Anna Karenina's "scum" and permissiveness are actually too idle!

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Many comments said that from his wife's point of view, Anna was quite "scum", and she talked to Xiao Xianrou in front of her husband, and later simply flew away with Xiao Xianrou regardless of it.

From her mother's point of view, Anna "became a mother in vain" and gave up her son in order to pursue love. But he has no feelings for the daughter he gave birth to with his lover, and he is too lazy to raise it.

Anna Karenina's "scum" and permissiveness are actually too idle!

I have always believed that Anna is essentially a purely sensual, woman who dares to love and hate, who moths to the fire in search of true love, and even dares to express her anger with her life when she is sure that this love is no longer strong enough.

However, she can do these "unreliable" things because she is "too idle".

Anna Karenina's "scum" and permissiveness are actually too idle!

The favorable living environment allows Anna to not worry about her livelihood at any time, let alone intrigue from the workplace. The child is surrounded by a group of nannies and tutors, and she is not needed to accompany her homework and help with homework.

The petty and busy rush of our ordinary people has nothing to do with her. Her daily life consists of eating, chatting, dancing, watching plays, and a workaholic husband who has no common language. Presumably, the spiritual life is very empty, at this time a handsome, gentle and considerate little fresh meat that chases her does not let go, and the conversation and love that does not go smoothly are sorry for their absolute beauty and restless hormones.

When you talk about love, life is full and busy, and the freshness and excitement make you extremely vivid. At this time, look at his husband, it is really not pleasing anywhere, and I can't wait for him to disappear from the world immediately.

So she simply confessed her relationship with her lover to her husband, and left her son and family without hesitation.

Anna Karenina's "scum" and permissiveness are actually too idle!

Anna has no career pursuit, no financial pressure, and even raising children does not need to worry about her, love is her career, her all.

But men are different! Her little lover, during her love, can indeed give up her career for Anna, and everything is centered on Anna.

As time passed, the two entered a stable period from a period of love. Only the life of love obviously can't satisfy this man's appetite. He craves socializing and making a difference.

And Anna is still immersed in a feverish love, she wants all his emotions, she wants him to revolve around her. Estrangement is born of love, and the two people have more and more contradictions, and they go farther and farther...

Anna Karenina's "scum" and permissiveness are actually too idle!

Imagine if Anna had to wake up at 7 a.m. every day, squeeze the morning rush subway to work, and start the day of work she doesn't like to do to earn money. At night, it's either overtime, or coming home from work to write homework. Only after 9 or 10 o'clock can you have some time to relax for a while. On weekends, in addition to doing housework, I have to walk my baby, and I am more tired than going to work for two days.

How can she still have the energy to find Xiao Xianrou to fall in love and leave some time to lie down?

Anna Karenina's "scum" and permissiveness are actually too idle!

So after reading this book, my biggest feeling is that people can't be too idle, or have to create some pressure to keep themselves busy, to engage in careers and money, otherwise they have nothing to do all day, it is easy to think cranky, and nothing can be tossed out.

There are a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand people, my interpretation of the famous book is simple and straightforward, looking forward to seeing the wonderful comments of friends and friends, see you in the comment area~

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