54 people including "Liangshan Million Internet Celebrities" were arrested

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Recently, many "Internet celebrities" with millions of fans in Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province, have attracted the attention of netizens after the news that they were investigated for false propaganda and selling fake goods.

54 people including "Liangshan Million Internet Celebrities" were arrested

"Liangshan Qubu" and "Zhao Linger" live broadcast selling fake honey

In May this year, the Liangshan public security organ received a report from the Liangshan Prefecture Market Supervision Bureau that it found that the Internet celebrities "Liangshan Qubu" and "Zhao Linger" had falsely advertised in the process of live streaming goods, involving a huge amount of money and suspected of committing a crime.

After the Zhaojue County Public Security Bureau filed a case and found out, in July 2022, Zhang Mou, the person in charge of Chengdu Xiaoyu Agricultural Media Co., Ltd. (MCN agency), came to Liangshan and looked for "net red seedlings" such as Zhao (female, Han nationality, 27 years old) and Ari Moumou (male, Yi nationality, 23 years old), and began to carefully hatch.

54 people including "Liangshan Million Internet Celebrities" were arrested

"Zhao Linger" said that she and "Liangshan Qubu" met by chance

Through the design of the script and words, the company specially selected the local uninhabited production houses and broken walls as the background of the live broadcast, and made up a simple male protagonist image and an innocent and kind female protagonist image for the two, creating a "Daliangshan Original Ecology" character, and publishing videos of plots such as "chance encounters", "rubbing rice" and "helping farmers" on the short video platform to win attention and harvest traffic.

54 people including "Liangshan Million Internet Celebrities" were arrested

Live script of "Zhao Linger"

The two Internet celebrity accounts "Liangshan Qubu" and "Zhao Linger" that were finally hatched had more than 2 million fans. After earning traffic, the company set up online stores and live streaming goods, under the banners of "helping farmers" and "high-quality original ecology", purchased honey, walnuts and other agricultural and sideline products at low prices from foreign food companies such as Chengdu and Nanjing, counterfeited the trademark of "Daliangshan characteristic agricultural products", and sold them nationwide with shoddy and fake products. The counterfeit products were sold to more than 20 provinces and cities across the country, and the amount involved exceeded 10 million yuan. According to reports, Zhao and Ari earned more than 700,000 yuan in 7 months.

54 people including "Liangshan Million Internet Celebrities" were arrested

Counterfeit "Daliangshan soil honey"

In July this year, the Zhaojue County People's Procuratorate approved the arrest of Zhao and Ari, who were suspected of counterfeiting registered trademarks and false advertising, as well as the responsible persons of MCN Company and suppliers of counterfeit products.

The above-mentioned illegal and criminal acts are closely organized, highly confusing, and widely involved, forming a front-end to create a personality, incubate Internet celebrities, middle-end script shooting, e-commerce operations, terminal agricultural product supply, traffic monetization of counterfeiting and selling fake gray industry chain.

At present, a total of 54 criminal suspects have been arrested in this series of cases, including 11 Internet celebrity anchors involved in the case, and 18 arrests have been approved; 5 MCN institutions were destroyed and 14 companies involved in the case were sealed; More than 20 tons of honey raw materials involved in the case were seized, more than 4,700 bottles of counterfeit "Daliangshan soil honey" finished products, more than 50,000 pieces of commodity packaging, and 3 sets of production equipment; More than 5 million yuan of funds involved in the case were frozen.

Source: Jiupai News Comprehensive CCTV Network