Thanks to the man's deception, Guan Zhilin is still beautiful at the age of 60, and her net worth will not be spent in the next life

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Not long ago, the media once again focused on Kwan, but this time not because of her face, emotion or career, but because of her amazing generosity. While celebrating her 60th birthday, she held an auction to sell her treasures valued at more than HK$100 million, including a 12.64 ct Burmese ruby ring valued at HK$22 million to HK$35 million. This total auction amount is difficult for many people to achieve in their lifetimes, but for one of Hong Kong's most controversial beauties, Kwan Zhilin seems to be a drop in the bucket.

Perhaps not many people know, Guan Zhilin once said: "The money I have now can be spent in the next life." However, most of her news involves the connections of wealthy businessmen, and everyone thinks that she aspires to marry into a wealthy family, but in fact, her love is only to make money.

Thanks to the man's deception, Guan Zhilin is still beautiful at the age of 60, and her net worth will not be spent in the next life

1. A rich lady who has fallen into disgrace

Guan Zhilin was born into an enviable family, and her grandfather was the deputy commander of Liaodong of the Manchu blue flag Gualjia clan, who had a prominent reputation before liberation. Her father, Guan Shan, is Hong Kong's first international actor, while her mother, Zhang Bingqian, is known for her beauty. However, despite her handsome father and beautiful mother, Guan Zhilin's childhood was not easy.

Under her mother's careful training, she studied ballet and piano, but because her mother feared that the ballet would make the girl's legs arch, she was forced to stop studying and learn to swim instead. However, her family's situation deteriorated rapidly, and after her parents divorced, her mother took her brother out and her father left Hong Kong, and Kwan had to rely on her own work to make ends meet.

Thanks to the man's deception, Guan Zhilin is still beautiful at the age of 60, and her net worth will not be spent in the next life

In her first year of work, she starred in 6 TV series and 2 movies, and every day was reversed day and night, with only a short one-hour break. This is extremely hard for any adult, but Guan Zhilin has no choice, she has no way back.

Years later, in the face of doubts about her money worship, she confessed that the experience from rich to poor, and the days without her parents to rely on, made her understand a truth: in this world, no one will always take care of themselves except their ability to make money. This experience also made her understand that a woman's security cannot depend on her parents or others, and only by making money can she realize her wishes and live the life she wants.

Thanks to the man's deception, Guan Zhilin is still beautiful at the age of 60, and her net worth will not be spent in the next life

2. The scumbag taught her to stop believing in love

Although she dreamed of marrying a woman, at the age of 19, she was deeply hurt by men again. Kwan's popularity quickly climbed after her debut, attracting many suitors. Tempted by the sweet words of a rich man and lavish gifts, she quickly believes that this man can always pamper her and take care of her for the rest of her life.

However, the flowery man soon began to cheat, and after the divorce, Guan Zhilin returned to work in the entertainment industry, but her attitude towards men changed radically. She understands that she is young and beautiful, there are people to pursue wherever she goes, there are men who like to spend money on her and give gifts, and she only needs to enjoy the process of being pursued, and it no longer matters whether the end is happy or not.

Next, she fell in love with married real estate tycoon Ma Qingwei, but the relationship also hurt Ma Qingwei's wife, and even led to an unfortunate miscarriage, and since then, Kwan Zhilin has been nicknamed the "rich businessman harvester". Despite this, she has begun to make money through her own business, her salary is up to millions, and the income from advertising and variety shows is not cheap.

3. Making money is more important than men

As she grew older, Guan Zhilin gradually realized that men's preferences are time-sensitive. In the competition with Li Jiaxin, a wealthy businessman Liu Luanxiong, she decided to withdraw and restrain her feelings. However, she no longer needs a man, and she still becomes a real rich woman through her own investment.

According to media statistics, from

From 1991 to 2004, Kwan made HK$170 million through property sales. After announcing her retirement in late 2007, she focused her attention on real estate investment, not only not relying on her old wealth, but also growing richer.

Among them, the most notable is that she invested 50 million yuan to buy a store in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong in 1999, and then sold it for HK$187 million in 2008, making a net profit of HK$100 million, which has become a classic case in the Hong Kong real estate industry. In 2007, she spent HK$113 million on the company's name to buy a mansion in Repulse Bay, Hong Kong. In 2010, she sold it for HK$240 million, and her market value soared by more than HK$100 million in just three years, and she was praised by the media as the "goddess of the building" in the entertainment industry.

In addition, she created her own brand and entered the pajamwear market, becoming one of the few celebrities to venture into the field. Although Guan Zhilin, now 60 years old, is still single, she no longer has the idea of relying on men. She struggles to earn money so that she can make lifestyle choices, including relationships, as she pleases. She took control of her life.

Among the stars who became popular at the same time as her, many are already in trouble, their wealth is gone, and their marriages are broken. No matter how many mistakes she made, she has become a woman in her twilight years, still beautiful, rich and independent.

The story of the family's sudden troubles makes it easy for beautiful women to indulge in easy ways to get money. Especially girls who have lived a rich life since childhood will have a stronger desire for a better life and worship capable men more.

This endless depravity is like a quagmire, causing women who have lost their footing to sink deeper and deeper and gradually lose their moral judgment. There will be many challenges in life, but the most important thing is to understand that no matter how much the people around you express their concern, only your ability to survive is the most important thing. Because life is never smooth sailing, when the unexpected comes, only those who have the ability to resist can persevere to the end.

In conclusion, Kwan's life experience teaches us that independence and financial autonomy are very important. She draws tenacity and confidence from the downfall experience of a rich lady, no longer blindly believing in love, but making money as the foundation of her life. Her story tells us that a firm heart and the ability to pursue financial independence are the most reliable support in the face of life's challenges. The story also reflects the unfair treatment of women in society and the reality that women need to take responsibility for their own future.

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