Ausnutria's Jiabeite Yue Care is listed to accelerate the new era of goat milk feeding!

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The strength of the "leader" continues to be highlighted! The world's No. 1 brand in goat milk sales, Jiabaiite, launched new immune nutrition products. On June 8th, Ausnutria's sheep milk powder brand - Jiabeite held a new product launch conference of "Better Nutrition and Happy Care for the Future" (hereinafter referred to as the press conference) in Sanya, Hainan, and officially announced that its new product focusing on immune nutrition - Jiabeite Yuehu infant formula goat milk powder (hereinafter referred to as: Jiabeite Yuehu) was launched!

Ausnutria's Jiabeite Yue Care is listed to accelerate the new era of goat milk feeding!

More than 400 people, including parenting experts, dairy experts, food analysts, media reporters, representatives of Jiabeite partners, brand spokespersons, Ausnutria Group and the management team of Jiabeite gathered together to witness the strategic planning and development confidence of Jiabeite to accelerate the new era of goat milk feeding and join hands with the industry to create high-quality growth. At the meeting, the public welfare action of "Baby Care Plan" was officially launched to promote the better development of China's infant and child health.

Based on feeding needs, the feeding effect of new products has been verified by scientific research

In the new era of maternal and infant consumption, the new generation of parents is more professional and refined in parenting, and tends to better nutrition when choosing milk powder, and pays more and more attention to digestion and absorption and immune care. Based on this insight, relying on Ausnutria's "1+6+N" global R&D system, Jiabaiite gives full play to the scientific research strength of the world's "leader" sheep milk nutrition, and innovates to create a new product focusing on immune nutrition - Jiabaiite Yuecare.

Jiabaiite Yue Care has the dual advantages of "better absorption" and "immune care": it contains small molecules of goat milk, and the absorption rate can reach 95%; 10 times the type of HMO, enhance the internal protective force, and the feeding effect has been verified by scientific research, which can increase the protective factor IgG by 62%; The formula is equipped with OPO, double probiotics, prebiotics, and patented nucleotide combinations, gathering multi-dimensional nutrition to escort the healthy and happy growth of the baby. Therefore, Jiabaiite Yue Care is listed with the product concept of "good nutrition and absorption, double the protection power".

Ausnutria's Jiabeite Yue Care is listed to accelerate the new era of goat milk feeding!

Jiang Hui, marketing director of Jiabaiite, said: "'Give better nutrition to babies' is the innate belief of Jiabaiite. In order to explore the secret of better nutrition, Jiabaiite exerts its scientific research strength to lead the industry to continuously decipher the better nutrition contained in goat's milk. According to reports, in recent years, Jiabaiite has continued to increase investment in scientific research and innovation, ranking first in the cumulative number of papers published by sheep milk powder brands, and has obtained 10 invention patents. In 2022, Jiabaiite won the first Chinese invention patent excellence award in the goat milk powder industry, and at the 29th annual meeting of the China Dairy Association held recently, Ausnutria and Jiabaiite won the first prize of the "Technology Progress Award" for the project "R&D and industrialization research of infant and young sheep milk powder", and the "leader" R&D strength was recognized by many authoritative parties.

Strategic blessing, follow the trend, carry out goat milk to the end

In recent years, the milk powder category has shown a trend of segmentation development, and the status of goat milk powder as a "subdivision leader" has become increasingly stable and has great development potential. The "Research on the Development of China's Goat Milk Powder Industry II" released by the Food and Drug Industry Development and Supervision Research Center of the Institute of Industry and Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences predicts that in 2025, the size of China's goat milk powder market is expected to reach nearly 20 billion yuan. According to NielsenIQ data, from 2018 to 2022, Jiabaiite accounted for more than 60% of the sales share of China's imported infant and young children's goat milk powder market for five consecutive years, and continued to lead the goat milk powder track.

Ausnutria's Jiabeite Yue Care is listed to accelerate the new era of goat milk feeding!

Regarding the development achievements of Ausnutria and Jiabaiite, Yan Weibin, chairman of Ausnutria, said in his speech: "The secret of enterprise growth lies in the era of reform and opening up and the rise of China, in continuous innovation and providing better products, in better meeting the needs of consumers and the support of partners and all sectors of society. He said that the commitment of "10 billion Jiabei" is extremely firm, and in the future, the company will continue to base itself on the long term, continue to improve, and serve global consumers with better nutrition in terms of industrial advantages, and carry goat milk to the end.

Ausnutria's Jiabeite Yue Care is listed to accelerate the new era of goat milk feeding!

At present, the tens of billions of goat milk powder market has begun to take shape and has unlimited potential, but grasping the new consumption trend is always the key to brand success. Li Yimin, vice president of Ausnutria China and general manager of Jiabaiite, said that in the face of ever-changing consumer demand, Jiabaiite will uphold the pursuit of "better", follow the trend, and continue to move forward with a firmer brand strategy, more in-depth goat milk scientific research, more refined channel operations, more effective nutrition operations and a more resilient blue army, focus on consumer value, and join hands with partners to win the future with better nutrition.

Ausnutria's Jiabeite Yue Care is listed to accelerate the new era of goat milk feeding!

At the event, Tian Bo, deputy general manager of Jiabaiite, shared the brand strategic plan for building growth potential in an all-round way: Jiabaiite will continue to make efforts from the aspects of Jiabei Business Academy training, member precision marketing, marketing activity support, nutrition science popularization, market order control, etc., while escorting the launch of new products of Jiabaiite Yuehu, it will build business growth potential in an all-round way and lead the high-quality development of the goat milk powder industry.

Experts talked about the development of the goat milk industry, and the "Baby Care Plan" practiced public welfare

Ausnutria's Jiabeite Yue Care is listed to accelerate the new era of goat milk feeding!

At the press conference, Yan Weibin, chairman of Ausnutria, and Tang Yan, brand spokesperson of Jiabaiite, conducted a parenting interview interaction of "better nutrition and care for growth". As the "leader" of goat milk, Jiabaiite also held a special goat milk roundtable forum, inviting four experts to talk about "the advantages and opportunities of goat milk powder in the era of scientific parenting". Zhang Silai, a well-known parenting expert, emphasized the importance of nutrition in the first 1,000 days of life for the baby's growth; Senior dairy analyst Song Liang judged that under the development trend of category segmentation, the development potential of the goat milk powder category is the most impressive. Wang Dingmian, a senior dairy expert, believes that win-win brands and channels is a solid foundation for the healthy development of the goat milk powder industry; Zhu Danpeng, an analyst in China's food industry, said: The development of Jiabaiite has driven the standardization, scale and capitalization of China's goat milk powder industry, leading China's goat milk powder industry to a new height.

With the common mission of caring for the healthy growth of the next generation, Jiabaiite also officially launched the "China Mother and Baby Healthy Growth Journey - Baby Care Program" (hereinafter referred to as the "Baby Care Plan") together with the Child Development Research Center of China Care for the Next Generation Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "China Care for the Next Generation Children's Research Center"). According to Wang Lihua, executive director of the Children's Research Center of the China Customs Work Commission, in 2023, the two sides plan to implement 10 parent-child public welfare activities of the "Baby Care Plan" for the healthy growth of Chinese mothers and babies across the country to pass on the knowledge of maternal and child health science; Jointly edited and reviewed by the expert group of the Customs Work Committee to create the "Yue Hu Science Popularization Manual" and promoted and applied it nationwide; Gather the power of tens of thousands of public welfare to provide nutritional material support for undernourished children.

The blockbuster listing of Jiabeite Yuehu has further improved the full life cycle product matrix of Jiabeite and promoted the expansion and development of the goat milk category with practical actions. Ausnutria further said that in the future, the group and Jiabaiite will unswervingly take the strategic determination and determination of "goat milk to the end", continue to work with partners to promote the high-quality development of the goat milk industry, and bring better nutrition and services to more maternal and infant families!