Is Bi X's "Sharing Together" program suspected of illegal fundraising?

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#5月财经新势力 #

This is a post in the real name of the employee of Bi X Garden seen on the Internet, "7 years in vain, Bi X Park, return my life-saving money", accusing the company of ruthlessly dismissing employees, while making the company's mysterious "sharing of hearts" fundraising behavior public for the first time, and also exposing the fundraising behavior of many real estate companies The tip of the iceberg.

Since the day of the thunderstorm of Evergrande, Sunshine City and other companies, many employees and creditors have begun to defend their rights with various fundraising receipts and ask for the investment principal. Now Bi X Park Group seems to have also entered this ranks.

The so-called "sharing together" plan, a "partnership investment" system launched by the company to enable employees and the company to work together, share risks and share achievements, was first launched in 2015, when many people believed that the company did not have mandatory investment requirements, nor did it carry out a limit by level, and in the end, most of them invested a small amount of money to test the waters, and some company leaders did not invest a penny. As a result, the first pre-dividend surprised everyone, and the return on investment was considerable. The first phase of funds was invested at the end of 2015, and the first pre-dividend was carried out in mid-2017, with a return on investment of more than 50% (the closed period was 5 years, according to the company's employees, the final first settlement dividend exceeded 500%)!

This completely ignited the enthusiasm of employees for investment, and while regretting the investment status of the first phase, they asked to join a new investment plan. The company has established the "Shared Management System with One Heart", requiring some key positions (regional total, project total, investment total, financial total, marketing total, etc.) to be compulsorily co-invested in a considerable amount, and the rest of the employees voluntarily invest, but the investment amount is limited according to the rank. And soon launched the second and third phase of fundraising plans, this time the employees are fully invested, many newly hired regional directors, projects due to insufficient financial strength or even loan follow-up.

The result? The first phase began in 2015, according to the five-year closure period, and ended in 2020, just in time for the rapid development of national real estate, while house prices soared, the return on investment was amazingly high (more than 500% mentioned above). At the beginning of the second phase, the land price soared during the period of land development, and the real estate began to decline when it was sold, and the return on investment was greatly reduced, and finally it was barely able to preserve the capital. The third phase is miserable, the land price is at the peak of land development, sales ice age began to sell, in order to recover cash to repay the loan, many project companies decided to sell at a loss, investment not only no return, but also loss of principal!

In the end, the real estate industry really has little to do with the level of management, catch up with the wind, pigs can fly into the sky. Now in the harsh winter of Sanjiu, the immortals can't sell their houses.

Coupled with salary cuts and layoffs, "sharing with one heart" to invest in a bad debt is not clear (the specific financial situation is the company's final say, employees have no right to know, only know the result of a loss), employees can not recover the principal invested, and there are many employees of the company who go to court.

Now the "One Heart" investment scheme faces a legal gray area.

According to the regulations, the fundraising plan approved by the relevant departments is legal, and the fundraising is generally carried out through the channels of securities, bonds and investment fund securities. According to the employee, the employee only signed the "One Heart Sharing" nominee holding agreement based on trust or coercion of the company (some positions are compulsory investment), did not see the government's approval and consent documents, nor did he go through the channel of public offering, but just remitted the money to a personal collection account designated by the company, and finally signed a nominee holding agreement. Looking at this agreement now, it seems that he has no guarantee, and the company has not appeared in the agreement, there is no payment, no official seal, only the signature of himself and the nominee.

Is this practice suspected of illegal fund-raising and disrupting the financial order?

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Is Bi X's "Sharing Together" program suspected of illegal fundraising?
Is Bi X's "Sharing Together" program suspected of illegal fundraising?
Is Bi X's "Sharing Together" program suspected of illegal fundraising?