The Wei family cold skin could not bear the high commission to withdraw from Meituan, and the end of "The Lone Brave" was already doomed

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Author: Jing Tianweidi

Proofreader: Cheng Cheng / Editor: Zhizhi

The commission is too high and the merchant doesn't play. Recently, Weijia Liangpi, known as the "cold skin brother" in the catering industry, withdrew from Meituan and no longer connected to Meituan takeaway because it could not bear the high commission. This move caused quite a stir in the catering industry. Wei Jia Liangpi did what the majority of merchants wanted to do but did not dare to do. But it is generally believed that this kind of momentary courage cannot compete with Meituan's powerful capital at all, and Wei Jia Liangpi may not last long before "surrendering".

Wei family cold skin was all removed from Meituan

Recently, many netizens found that using the Meituan takeaway APP to search for Weijia Liangpi can no longer order takeaway. According to media reports, the person in charge of Weijia Liangpi said that Weijia Liangpi has been removed from Meituan, mainly because of the problem of the percentage of the cut. The manager of Weijia Liangpi said that Meituan's commission had risen, but he didn't notice it at first, and after accounting, he found that the percentage of the commission had increased.

Originating in Shaanxi, Weijia Liangpi was founded in 1994 and developed in Xi'an, and then chain stores opened all over the country, mainly in the northwest and the Central Plains. At present, there are nearly 400 stores, which is currently the largest brand specializing in cold skin in China, and is known as China's "cold skin brother".

Weijia cold skin is a northwest specialty snack, its taste is cool, especially cheap, a cold skin offline is less than 10 yuan, plus a meat dumpling can be full. In the north, especially in the northwest, Wei Family Liangpi has a large number of loyal fans.

The Wei family cold skin could not bear the high commission to withdraw from Meituan, and the end of "The Lone Brave" was already doomed

The break between Weijia Liangpi and Meituan occurred at the end of May, and it was observed that Jun switched between major cities in central and western China such as Xi'an, Lanzhou and Zhengzhou on Meituan takeaway, and found that Weijia Liangpi no longer provides takeaway services on Meituan takeaway, only purchasing services.

The Wei family cold skin could not bear the high commission to withdraw from Meituan, and the end of "The Lone Brave" was already doomed

Daigou service, that is, Meituan takeaway users can still ask errands to help buy through the Meituan takeaway APP. But according to the delivery boy's online revelation, even riders who buy on behalf of them will encounter the "special treatment" of the Wei family's cold skin, and they may not be able to buy it.

The Wei family cold skin could not bear the high commission to withdraw from Meituan, and the end of "The Lone Brave" was already doomed

It seems that the Wei family Liangpi hates Meituan to the bone, and this break may have already had this intention.

According to reports, this is the second time that Wei Jialiangpi has broken up with Meituan. The first breakup occurred during the epidemic, when Weijia Liangpi was removed from Meituan, but due to operational pressure, Weijia Liangpi returned to Meituan after a period of time.

As for the reason why Wei Jia Liangpi "declared war" on Meituan, there is actually only one, that is, the problem of commissioning. Some catering merchants broke the news that Meituan's commission for catering has skyrocketed from the first 2 points to 25% now, plus the delivery fee of seven or eight yuan, Meituan eats food at both ends, and the merchant is oppressed to the point of being unbearable.

In this way, a 8 yuan Wei family cold skin may cost 15 yuan in the hands of consumers. And many stores start at 20 yuan or more.

Some Xi'an consumers once complained on the Internet that ordering a cold skin and a meat dumpling could have been done for a dozen yuan, but it was displayed as 33 yuan when Meituan takeaway was settled, "decisively give up."

Wei Jia's cool skin became the "lone brave" who resisted the platform

The confrontation of Wei family cold skin has received unanimous praise on the Internet, and everyone unanimously praised Wei family cold skin's bravery. Many merchants said that Wei Jia Liangpi did what everyone wanted to do but did not dare to do. Some merchants even said that Weijia Liangpi fired the first shot of merchants withdrawing from Meituan, and fired the first shot of physical merchants against Meituan and against capital.

Many netizens want to ask, this time, how long can the Wei family cold skin last? In the opinion of the observer, the results will not meet everyone's expectations.

Wei Family Liangpi is brave and courageous this time, and the spirit is commendable, but it is still a grasshopper shaking tree, compared to a super Internet platform such as Meituan, the strength of Wei Family Liangpi is too small. The revelation that Wei Jia Liangpi hoped for in his heart did not happen, he just raised his arms alone, but no one responded. The rest of the merchants just silently praised, hoping that the "uprising" of the Wei family would make the conscience of the platform discover, reduce the commission, and sit back and enjoy the success.

The disunity of the merchants gave Meituan the opportunity to break through. In the face of the resistance of the Wei family and the Liangpi family, as a platform, Meituan must give color, and it is absolutely impossible to "conform to public opinion" to reduce the commission. Otherwise, all merchants will use "exit the platform" as a threat in the future.

Meituan's commission does make merchants lose money and work for Meituan, but if there is no platform like Meituan, some merchants who rely heavily on the platform may not even be able to earn money. For merchants, although the profit of platform customers is thinner than that of oxygen on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, they lack the leg of online sales, and it is difficult to walk.

Why didn't Meituan follow public opinion and reduce the commission?

Not to mention the Wei family cold skin, even if 100 Wei family cold skin is revealed, Meituan will not significantly reduce the commission.

In the team that forced Meituan to lower the commission, the Wei family cold skin is the smallest coffee position, what battle has Meituan not seen?

In April 2020, due to the epidemic, the catering industry was in difficulty, and the Guangdong Catering Association sent a letter of negotiation to Meituan, saying that the percentage was too high and hoped to be reduced. Meituan was unmoved.

In February 2022, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a special document, saying that it would guide Internet platform enterprises such as takeaway to reduce service fee standards and reduce the cost of catering enterprises. This news wiped out Meituan's market value by 200 billion Hong Kong dollars, and it could not be exchanged for Meituan's commission reduction.

No matter who comes, for the percentage of the draw, Meituan is thunderous, only up and down. Because this is the lifeblood of Meituan.

Meituan went from 2%, 3%, and 5% at the beginning to a maximum of 26% commission, and it is still losing money all the way. You know, this commission is the overall turnover of the business, not the profit. I don't care if the merchant makes money or not, I have collected this "business tax".

However, even under the high 26% commission, Meituan's earnings report still shows that it still loses money year after year. On the platform of merchants, riders and users, it is also a technical job to make steady profits and losses every year.

The Wei family cold skin could not bear the high commission to withdraw from Meituan, and the end of "The Lone Brave" was already doomed

However, Meituan's financial results for the first quarter of 2023 showed that Meituan's revenue in the first quarter was 58.617 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26.7%; The net profit was 5.5 billion yuan, which was finally profitable. You must know that the first quarter of last year was a loss of 3.586 billion yuan.

Under such a high commission, Meituan finally made a profit, how could he go against the original intention of capital because of the Wei family's cold skin?