After the 712 War, why did the large number of Vietnamese corpses on the battlefield finally burn with flamethrowers?

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Since the end of the counterattack against Vietnam, a local conflict has broken out again in the border area of China and Vietnam. In the counterattack, our army successfully captured major cities in northern Vietnam, and even penetrated deep into the vicinity of the Vietnamese capital for a time, which shocked Le Duan. This victory allowed our army to achieve its stated goal and immediately withdraw home.

However, the Le Duan regime did not learn a lesson from this, but instead felt disgraced and resentful, decided to launch an attack on the Laoshan region of Yunnan on the mainland.

After the outbreak of the counterattack against Vietnam, Le Duan supported the puppet regime in Cambodia, and when he learned that our army had attacked Vietnam, he was incredulous. Immediately contacted the Soviet Union for support, the Soviet Union said that it would provide Vietnamese weapons and equipment by air and sea, and sent the navy into the war. The Soviet promise calmed Le Duan a little, and he expected that our army would face a situation in which all the Vietnamese people were soldiers.

After the 712 War, why did the large number of Vietnamese corpses on the battlefield finally burn with flamethrowers?

However, our army adopted a precise strategy, focusing on cities and avoiding excessive consumption of militia armament. While Soviet aid has not yet landed, our army has achieved remarkable results on both fronts and continues to advance.

Faced with this situation, Le Duan was forced to mobilize his elite troops and rush north from the south, eventually facing each other along the river, where Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is located.

The war attracted global attention, and even the United States believed that our army might continue to attack Hanoi, because even the Yangtze River and a million Chiang Kai-shek troops could not stop the PLA. However, the United States did not expect that the mainland's purpose this time was no different from counterattacking India, but it was only out of the idea of punishment and did not seek a long-term war.

After the 712 War, why did the large number of Vietnamese corpses on the battlefield finally burn with flamethrowers?

While Le Duan managed to trap our troops in Vietnam, our troops methodically retreated, even bringing all aid back home by the occupying forces.

When the Le Duan regime went north, all he saw were traces of the facilities and materials that the mainland had helped to build, and all these hard work efforts are now gone.

The Le Duan regime, however, did not reflect on the reasons for this situation, but shouted retaliation for its "aggression" against the mainland and launched an attack on the Laoshan area.

In response to the aggression of the Vietnamese army, our army did not hesitate to fight back and expel these despicable people from our territory. Therefore, in the early morning of April 2, our army launched artillery bombardment on the Vietnamese position, and more than 100,000 shells whistled and fell on the Vietnamese position, and the artillery fire lasted for nearly a month, almost destroying the Vietnamese position.

After the 712 War, why did the large number of Vietnamese corpses on the battlefield finally burn with flamethrowers?

Subsequently, our army gathered troops and launched an attack on the Vietnamese army. At this time, the Vietnamese army's defenses were already extremely weak. The battle lasted only half a day, Lao Son returned to our hands, a large number of Vietnamese troops were killed, and the rest broke up and fled.

Le Duan did not give up, but prepared for more than a month, and once again gathered a large number of troops to attack Laoshan. The Vietnamese raid caught our army by surprise, but the soldiers stubbornly resisted, and immediately organized a counterattack and requested artillery support to drive all the Vietnamese troops out of the position.

Our army realized that the Vietnamese army was not defeated and fled, but was preparing for a new offensive. Le Duan insisted on launching an attack on Yunnan, turning Lao Son into a stumbling block for the Vietnamese army to bypass.

After the 712 War, why did the large number of Vietnamese corpses on the battlefield finally burn with flamethrowers?

In the early morning of mid-July, the Vietnamese army launched another attack, and in the face of the strength of two divisions, the 119th Regiment of the 20th Division of our army rose up to resist. Although the Vietnamese army was strong, the 119th Regiment fought bravely and turned the tide of the battle. With the stubborn resistance of our army, the Vietnamese troops were forced to retreat, and the artillery positions in the rear were also ready, ready to carry out covering strikes against the Vietnamese troops at any time.

The Vietnamese counterattack was remarkable, but our army repelled it firmly and decisively. The victory in the Battle of Laoshan caused Li Duan to also suffer a lot of opposition at home, and could not continue to attack insistently.

In this series of battles, our army had to recognize the nature of the Vietnamese regime, and they would do everything they could to find opportunities to disrupt our army, and the benevolence of our army would not be exchanged for the goodwill of the Vietnamese army. Therefore, our army is resolute

After the 712 War, why did the large number of Vietnamese corpses on the battlefield finally burn with flamethrowers?

It was decided to assemble flamethrowers and use flamethrowers to clean up the mountains of enemy corpses, and for a while raging fire rose in front of the entire position, burning the enemy corpses to ashes.

The battle became the last struggle of the Vietnamese army, and Le Duan was questioned by many people in the country, and had to restrain the idea of continuing the offensive, and the Battle of Lao Son ended.

This series of events has made us deeply aware of the intransigence of the Vietnamese regime and the strategic wisdom of our military. On the basis of the counterattack against Vietnam, our army showed strong combat effectiveness and organizational ability, which made it impossible for the enemy to break through the defense line of the mainland.

This battle also demonstrated the benevolence and tenacity of our army, not only protecting the security of the homeland, but also showing the brilliance of humanity on the battlefield. At the same time, the battle also taught us not to let our guard down at the momentary advantage of the enemy, and to maintain a high level of combat readiness at all times.

Looking back at the whole process, we see the bravery and tenacity of our army, as well as the cunning and persistence of the Vietnamese regime. This battle is not only a military victory, but also a full test of our army's strategic awareness and organizational ability.

In the end, the victory in the Battle of Laoshan not only stabilized the mainland's national defense in the border areas, but also demonstrated to the world the great strength of our army. We believe that under the strong leadership of the Party, no matter what difficulties and challenges we encounter, we will be able to overcome everything, defend our homeland and defend our people.

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