The last circle of friends of the child's mother is heartbreaking, don't let the online violence condemnation cover up the real problem

author:Wang Xinxi

Text/Wang Xinxi

The last circle of friends of the mother of the hit child was exposed, and the message was heartbreaking.

The background photo of the circle of friends is the child's father holding his son, and the son and father are smiling brightly, which is a picture of a happy family. The message below is: "Child, are you lonely?" Mom wants to accompany you. This sentence can actually hear a mother's heartbroken voice and thoughts of suicide, if the family discovers the text of her circle of friends in time and comforts it in time, it may avoid the tragedy.

The last circle of friends of the child's mother is heartbreaking, don't let the online violence condemnation cover up the real problem

Judging from the last circle of friends before the hit elementary school student's mother fell from the building, she may have been on the verge of collapse at that time.

What was the straw that broke her?

Many people know that Children's Day has just passed, seeing other children happy Children's Day, the mother who lost her child will definitely touch the scene, originally a happy family, but now it is broken, unable to accept this reality, can not get over this hurdle. According to insiders, the mother's mother was afraid that her daughter would not think about anything, so she came to the house to accompany her.

Or maybe it was engaged in the middle of her life, and the school involved experienced an unpleasant communication and negotiation, how the relevant departments dealt with a series of processes and results, although in the footage of the report, she remained rational and strong, but the heart has long collapsed, according to the report at the time, the school has reached a compensation agreement of 900,000 yuan with the family, the family accepted the compensation and said that the child will be cremated next week.

If you look back, in many days of rights protection, in an interview, she tried to restrain her grief and recall the details of that time as much as possible, but in the first seven days of the child, seeing the child's body cremated may be very mentally stimulating, especially before the family said: "The child usually cries when his hand is broken, and now the child is hit with blood and flesh blurred, how much it hurts!" "The child's mother thought of the tragic situation when the child was hit and died, and saw the scene after cremation, she may finally be unable to accept this fact and cannot accept this blow.

Therefore, this mother may be immersed in sadness in the next few days, feeling that the child is too pitiful and lonely, and has the idea of accompanying the child.

And is it possible that the online violence made this mother psychologically unbearable and chose the idea of suicide, there may be, but this possibility may not be great. The child's mother's mind may not pay attention to those Internet trolls at this time, nor will she deliberately pay attention to online comments, and judging from the last message in the circle of friends, she is more immersed in excessive thoughts and grief for her child.

Therefore, the current Internet public opinion is now a little off the grain to some extent, the Internet abuser is responsible, but in fact, in this process, the relevant departments and personnel are more responsible, if the school achieves the diversion of people and vehicles early, this kind of thing will not happen, if Liu did not crush the child twice, maybe the child is only slightly injured, and will not be seriously injured and killed. If there is no secondary crushing, the child's life is not in danger, the child's mother will not go to the step of suicide anyway, if she is not condemned by a person surnamed Zhou that she is making trouble at school, her mood will be better, if the school and relevant departments still have the perpetrator but can meet the parents' demands as much as possible in the early stage, do a good job of comfort, and apologize publicly in time, maybe the mother's grief and heart knot will be less.

Now it is overwhelmingly said that it is an Internet violence problem, and all the hats are buttoned on the heads of Internet abusers. One question is, in just a few days, the child's mother is immersed in the great grief of losing her child, does she really have the intention to take her mobile phone and look through the online comments?

It is impossible to overcondemn the cold-blooded, ruthless, and malicious online abusers, but I think this may not be the main reason.

On the Internet, many people have made radical remarks, for example, there are many people who ridicule Cai Xukun and Ma Baoguo, and various video spoofs are widespread, can they all be classified as online violence? If you want to make real-name comments, it is also difficult to do, and it may also involve the scope of freedom of speech.

Of course, freedom of speech is based on reasonableness and legality, not malicious slander, abuse and insult, as some people have said angrily, freedom of speech is for people, not for cattle.

However, from the actual situation of the high development of the Internet, it is difficult for major platforms to put an end to the occurrence of this kind of online violence, comment on others at will, and gaze at third parties, in the case of a highly developed Internet, it will only be more and more, not less and less. And a lot of remarks, it is difficult to say clearly, whether he is ridiculing or online violence. Therefore, in the face of online violence, ordinary people need to cultivate a strong heart, block it, and don't take it seriously.

In particular, in the process of seeking and pursuing online abusers, new uncontrollable online violence will occur, such as now netizens online abuse an online abuser named Feier in the comment area. This implicated netizens with the same name, and there is currently a video released by Fei Er to clarify that he is not Fei Er as netizens say. Therefore, if the emotions continue to spread, the industry is also worried that other innocent people will be implicated, and if the speech is restricted according to the standards for preventing online violence, many comments on the Internet will not come out.

Don't let online condemnation obscure the real problem

If you want to hold the Internet abusers accountable, can those self-media bloggers with millions of fans hold them jointly and severally liable, and do those big media and self-media play mosaics when they publish the videos of the parties? Did you deliberately guide public opinion to look good? Does the platform hide bad remarks in a timely manner, and does it protect the accounts of the parties? Instead of specifically labeling.

Of course, nowadays, the Internet violence is so big, I can only say to those trolls, treat special groups, especially the victim group, must maintain enough respect and empathy, respect life, and speak online with awe. At the moment when everyone shouts and beats the Internet abusers, once your online violence against others causes public indignation, it may be raped by the army of netizens, from the current situation, many netizens have been in the comment area collective human flesh Some Internet violence rhythm leader, can be said to be its human way to treat their body.

However, as a platform, it is still necessary to have a more stringent account tracking mechanism to try to avoid the online violence situation affecting the credibility of the platform, and the entertainment platform does not mean to entertain to death, not to consume the suffering of others, which is the minimum conscience and bottom line of being a person, and it is also an independent thinking.

Of course, we must not let the condemnation of online violence cover up the real contradictions of the incident and the solution of actual problems. A reporter frankly said that he once went to support the collapse of an open-pit coal mine in China, and for some reason, the accident was forbidden to be discussed in public channels, but he contacted a large number of victims' families, and found that some of them were labeled as "messing around" and making unreasonable mistakes when negotiating with the public and mining sites because certain demands were difficult to achieve, and finally accepted under the soft and hard bubble of rounds of negotiations when defending rights in different places.

So put on the child's mother, when negotiating with the school in the early stage, it also encountered a similar situation, some demands were difficult to achieve, and the early stage was also slow to apologize, and there was also a person named Zhou Jun who condemned them to make trouble here, which had a bad impact on the school.

The last circle of friends of the child's mother is heartbreaking, don't let the online violence condemnation cover up the real problem

The unsmooth of these demands must also cause some knots for the child's mother in the early stage, so if all the public opinion focuses on the online abuser, and ignores what the child's mother has encountered in reality, avoiding the responsibility of the school and the mistakes in the handling, it is actually a loss of focus, for the responsible parties said that they actually hope that the online public opinion will be transferred to the online abuser who has nothing to do with the crushing case itself, so that the online abuser will bear all the responsibility.

Of course, this is undoubtedly a lesson for online abusers, in the face of tragedy, if you treat the victim with your cold-blooded, malicious, and verbal violence, you may have to bear the full focus and condemnation of the incident and even help the responsible person to take responsibility. Can you bear such a big responsibility?

Therefore, behind the current anger caused by online abusers, in fact, it has also taught many netizens a lesson, and ordinary people should think about what costs may be behind when posting a comment.

And for the matter itself, this is not an ordinary traffic accident, but a campus safety liability accident. Whether it is to ask for compensation or pursue criminal responsibility, parents cannot do too much. Prior to this, the child's mother had publicly said in front of the camera that she was subjected to verbal violence by a police officer who called himself Zhou Jun in reality, and the nature of verbal violence in this reality is much worse than online violence.

In fact, we should pay more attention to how to be more warm and efficient when such public safety accidents occur, and can openly and reasonably solve the actual demands of the victims, solve the real problems and main contradictions of the matter, online violence is one of the reasons for pouring salt on the wounds of victims, but not the main contradiction of the incident itself, and do not let similar accidents occur in the future, let online violence divert the core focus of public opinion, do not let the condemnation of online violence cover up the real contradictions and real problems of the incident itself and the path to actually solve the demands. This may also be something that people need to pay attention to and worry about.

Author: Wang Xinxi TMT Senior Reviewer This article is not reprinted without permission