The four great talents in Jiangnan, who has the best life?

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Speaking of the four great talents in Jiangnan, as we all know, Tang Bohu, Wen Zhengming, Zhu Zhishan, and Xu Zhenqing.

The four great talents in Jiangnan, who has the best life?

1. Tang Bohu, in the TV series we see, he is a winner in life who is amorous, Yushu is in the wind, and he has a beautiful return. In reality, he is not.

Tang Yin, Zi Bohu, was born into a merchant family. He was gifted and intelligent, and at the age of 16, he won the first place in Xiucai, and then Zhongjieyuan, which caused a sensation in the entire city of Suzhou. However, because he was involved in a fraud case, he finally had no chance, and Tang Bohu was poor in his later years and made a living by selling calligraphy and paintings.

2. Zhu Zhishan, Zhu Zhishan was born in a family of officials and eunuchs, born with six fingers on his right hand, and called himself "Zhizhisheng". He was an authentic second-generation official, very talented, relying on his own efforts to obtain the examination and start his own career, but because he was excluded, he resigned and returned to his hometown, and has been serving the people all his life.

3. Xu Zhenqing, gifted and intelligent, young and long in literature and science, author of Di Gong Collection, Di Gong Outer Collection, and Talk Art Record. However, in his early years, he tried again and again, until 1505, when he was admitted as a junior scholar, he was not allowed to enter Hanlin because of his ugly appearance, and was changed to be the deputy of Dali Temple.

4. Wen Zhengming, 7 years old can stand, 11 years old can speak. Wen Zhengming has been weak since childhood, and his intellectual development is worrying.

The four great talents in Jiangnan, who has the best life?

But his father did not think so, he loved Wen Zhengming very much, and thought that if the nobleman was late, his son would become a great master in the future.

Wen Zhengming is a master of calligraphy and painting in the Ming Dynasty, and he is also good at the identification of calligraphy and painting. All those who collect calligraphy and paintings in the Wuzhong area like to find him for appraisal, and some paintings are difficult to distinguish the authenticity. But Wen Zhengming always said: It is a genuine work. He was asked why he said that? He said that most of the people who sold their calligraphy and paintings at home were because of the hardships of life, and I suffered from the hardship of others for the sake of a moment.

The four great talents in Jiangnan, who has the best life?

Sometimes, there are also people with fake paintings to ask him for an inscription, and he can read the painting with it, and generally does not show embarrassment. Many calligraphy and painting dealers in the Wuzhong region liked him, and he gave others a way to live.

The four great talents in Jiangnan, who has the best life?

Once, Wen Zhengming was staying at the house of a rich man in Suzhou City, and just as Wen Zhengming was lying down and looking out of the tent, someone quietly touched two silver cups from between the tables. It turned out that this person was also a chaperone at the daytime banquet. At this time, he did not say anything. I just thought to myself: If I say it, this person's friendship with the master will be severed from now on. He returned alone early in the morning, leaving a note with him: I borrow two cups for the time being. Later, he found the silversmith who made the set of cups, copied two cups, and gave them back to the Monopoly family.

Wen Zhengming is clear that paintings, like human character, have always been selfless and altruistic. Among the four great talents, Wen Zhengming's life is the best. Only Wen Zhengming lived a long life, died at the age of 90, the Wen family was full of descendants, talents, and his great-grandson Wen Zhen was a high school champion, an official to the prime minister, and a glorious side.

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