment of the puppet army Yin Hongxing stationed, the mass base here was good, there were underground party workers in the puppet army, and the Weihu brigade controlled the lake area and some villages along the lake. Secretary Zhang encouraged her to work with peace of mind and explained to her the tasks, methods and issues that should be paid attention to.

Since then, the county party committee has often contacted her by Comrade Cao Mingyuan, who was also sent from the government to appear here as a vendor carrying green vegetables on his shoulders, and the two exchanged information between buying and selling. In the evening, the comrades of the Weihu Brigade often come here for activities. At this time, as long as someone sentry outside, the courtyard has become the world of their own people. Everyone talked about the situation outside and transmitted the news of the victory in the battle, which greatly encouraged Wang Shirong.

Adjacent to the Jinpu Railway in the east and Weishan Lake in the west, Xiazhen is the only way for Shandong and Central China bases to go to Yan'an, and is an important town of certain strategic significance in Lunan area. The enemy has a long presence of heavy troops and strongholds here. The Japanese army stronghold was located in the Shanxi Guild Hall in the city, the puppet army stronghold was located in Nanzhuang, the southernmost point, and the Wang family was in the middle of the two strongholds. There were also several traitors in the puppet army, a leader named Zhu Yuxiang, who had served as a captain of the third brigade of the Lunan People's Volunteer Brigade, when Wang Shirong was the instructor of the fourth squadron of the third squadron; Another puppet army surnamed Zheng was originally a militia in the base area, and Wang Shirong had climbed the mountain with him, and these people would know her as long as they looked at her. Despite this, she worked smoothly under the cover of the masses.

The Xiazhen Special Branch Committee was composed of three comrades, in addition to Wang Shirong, there were also organizing members and propaganda members, both of whom were poor local peasants. The residence of the three is close and they can meet frequently. Zhang Xinting, a member of the organizing committee, lives next door to her. She went out to work, mostly led by him, and the special branch committee was also held at his house.

The main work of the special branch is to carry out propaganda and education among party members and the masses, strengthen confidence in victory in the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, monitor the enemy's activities, transmit intelligence at any time, prudently contact activists individually, and recruit party members. After discussion by the branch committee, most of these tasks were carried out in secret by the local branch committee and the party. This is a person who is used to working in a bold way, she always feels that her hands and feet are tied and her work is too slow, and she is often anxious about it.

There is still danger next to the enemy stronghold. In some cases, accidents can be avoided by obtaining information in advance and taking precautionary measures. Once they were holding a meeting of the county party committee on a boat in the lake, and the comrades watching at the bow reported that someone on the shore was peeping towards this side. So they propped up their boats and took shelter among the reeds and lotuses. And when the Japanese soldiers went out to check the household registration, Wang Shirong carried a small basket and led Comrade Wang Jide's little sister, pretending to pick lotus seeds and beat lotus leaves in the lake, avoiding it from afar.

But there are also times when you will unexpectedly encounter the enemy head-on, which is difficult to deal with.

One evening in mid-June, she led Comrade Wang Jide's 10-year-old sister to Sankong Bridge, a Japanese stronghold, to meet party members. They walked from south to north, and were greeted by a group of puppet troops, drunk and walking from north to south. Wang Shirong was afraid of trouble, so he turned around and walked towards the path, panicked in his heart, and his steps became tighter, which attracted the attention of the puppet army.

More than a dozen puppet troops immediately divided into two ways to outflank them, shouting and pulling the bolts of their guns on the other, blocking their way and asking them what they were doing. Wang Shirong replied that it was the people of this village who went to the field to see how the beans were dry. At that time, the beans had just been planted, and it was a drought. The puppet army looked up and down, doubting her words.

At this time, the little sister who had been beside her cleverly took her hand and said, "Big sister, let's go home!" Good to tell the eldest brother that the beans are dry. The puppet army listened and felt like that, so he let them go around the road. This is the first time Wang Shirong has answered the enemy head-on since he arrived in the enemy area, although he was a little nervous, but he was quite calm, and his manners and words did not show any flaws, especially the clever little sister helped a lot.

Another time, one afternoon after the wheat harvest, Comrade Wang Jide's whole family was collecting wheat in the yard outside the door, and the children were also playing in the aisles. Wang Shirong took this opportunity to hide the door and read the newspaper in the east house.

At that time, transportation was inconvenient, and newspapers had to pass through underground transportation stations to be transferred to the enemy area, and it was a large volume, which could not be read for a while, and it was not possible to store it in its entirety, so I had to cut out the editorial articles that needed to be carefully read, so that they could be stored and read at any time. Just as she was concentrating on reading the newspaper clippings, a few puppet soldiers passed by and ran to the gate aisle to drink tea in the cold, and the family coped. Wang Shirong was too involved, and there was a burst of chaos outside, but he didn't notice it.

Later, she suddenly heard several puppet soldiers running into the courtyard, claiming that they would go to the houses to see. At this moment, she was really panicked. Although most of the newspapers in her hand had been packed, some of the corners and corners that could be cut were still scattered on the ground, and she did not dare to sweep or make a sound. When she was very anxious, the second sister-in-law came over and led the puppet army to the north house, while saying, the whole family is playing outside, you have all seen this, all the doors are hidden, who else will there be? Let's go outside for tea! Listening to her say this, the puppet army walked around the yard and left. This time, Wang Shirong turned the corner again under the cover of everyone. From then on, she no longer dared to be careless.

After a period of practice, Wang Shirong has gradually become familiar with the environment and work in the enemy-occupied areas, and the work of the special branch has gradually been carried out in depth along with the development of the work in the entire enemy area.

Under our political offensive, there are more people who "leave a way back" and turn a blind eye to our activities. This forced a small number of die-hard traitors not to dare to arbitrarily provoke and find trouble, and the Japanese army could only squat in the stronghold and become deaf and blind. This has created a very good situation that is more conducive to our work, and everyone rejoices about it.

In August, the 92nd Army sent by Chiang Kai-shek to Lu suffered heavy casualties under the blows of our army and people, and Li Xianzhou had to flee back to Anhui with the remnants of the defeated generals, and the anti-Japanese base areas in the mountains of Lunan were connected again, and the guerrilla areas were expanded and the liberated areas developed. The district party committee decided to transfer Wang Shirong back to her original post, and of course she was very happy. However, to leave the people and jobs she just got acquainted with, it is inevitable that there will be some nostalgia.

In order to ensure that she could return to the base area safely, the county party committee made proper arrangements. In order to prevent the enemy from investigating on the road, Wang Shirong and the comrades who escorted her dressed up as brothers to take their sister back to their mother's house. However, it was the season when the farm was busy cutting sorghum, and the local people generally did not go to their mother's house, and at the same time, they had to travel at night, which was not very reasonable, so they made up the situation that their mother was seriously ill and had to rush back overnight.

In this way, one day in late August, Wang Shirong set off with the escort traffic officer and went to a secret traffic station in Lügou Village, Shagou Township, to rest. Chu Qingzhen at the traffic station carefully dressed her up, combed a bun that was more like a local young woman, and took out her treasured embroidered shoes and earrings to put on her, looking left and right, like that, before letting go of her heart.

In the evening, they set off again. After resting for two days at an underground transportation station on the way, they set off again one night, almost trotting all the way to get across the railway before dawn. The traffic officer remained silent, his shoes fell off, so he simply threw them away and hurried up the mountain with bare feet. When crossing a large river, because the mountains were flooded after the rain, he did not know the depth, he first went to try it, and then helped Wang Shirong over. During the break, Wang Shirong sat down, but he carried the snatch, walking around and looking. Wang Shirong had some pity that he had never asked his name.

After traveling day and night, she finally returned to the station of the Tengjibian County Party Committee, and the comrades laughed when they saw her dressed. Wang Shirong changed into her original outfit, traveled more than 100 miles, arrived at Tianbao Mountain, the residence of the Lunan District Party Committee, returned to her original post, and began the work and life she was familiar with.

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