Don't miss the inventory of new games, how much do you know about these playable games?

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In recent years, the mobile game market has been booming, and many excellent games have emerged, some of which have become the focus of players' popularity and excellent playability. Today, we're taking a look at a few of the most popular mobile games that have recently been released, so you can see what these games are all about.

"Urban Tycoon Story"

The business simulation game "Urban Tycoon Story" produced in Cairo will be officially launched on April 11, killing time artifact +1, in addition to the gameplay that is still on top, there are many small details in this work that are also very good, each resident has his own personality and life trajectory, and there are many special characters to unlock. It is said that this work was personally planned by the general manager of Cairo, and even the code was written by himself, which is worth a try.

Don't miss the inventory of new games, how much do you know about these playable games?

"Bean Beard"

A Steam ported, steampunk-themed adventure puzzle game that received special acclaim on Steam, with a very distinctive hand-drawn style and a soundtrack by Christopher Larkin, composer who wrote the soundtrack for The Hollow Rider. The player takes on the role of a little girl who lives another self in her body, the powerful Kubus, switching between two forms, solving complex puzzles and uncovering the truth behind them.

Don't miss the inventory of new games, how much do you know about these playable games?

Super Meat Boy: Never Ends

"Super Meat Boy: Never Ending" is the sequel to "Super Meat Boy", but although it is a sequel, the gameplay is completely different, the new work has been changed to an "automatic parkour" game that only needs two buttons, although the operation is indeed more suitable for porting mobile phones, but the reputation is not as good as before, and the difficulty is not low. At present, Steam reviews are only "mixed", if it is a ported mobile game from the previous work

Don't miss the inventory of new games, how much do you know about these playable games?

"Magic Domain Mobile Game 2"

"Magic Domain Mobile Game 2" is the orthodox sequel to "Magic Domain", the new game continues the plot story of the previous game, and has a new upgrade in gameplay, bringing players a more interesting magical world. The quests and team battle gameplay in Magic Domain Mobile are the highlight of the game, where players can challenge their limits, experience exciting battles and endless fun. In the quest, players need to team up to challenge levels of various difficulties, defeat powerful bosses, and get great rewards. At the same time, the missions in the quest are also very important, completing the quest can earn more experience and gold coins, and improve your strength. In terms of gameplay, "Magic Domain Mobile Game 2" has also undergone innovations and changes, and the phantom beast system is one of them. In the phantom beast system, the hatching and transformation process of the phantom beast is no longer cumbersome, and the phantom beast's own attributes and qualities will appear after the first transformation, and the quality of the phantom beast determines the level of combat power, which requires players to be strategic when matching the attributes of the phantom beast. How about it, I believe that there is no one who does not like such a "Magic Domain Mobile Game 2" with both appearance and gameplay. Not to mention that TVB big brother Wu Zhenyu recommended it, interested players go to the official website to download and experience!