"Still my own son is filial" The brother-in-law returns home once a year, and the son-in-law who has been aged for 5 years has cut off living expenses

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It is said that raising children to prevent old age and valley and prevent hunger. For the vast majority of parents, sons are the foundation of their own old age. As long as they have a son, they have hope and the confidence to retire.

But as everyone knows, some sons have not been well raised. It is clear that he is his own son, but he is like a relative, he comes and goes every New Year's holiday, and gives hundreds of red envelopes to show filial piety, and he is praised by his parents for filial piety and understanding.

On the contrary, those daughters and sons-in-law who have been taking care of for many years have become outsiders, which is due and a natural obligation. How should you deal with such a discriminatory treatment?

"Still my own son is filial" The brother-in-law returns home once a year, and the son-in-law who has been aged for 5 years has cut off living expenses

Confidant: Zhong Qiang

When I married my wife, my parents discouraged it. However, the reason for their dissuasion is not that the wife is not good or unvirtuous, but that the wife is too virtuous, which will drag me down in the future.

I have also considered the dissuasion of my parents. It's just that love prevailed at that time, and my wife never told me to give up, so naturally I couldn't really give up on her.

So, I convinced my parents. When my parents saw that I was insistent on going my own way, they couldn't really ignore it, so they gave me 300,000 yuan to buy a wedding house. The house was bought and decorated, and even until we moved in, our parents did not take the initiative to bother us.

On the contrary, the parents-in-law, who have never contributed money, seized the opportunity to cry to their wives, saying that the old house was dilapidated, that they were very old, and that they had never lived in a new house. As soon as his wife's heart softened, she took her parents-in-law and lived for a long time.

At first, I thought that my parents-in-law were only staying for a short time, and at most a few years, and when my brother-in-law got married and started a family, he would naturally move in with his own son. But I started working from the graduation of my brother-in-law, to the time my brother-in-law talked about marriage, and even my brother-in-law got married and had children, my parents-in-law still did not move.

"Still my own son is filial" The brother-in-law returns home once a year, and the son-in-law who has been aged for 5 years has cut off living expenses

In the first year of my brother-in-law's marriage, my parents-in-law praised their son's prosperity whenever they were around, and they also shouted that they would soon move in with their son and share the joy of life.

But the parents-in-law waited, but they never waited for their brother-in-law to pick them up and live at home. Gradually, the parents-in-law were embarrassed to mention it again, and even when relatives and friends asked, the parents-in-law still dodged and did not dare to face people's problems.

Every time I see my parents-in-law slap themselves, I can't help but sneer in my heart. If the brother-in-law really felt sorry for his parents, he would have taken them away long ago, instead of taking his parents-in-law to live at home.

Seeing that my son's house could not go, my parents-in-law continued to stay in my house without mentioning moving away. And if they don't move away, forget it, they still reach out all day to ask their wives for living expenses, as soon as they open their mouths, they want 3,000, and we have to raise the family and children, we can only give 2,000, and the parents-in-law are not happy, they feel that everything is behind my back.

The parents-in-law received the living expenses of their wife's filial piety, but they rarely spent money, in most cases, they saved up, and then posted it to the brother-in-law, saying that the brother-in-law's monthly financial pressure was too great, and they wanted to help one or two.

"Still my own son is filial" The brother-in-law returns home once a year, and the son-in-law who has been aged for 5 years has cut off living expenses

In this regard, the brother-in-law often does not refuse to come. He would even carry me and his sister behind his back and secretly ask his parents-in-law for money, and the parents-in-law felt sorry for their son and often responded to their requests.

Therefore, the filial piety fee and monthly living expenses we give to our parents-in-law every New Year's holiday, the parents-in-law give nothing to their brother-in-law, and they also praise their sons in front of outsiders for their ability and do not need to rely on their parents.

Parents-in-law usually see a doctor and take medicine when they are sick, and their wives often pay for it. In May this year, my father-in-law fell seriously ill, and my wife called my brother-in-law overnight to ask him to take leave and come back. But the brother-in-law did not say that he was busy with work, but said that his wife was busy taking care of the children, and lacked skills, so that his sister and brother-in-law could take care of one or two more.

The brother-in-law did not have time to come back, but the money was not available to come back. Every time it was time to pay the bill, I couldn't get angry, and asked my wife to send the bill to my brother-in-law to see, and how much my brother-in-law gave was filial piety.

But I urged my wife to send it 5 times, but my brother-in-law only replied: "We have no money, you should pay in advance." "Pay in advance, pay in advance, and we are not stingy people. After being paid in advance, there is often no follow-up.

It was not until his father-in-law recovered and was discharged from the hospital that his brother-in-law hurriedly took leave to return from other places to visit. And a year has passed since my brother-in-law last came home. My brother-in-law returned, and my wife and I were greatly relieved.

"Still my own son is filial" The brother-in-law returns home once a year, and the son-in-law who has been aged for 5 years has cut off living expenses

Perhaps in order to show filial piety, or perhaps because of guilt, my brother-in-law took care of him very thoughtfully and meticulously. Seeing the brother-in-law shushing and asking for warmth in front of his wife's bed, the mother-in-law also said happily, "No matter how good the daughter and son-in-law are, or their own son is filial, or do you have to raise children to prevent aging?" ”

As soon as my mother-in-law's words came out, I felt very unhappy in my heart. If my parents-in-law only recognize my brother-in-law's filial piety when he comes back once a year, then what is the contribution of my wife and I in the past 5 years? A joke?

My wife advised me not to think too much, saying that my father-in-law had just been discharged from the hospital and his health was not yet sharp. Wouldn't it make her parents unhappy if I was thinking about it? It is even more unfavorable to her father's condition, and don't make such calculations in front of her brother to make people look at jokes.

I looked at my wife's attitude of defending my parents-in-law, and then looked at the attitude of my parents-in-law, and I already had a decision in my heart, maybe they are a family, and I am just an outsider.

I told my parents-in-law that since your own son is filial, you will follow him to retire from now on, and the living expenses of 2,000 yuan per month will be cut off. After saying these words, I asked my wife to clean up for my parents-in-law, and let my brother-in-law take people away directly.

"Still my own son is filial" The brother-in-law returns home once a year, and the son-in-law who has been aged for 5 years has cut off living expenses

My brother-in-law didn't expect me to come out suddenly, and quickly waved his hand and refused, my parents-in-law still live in my house, bring my parents back, where do they live? It is better to stay at my sister's and brother-in-law's house for the elderly, and my parents are used to living in your house.

The parents-in-law, who were originally full of hope with a hopeful face, suddenly collapsed after hearing such a rejection from their brother-in-law. My wife also looked at me with pleading eyes, trying to persuade me to keep her parents.

But I have long been cold, no matter how good I am to my parents-in-law over the years, I can't warm their hearts. No matter how filial I am to them, they only think that this is what I should be filial to. If that's the case, then why should I stick my own hot face to someone else's cold ass like this?

Seeing that I insisted on doing so, my wife blamed me for being hard-hearted, and my parents-in-law also complained that their daughter had lost her eyes and found a son-in-law who had no money, no ability, and was not filial, otherwise they would have lived a stable life of old age.

I didn't want to listen any longer, and I completely tore my face with my parents-in-law's family. Seeing that his parents were both thrown out of the house, his brother-in-law had to take someone away first.

And my wife also wanted to catch up, I only told her coldly, either divorce, you go to live with your parents' brother's family, or break off relations with your mother's family from now on.

My wife looked at me angrily, couldn't say a word, and then chased after me. Looking at the back of my wife leaving, I also felt cold.

In the end, my filial piety and filial piety were all a joke. And my wife, who was supposed to share my sufferings, chose her parents instead of our small family and children.

It's just that my wife has only been gone for 3 days, and then came back to ask me for forgiveness, saying that on one side is her own small home, on the other side is her mother's house, and the palms and backs of her hands are full of meat, and she can't give up, let me give her another chance.

But will the wife cherish such an opportunity? Looking at my young son, I fell into deep thought.

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