A Mid-Autumn Festival party proved that the entertainment industry is not far from spring


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Recently, the topic of CCTV's Mid-Autumn Festival Gala has been occupying the top of the hot list. With the gradual exposure of the news related to the party, netizens have smelled a new atmosphere of change, which may mean that the entertainment industry is about to usher in a spring baptism.

The first focus is whether Na Ying will appear on the stage again. Last year's performance was indeed impressive, however, Na Ying has recently been involved in incidents such as Dao Lang and "The Voice", and has been fiercely criticized by online public opinion, and many people prefer to see Dao Lang's performance at this year's Mid-Autumn Festival Gala rather than Na Ying's reappearance.

However, as of now, only part of the guest list has been announced at the CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala, and Na Ying's name does not appear in it. This makes us still curious about the upcoming star list.

A Mid-Autumn Festival party proved that the entertainment industry is not far from spring

However, this year's Mid-Autumn Festival Gala is significantly different from previous years. CCTV has repeatedly disclosed the behind-the-scenes production of the party and the inside story of the invited guests, bringing more sense of expectation and participation to the audience in advance.

From the current known guest lineup, it is obvious that this year's invitation list focuses more on powerful artists than just popular traffic students. This approach is obviously sending a clear signal to the "traffic first" entertainment industry.

CCTV's emphasis on guest selection is no longer on how high an individual's social media traffic is, but on focusing on stars known for their strength and works, a move that may lead the entertainment industry in a new direction. In the future, artists may be selected more on their strength than on the number of fans.

A Mid-Autumn Festival party proved that the entertainment industry is not far from spring

Take Zhang Xiaofei as an example, since starring in "Hello, Li Huanying", she quickly became popular, and her acting skills have finally been widely recognized, and this powerful actor is definitely worthy of CCTV's favor. Similarly, Kenji Tan has also attracted much attention recently, his film and television works are on the air, and his acting skills have won the recognition of a large number of fans.

Not only that, this CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala also invited powerful singers, such as Zhou Shen, who has been on the stage of CCTV's Mid-Autumn Festival Gala for four consecutive years, which fully proves that CCTV highly evaluates his strength. At the recent Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Gala, Zhou Shen once again crushed many young singers with his strength, which shows that the status of powerful singers is unshakable.

A Mid-Autumn Festival party proved that the entertainment industry is not far from spring

In addition, the importance of art ethics cannot be ignored. In the entertainment industry, there are more and more stars who "collapse the house", whether it is because of moral problems or more serious violations of law and discipline, these people forget the bottom line of being a person while chasing money, which eventually leads to their own tragedy.

Therefore, when CCTV selects invited stars, they will also consider those artists who promote positive energy and patriotism, such as Yang Mi. Yang Mi has shown a firm patriotic stance many times, and her attitude has been recognized by CCTV. This kind of star who adheres to the bottom line, actively spreads positive energy, and sticks to his original intention can become an officially recognized artist.

In recent years, there have been frequent incidents of foreign brand humiliation, and many celebrities have faced the problem of endorsement brand insult, but not all of them are as resolute as Yang Mi to stand up and terminate the contract, which shows that some celebrities' attitude towards the country is ambiguous.

A Mid-Autumn Festival party proved that the entertainment industry is not far from spring

Yang Mi's image is also very in line with the classical Chinese charm, her dress and style are full of cultural heritage, this time she will sing with the powerful singer Huang Qishan, although some people have doubts about her singing skills, but I believe that with the blessing of Huang Qishan, they will bring a wonderful performance.

Through this invited star, CCTV conveyed a clear signal to us: the future is no longer the era of traffic supremacy, and strength and morality will be the "ticket" for stars to the official platform.

In addition, many innovative elements were introduced to this year's gala. For example, Zhou Shen will sing his classic song "Big Fish" in the Sichuan dialect, blending tradition and modernity to bring a new feeling to the audience. Jing Boran and Yu Kewei will join hands to sing a film and television song and add traditional musical instruments, a cross-border performance method that not only inherits traditional culture but also attracts young audiences.

A Mid-Autumn Festival party proved that the entertainment industry is not far from spring

The party also

The importance of cross-border cooperation was emphasized, such as the duet between Li Yugang and Cao Yuanyuan, a master of opera and a master of guzheng, whose performances were amazing despite coming from different fields, which highlighted the charm of cultural inheritance and integration.

In addition, many film and television actors also showed amazing singing performances, and their ability to switch between different fields and styles to resonate with other artists undoubtedly demonstrated the power of unity.

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival Gala made us deeply feel a series of important signals. First of all, the entertainment industry is developing in the direction of strength and moral supremacy, and traffic is no longer the only symbol. Secondly, CCTV's selection and affirmation will pay more attention to the artist's sense of social responsibility and patriotism. Finally, the combination of innovation and tradition will lead to new trends in cultural development.

In general, the CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival Gala pointed out a clear direction for the future development of the entertainment industry. We have reason to believe that the spring of the entertainment industry is coming, and strength and morality will become the key to the success of stars. It's part of the entertainment industry's growing quest for higher ethical standards.

After reading this article, if you have more expectations or views on the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala, welcome to pay attention and leave your comments in order to keep abreast of the latest developments in subsequent events. The future of the entertainment industry will surely be more exciting.

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