Chen Guojun: The most loved and hated person in his life is his ex-wife Liu Xiaoqing, and his eldest son Chen He is his pride

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In 2015, when Liu Xiaoqing was invited to participate in a variety show "Star Fun Party", this instant reunion marked the end of her 27-year separation from her ex-husband Chen Guojun. This unspeakable emotional entanglement once again attracted widespread attention, and at the same time aroused my deep thinking about this relationship journey.

First of all, looking back at the first acquaintance of Chen Guojun and Liu Xiaoqing, this is not an ordinary love story. Chen Guojun is a high-profile director, however, his love history often overshadows his outstanding achievements. Liu Xiaoqing became his second wife and the woman he had the deepest emotional entanglement. When Chen Guojun's first wife, Zhao Yamin, went to work at Emei Film Company in Sichuan, the two began a short life alone. However, it was during the filming of "Deep in the Heart" that Chen Guojun and Liu Xiaoqing's fates converged, and he fell under her charm. This first encounter, as if fated, made the two hearts unable to extricate themselves.

Chen Guojun: The most loved and hated person in his life is his ex-wife Liu Xiaoqing, and his eldest son Chen He is his pride

At the time, Liu Xiaoqing's marriage to her first husband, Wang Li, was in the midst of a cold war, and differences led to a deterioration in their relationship. The appearance of Chen Guojun provided her with emotional support and also stimulated Chen Guojun's deep affection. However, Chen Guojun already has a happy family, and his wife and two sons make up a perfect family picture. However, Liu Xiaoqing's appearance is like a piece of antler thrown into the rushing river, stirring up the otherwise peaceful life.

During the filming of "Deep in the Heart", Liu Xiaoqing felt the care of Chen Guojun, and Chen Guojun has been silently protecting her. Although both have their own families, their contact has become more frequent. Liu Xiaoqing was gradually attracted to Chen Guojun, and the seeds of love quietly took root in his heart. However, the twists and turns of this relationship must stand the test of time.

Chen Guojun: The most loved and hated person in his life is his ex-wife Liu Xiaoqing, and his eldest son Chen He is his pride

As an event in Harbin approached, Chen Guojun reached out again, this time spending time together at an evening banquet and talking happily. However, in the face of temptation, the two could not resist, and this relationship transcended the shackles of morality and worldliness and fell into forbidden love. This gossip news immediately spread throughout the entertainment industry, and also reached Zhao Yamin's ears. She tried to ask Liu Xiaoqing to leave Chen Guojun, but Liu Xiaoqing ignored it. Chen Guojun fell in love with Liu Xiaoqing and refused to let go. The opposition of parents, the decline of career, and the intricate relationship between the three constitute a drama of family ethics.

After a long argument, Zhao Yamin finally agreed to divorce Chen Guojun, but on the condition that he retain custody of his son Chen He. This decision made Chen Guojun feel relieved, and he and Liu Xiaoqing officially married each other. However, love is not the only one, and real problems in life are beginning to erode their relationship. Liu Xiaoqing sticks to his acting career, while Chen Guojun needs a housewife who supports silently. They do not have children in common, which exacerbates marital tensions. In 1986, Xie Jin's movie "Furong Town" began to be filmed, and Liu Xiaoqing partnered with new actor Jiang Wen in the film, which also marked the beginning of the ambiguous relationship between the two. Their intimate relationship in the shooting made Chen Guojun can't help but start to doubt. Although Liu Xiaoqing and Jiang Wen have a huge age difference, the law of feelings is often unpredictable. At a celebration banquet, Chen Guojun witnessed the picture of the two holding hands, and in anger, he quarreled with Liu Xiaoqing, and Liu Xiaoqing filed for divorce. This time, Chen Guojun was unwilling to let go, and even forced him to die. But Liu Xiaoqing was determined to divorce, and the marriage broke down. In 1990, they finally reached an agreement to end the turbulent marriage.

Chen Guojun: The most loved and hated person in his life is his ex-wife Liu Xiaoqing, and his eldest son Chen He is his pride

With the end of the divorce, the two parted ways, and the once hot relationship turned silent. They had agreed not to mention the right again

, but this agreement did not last. Liu Xiaoqing was the first to break the silence and wrote "From Movie Star to Billionaire," which is full of denigration and satire about her ex-husband. Not to be outdone, Chen Guojun responded to Liu Xiaoqing's attack and wrote "The Story I Have to Tell with Liu Xiaoqing" to counter Liu Xiaoqing's accusations. This quarrel and vicious fight made the separation of the two more profound, and time passed, and they had not been in contact for 25 years.

However, life is full of surprises and turns. In 2015, Chen Guojun confessed to Liu Xiaoqing in a program, confessing that she was the only person he had truly loved in his life. This affectionate confession broke the silence and brought the two back together. They embraced affectionately, became friends and sent each other their blessings. At the same time, Chen Guojun already had a happy family, had a wife Fu Liyun, and welcomed a son. His life is stable and happy, and he is no longer a young and vigorous young man, but a mature man who has gone through ups and downs. He understood that the true meaning of life lies in plainness and contentment.

Chen Guojun: The most loved and hated person in his life is his ex-wife Liu Xiaoqing, and his eldest son Chen He is his pride

Now, Chen Guojun's life is picturesque, he has a successful career, the warmth of his family, and two talented sons. Chen Guojun's eldest son, Chen He, inherited his literary and artistic bloodline with Liu Xiaoqing, was trained by his father and became an outstanding director. Instead of resenting his father, he was grateful to him and looked at his father's past rationally and objectively. Chen He also became the pride of Chen Guojun, a son who made him proud.

Looking back on Chen Guojun's life, he experienced three marriages, failed twice, and finally found his own happiness. There is no absolute right or wrong in feelings, everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and time will heal all wounds. When we grow old, the former love and hate will become a cloud of smoke, leaving behind precious memories and mature wisdom.

Chen Guojun: The most loved and hated person in his life is his ex-wife Liu Xiaoqing, and his eldest son Chen He is his pride

The love story of Chen Guojun and Liu Xiaoqing, like a colorful picture scroll, is full of twists and turns, passion, and also teaches us to cherish the present moment and understand the true meaning of life. Every relationship has its own uniqueness that cannot simply be measured by right or wrong. The reunion of Chen Guojun and Liu Xiaoqing allows us to see the turning point and reconciliation in life, and also reminds us that love may have ups and downs, but in the end, happiness lies in accepting and cherishing everything we have now.

On the stage of life, each of us is experiencing our own stories, and these stories, no matter how twisted and turned, are unique. The story of Chen Guojun and Liu Xiaoqing is a journey full of emotional ups and downs, as well as a profound reflection on love and life. And now, they are all well, and everyone has found their own happiness, which may be the wonderful thing about life. No matter what happened, in the end we must learn to let go and move forward, because life never stops, and happiness is always on the way.

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