All diseases stem from 3 things

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The Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor says: "The first birth of a hundred diseases will arise from dampness, cold and summer, wind and rain, yin and yang, joy and anger, food and drink, and dwelling." ”

Everything in heaven and earth follows the rhythm of yin and yang.

People eat five grains, and all things are in the same ups and downs, mutual feelings, and naturally are also affected by the four times and five elements.

If you are abnormal, you will get sick, and if you are not in the air, you will get sick.

All diseases of the human body stem from 3 things!

All diseases stem from 3 things


Eating and drinking sparingly

The "Compendium of Materia Medica" says: "Eating and drinking without restraint hurts people instantly." ”

Eating without moderation and overeating can damage the spleen and stomach.

Three points of hunger help replenish lean qi and are more conducive to health.

Medical titan Zhong Nanshan, 87 years old is still in good spirits, walking with the wind, in addition to sports and fitness, thanks to three meals without too much.

However, in the face of the delicacy of the world, many people only care about their appetite, ignore their physical health, and end up eating bitter fruits for themselves.

During the Southern and Northern Dynasties, Liu Yu, the Song and Ming Emperor, was a man of uncontrolled diet.

According to the "Southern History", he could eat several pounds of fish bladder and two hundred pieces of bacon in a single meal.

Later, he was seriously ill, still did not know how to control it, and still ate every meal until he was able to stop.

Once, despite the advice of the palace people, he insisted on eating several large bowls of meat soup, and finally died alive because his stomach was overwhelmed.

The "Health Extension Record" says: "The less you eat, the more open your heart is, and the more you live with your life; The more you eat, the more stuffy your heart becomes, and the more deteriorating your years become. ”

Woe comes from the mouth, disease comes from the mouth, not only can not overeat, but also can not be too greasy and fishy.

In nature, carnivores have sharp teeth, and vegetarian animals have flat teeth.

Humans have 32 teeth, 28 are flat teeth, and only 4 are sharp teeth.

Take the five grains as the nourishment, the five fruits as the help, the five animals as the benefit, and the five vegetables as the filling.

Three meals are balanced and moderate, so that you can stay away from diseases and live a long life.

All diseases stem from 3 things



The ancestors of ancient times attached great importance to the yin and yang seasons.

They divided the day into twelve hours, falling asleep and waking up at dusk in order to conform to nature.

The sub-hour (23:00 to 1:00) is the tipping point for this day and tomorrow, when the yin qi is at its strongest and the yang energy is weakest.

If you stay up late at this time, it will be very depleting of qi and blood, and it will be harmful to the body and not beneficial.

Midnight (5:00 to 7:00), which is also the time of sunrise, is the best time to cleanse the stomach and detoxify.

Waking up at this time is conducive to human metabolism, promotes qi and blood circulation, and makes the day more energetic.

In ancient times, people mainly farmed, seemingly hard and tiring, but strong muscles and bones, rarely sick.

Today's people, whose living conditions are a hundred times superior to those of the ancients, often go to bed late and get up late.

As a result, at a young age, the complexion is dull, the spirit is weak, and the body is weak.

Zhang Yinan, a famous doctor of the Qing Dynasty, said: "There is a constant life, and it is also nourishing its gods." ”

Only by living regularly can we nourish the mind, make the spirit vigorous and vigorous.

When Zeng Guofan first came to the capital, he went to bed late and got up late, resulting in a loss of energy for the whole person.

It wasn't until after a serious illness that he suddenly woke up and changed his routine.

Not only has his complexion improved, but he has also become more handy in handling government affairs.

Later, he repeatedly warned his younger brother in family letters that he should go to bed early and get up early, and not to live impermanently.

Going against the laws of nature, the imbalance of yin and yang in the human body is overdrawing life and consuming health.

All diseases stem from 3 things


Emotional instability

The ancient physician Zhang Jiebin said in the "Analogue Sutra": "Everything that is false and real on the surface, contrary to the urgency, is born of anger, so all diseases are born of anger." ”

If the mood is unstable, the qi will not be smooth, and people can easily fall into anxiety, depression, worry, and panic.

If it is not relieved for a long time, it will weaken the human immune system and cause organic lesions.

In ancient times, a man bought a courtyard house for a lot of money.

He looked at the open courtyard and the big trees in the courtyard, and his heart was full of joy.

One day, a passer-by told him in a panic: "This tree is unlucky, we must cut it down quickly." ”

The man was shocked and asked why.

The passerby said: "The square yard, a tree in the middle, this is the word 'sleepy'." ”

When the man heard this, he also felt embarrassed and decided to cut down the tree.

At this time, another person passed by, and seeing this, he quickly stopped it: "If there is no tree, and there is only one person in the courtyard of the four sides, won't it be a 'prisoner'?"

After hearing this, the man gave up the idea of cutting down the tree.

In the following days, looking at the big tree in the courtyard, the man was so anxious that he couldn't afford to get sick.

A Zen master passed by, heard about this, and told the man with a smile:

"The trees were cut down, and the yard was sunny; Leave the tree to cool off. Why worry about getting sick? ”

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the heart is the main joy, the liver is the main anger, the lungs are the main sadness, the spleen is the main thought, and the kidney is the main fear.

Emotions are connected to the five internal organs, and once you are moody and overthinking, you will let the disease take advantage of the void.

"Zhuangzi" said: "An is sometimes smooth, and sorrow cannot enter also." ”

The highest level of wellness is to follow nature, adapt to changes, and maintain inner peace and stability.

Only when the mind is peaceful can the qi and blood return to the meridian; Emotional stability can not be invaded.

"Han Feizi" said: "There are no rules for all things. ”

If you want to stay away from disease and prolong your life, you should follow the law of the four times and conform to the five elements of yin and yang.

Eat modestly, live regularly, and have a smooth mood.

Life is naturally carefree and the years are safe.

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All diseases stem from 3 things