"Five grains and abundant" debuted in the large flower basket in Tiananmen Square, and tourists from all over the world checked in in a variety of tricks

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Extreme News reporter Cao Xuejiao Yao Yun

On September 25, the large flower basket in Tiananmen Square was basically completed, attracting many citizens and tourists to check in and take photos, creating a strong festive atmosphere for the upcoming National Day. On the morning of the 26th, the polar news (mailbox: reporter saw at the entrance of Beijing's Tiananmen Square that tourists lined up early, some citizens got up at 5 a.m. to rush to check in, and tourists from Guangxi dressed in ethnic minority costumes came to visit...

It is known that grains and daylilies debuted in large flower baskets. Some tourists said that she felt that the grain decoration on the flower basket added a festive atmosphere of harvest to the overall flower basket.

Tourists from all over the world check in the "big flower basket"

On September 26, the maximum temperature in Beijing was 24 degrees Celsius, and the weather forecast was mostly sunny and partly cloudy. The heat of summer has faded, and autumn is becoming more and more intense, which is the perfect season for travel.

The polar news reporter saw at the scene that it was not yet 10 a.m., and tourists at the entrance of Beijing's Tiananmen Square had already lined up in a long line. In the square, there is an endless stream of tourists from all over the world, including small couples pushing strollers, young people traveling with their parents, "sunset red" tour groups wearing Little Red Riding Hood, and tourists specially wearing ethnic minority costumes to check in... As soon as many tourists enter the square, they go straight to the big flower basket. Tourists who arrived earlier have already occupied a good position to take pictures and began to take pictures and check in. Many tourists took a photo and took pictures of lifting the flower basket, some tourists took pictures of the feeling of holding the flower basket, and some brightly dressed ladies recorded short videos of dancing in front of the large flower basket.

Ms. Zhao's sisters from the northeast are also enjoying it, and when the polar news reporter met them, Ms. Zhao was helping her sister record a dancing video. Previously, the sisters had learned Xinjiang dance, and this time they came to the big flower basket to check in, and they specially wore brightly colored performance dresses. Although they are old, the sisters' high legs and kick the hem of their skirts are still elegant and neat.

"Five grains and abundant" debuted in the large flower basket in Tiananmen Square, and tourists from all over the world checked in in a variety of tricks

Tiananmen Square "Blessing the Motherland" big flower basket

Ms. Zhao introduced that she will come to Beijing from the northeast almost every year to celebrate Eleven, she has been to many attractions in Beijing, but as long as there is a chance, the sisters will come to the Tiananmen Flower Basket to check in, for her, the Tiananmen Square during the National Day has special significance, is one of the attractions that must be checked, "People of our age, come to see Tiananmen, it seems that they can also feel that they and the motherland are developing together." ”

At the same time, Ms. Zhang (surname changed) from Beijing Miyun and a group of 6 people are looking for enthusiasts in front of the large flower basket to help take a group photo, and their three old couples have previously made an appointment to come to Tiananmen Square to play, and learned that the flower bed has been arranged, they set off from Miyun by car at 5 a.m. on the 26th, and traveled for two or three hours to the square. However, although they got up early to hurry, they were in good spirits. After that, several people also prepared to go to the Tiananmen City Tower to take a look and then go home.

At about 11:30 a.m. on the 26th, Ms. Liu (surname changed), a tourist from Guangxi, and her family, dressed in ethnic minority costumes, hurried to the entrance of Tiananmen Square. She told the polar news reporter that she and her family wore traditional ethnic costumes of the Zhuang people, and they also dressed up carefully for a long time to come to Tiananmen this time. After checking in the large flower basket, they also prepared to visit the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall.

For the first time, the basket was filled with grains

According to reports, the large flower basket in front of Tiananmen Square has a ceiling height of 18 meters, a diameter of 12 meters, and the words "Blessing the Motherland, 1949-2023" are written on the south side of the basket body, and "Celebrate the National Day, 1949-2023" are written on the north side. On September 25, the flower bed of "Blessing the Motherland" in Tiananmen Square was completed and officially unveiled.

It is worth mentioning that this year's large flower basket is used for the first time with grains, symbolizing a festive harvest.

According to reports, Liu Xingxing, director of the Urban Greening Division of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Landscaping, once told the media that in 2023, the theme of the National Day flower arrangement plan is "comprehensively promoting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with Chinese-style modernization". The "Blessing the Motherland" themed flower bed in the center of Tiananmen Square features festive flower baskets. The basket contains flowers with beautiful meanings and festive harvest of grains (rice, wheat, millet, yellow rice, soybeans), reflecting the flowers and abundant grains. The bottom of the flower bed is 45 meters in diameter and has a peony motif, which symbolizes prosperity.

"We procured rice, wheat, soybeans, chyme, etc. from all over the country, and carefully studied them one by one." Zhang Xianzhe, deputy general manager and chief engineer of Beijing Huamu Company, said that florists observe the characteristics of different varieties and reflect the best characteristics in the design, "The slender wheat wheat is restored, and the color of soybeans is not ten ripe yellow, but with a little cyan, which is better." ”

The sister of tourist Ms. Zhao told Extreme News that she settled in Beijing and pays attention to the news of the big flower basket every year, and in her opinion, the rice ears and other grain decorations added to the big flower basket this year have added a lot of harvest atmosphere.

In addition, daylilies are also the first to appear on large flower baskets. The technical team has shaped and processed its skeleton shape more accurately, the cloth sleeve fits more closely with the skeleton, the petals are flatter, and the shape is more realistic. Osmanthus is made using polyurethane casting process, the effect is lifelike, peony, moon season, chrysanthemum, carnation and other flowers have a fuller flower shape, not only more realistic shape, but also brighter color.

Each of the 10 themed flower beds shows its beauty

In addition to the giant flower baskets on Tiananmen Square, 10 themed flower beds have been arranged along Chang'an Avenue. According to Lan Hailang, the designer of flower beds along Tiananmen Square and Chang'an Avenue, the five flower beds on East Chang'an Avenue take the five characteristics of Chinese-style modernization as the main line, drawing a grand blueprint for comprehensively promoting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation; The five flower beds on West Chang'an Avenue take the people's yearning for a better life as the main line, showing the beautiful picture of the people's continuous improvement of their sense of gain and happiness.

The polar news reporter visited and learned that 10 themed flower beds are located in 4 locations: Fuxingmen, Xidan, Dongdan, and Jianguomen. Among them, there are 4 themed flower beds at the intersection of Xidan and Dongdan.

"Five grains and abundant" debuted in the large flower basket in Tiananmen Square, and tourists from all over the world checked in in a variety of tricks

Tourists take photos in front of the "Full Flower Moon" themed flower bed

The polar news reporter saw that at the intersection of Xidan Road, there were four themed flower beds of "National Fitness", "Road to Happiness", "Full Flower Moon" and "Beautiful Home". There are Chang'e running to the moon shape symbolizing reunion, basketball, badminton and other sports scenes, which symbolize the shape of national fitness and sharing a better life, and kite boys, persimmon trees and other shapes that show the happy life of the people. There are workers watering the potted plants in the flower beds, and there are workers adjusting the position of the potted plants. From time to time, citizens passed by to watch, everyone discussed the elements in the flower bed, and some citizens imitated the sports shapes in the flower bed to take pictures.

Ms. Li, who works near Xidan, also took advantage of the noon to leave work and hurriedly came to the flower bed at the intersection of Xidan Road to take a group photo, and she took and photographed each flower bed seriously. She told the polar news reporter that among the four themed flower beds at the Xidan intersection, she personally prefers the two flower beds of "Flower Good Moon Full" and "Beautiful Home", "I like the shape of Chang'e running moon and persimmon trees in these two flower beds, especially persimmon trees, which have a feeling of old Beijing." ”

"Five grains and abundant" debuted in the large flower basket in Tiananmen Square, and tourists from all over the world checked in in a variety of tricks

"Beautiful Home" themed flower beds

(Source: Polar Eye News)

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