The 5 actresses who are "radiant" after the divorce, love can be fake, but the shoes do not fit and have to be thrown away

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In the entertainment industry, the emotional experience of celebrities is like a rapidly changing picture, and in the blink of an eye, a celebrity couple may change from showing affection to strangers in a second. In unsuitable relationships, even female stars will lose their former vitality and spirit. However, once they got rid of the marriage that made them uncomfortable, the light in their eyes flashed again.

First, let's look at Wu Qian. On Valentine's Day this year, unlike other celebrities posting sweet photos, Wu Qian announced her divorce from her daughter, which caused a wave of praise from netizens. Wu Qian became popular in her first year of college in 2010 because of a group of photos, and has since become one of the post-90s flowers. Her pure and sweet image can't help but remind people of the little sister next door, known as the "Flower of Wu University".

The 5 actresses who are "radiant" after the divorce, love can be fake, but the shoes do not fit and have to be thrown away

With the vigorous development of her career, Wu Qian has starred in dramas such as "Sheng Tang Phantom Night", "I Only Like You", "Rock Sugar Stewed Sydney" and other dramas, and gradually became an actress loved by the audience. However, when her career was booming, she fell into an unsuitable relationship with Zhang Yujian.

Zhang Yujian's performance in the drama "Sheng Tang Phantom Night" made his role surpass Zheng Yecheng, and "I Only Like You" has almost become a drama they fight for. The scandals between the two are endless, and Zhang Yujian also hinted in variety shows that he "wants to find a girlfriend".

However, after marriage, Wu Qian gave birth to her daughter was rarely made public, and Zhang Yujian also referred to her as "her mother" in variety shows, which seemed to show the estrangement between them. In just two years, from scandal to childbirth to divorce, Wu Qian has experienced too much. After giving birth, although she tried to maintain her vitality, she still couldn't hide her fatigue, as if she had aged ten years overnight.

The 5 actresses who are "radiant" after the divorce, love can be fake, but the shoes do not fit and have to be thrown away

However, after the divorce, Wu Qian radiated new vitality. In the drama "Chaser of Light" co-starring with Luo Yunxi, her radiant state is remarkable. Clear eyes, no more conspicuous eye sockets, the whole person glows with a healthy complexion, sweet with the charm of a mature woman.

This reminds us of the old saying: whether you are happy or not, written directly on your face.

Next, we turn to Zhao Liying's marriage to Feng Shaofeng. The marriage was so short that before they could come to their senses, they were all well off. As an outsider, there is no way to know who is right and who is wrong, only to say that they are not suitable.

Feng Shaofeng once fell in love because of the play, and the actresses he worked with had scandals. But in terms of character, there is obviously no problem with this "love species". And Zhao Liying has always regarded herself as a "desperate third lady", focusing on her career, except for the scandal with Chen Xiao, there is almost no lace news. She knows her pursuit, and when she meets the sensual Feng Shaofeng, the relationship between the two is destined to break up.

The 5 actresses who are "radiant" after the divorce, love can be fake, but the shoes do not fit and have to be thrown away

After marriage, Feng Shaofeng wanted to slow down and enjoy family life, but Zhao Liying's career was in full swing. She was unwilling to give up years of hard work, and this brought their marriage to an end. After the divorce, their state is not satisfactory, and they seem to have lost their former vitality and brilliance.

However, Zhao Liying quickly got out of the trough after her divorce. She threw herself into a new job and filmed dramas such as "Who is the Murderer", "Savage Growth" and "Happiness to Ten Thousand Homes". She has regained her passion for her career and looks good. Even in the country-themed dramas, she still shows confidence and energy.

Next is Tong Liya's story. On Valentine's Day in 2021, Chen Sicheng announced his divorce from Tong Liya by confession. This relationship of nearly ten years seems to have been actively managed by Tong Liya. Chen Sicheng once lamented on the show that he didn't know if Tong Liya really liked him, or just to fall in love and get married.

The 5 actresses who are "radiant" after the divorce, love can be fake, but the shoes do not fit and have to be thrown away

After marriage, Chen Sicheng hopes to slow down and enjoy home

Court life, while Tong Liya has always maintained a state of struggle. She once said in an interview that she would apologize within five minutes after a fight, and she stressed that she should try to show herself when her love rival appeared.

However, ten years of grievances finally pulled this relationship to an end. After the divorce, Tong Liya began to completely release herself. She experimented with different looks and showed a new look. What she might have been afraid to try because of her restraint before, now she dares to show her sexiness and charm.

The divorce allowed her to regain her self-confidence, and she no longer twisted and pinched as in the past, but exuded an inner confidence. This late bloomer perfectly matches her current state.

The 5 actresses who are "radiant" after the divorce, love can be fake, but the shoes do not fit and have to be thrown away

Next, let's focus on Liu Mintao. She played the heroine more than twenty years ago, but it didn't cause much of a sensation at the time. She married early when she was at the peak of her career, which made her miss the opportunity to become popular.

Her husband was a wealthy businessman with good conditions, but his married life was not as smooth as she had imagined. Life gradually drifted away, communication became more and more difficult, and finally, she decided to divorce due to a small matter and chose to live her true self again.

After the divorce, she began to be reborn. She calls it a "middle-aged rebel" and bravely tries a look she couldn't have imagined before. After leaving the entertainment industry for six or seven years, she was lucky to find a role that suited her after returning, and Concubine Jing and Sister Mingjing made her a hit.

After becoming popular, she frequently participated in variety shows, participated in the party, and accepted endorsements. Her career is in full bloom, showing a rejuvenated woman.

Finally, let's listen to Zhang Liangying's story. At the concert, she called her boyfriend Feng Ke with tears and true affection, but life after marriage is not as beautiful as a fairy tale. They held a grand wedding, but did not receive a marriage license, and their relationship was in trouble.

After the breakup, Zhang Liangying began to re-examine love. She chose a new relationship and felt her own love again. Now 38 years old, she seems to be living younger and younger.

These stories tell us that a bad marriage can make women lose their spirit, but when they abandon those ill-fitting shoes and find themselves again, the more dashing and beautiful they are.

To sum up, these stars not only freed themselves from inappropriate feelings through divorce, but also found themselves. They have a new vitality in their careers and lives, showing the unique charm of women. Perhaps, this is also a kind of growth and transformation in life.

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