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The 2023 college entrance examination is approaching

Candidates should ensure physical strength and supplement brain power during the sprint period

How to arrange diet scientifically?

Pay attention to these aspects


Food safety should be guaranteed

The high school entrance examination is in early summer, the weather is hot, food is prone to bacteria, and the risk of food poisoning increases. During this period, the most important thing in the candidate's diet is to avoid food poisoning or intestinal diseases.

Dining places "two excellent, two not two less" home and school canteens are the best choice for dining. Do not eat at roadside stalls or restaurants that are unlicensed and have poor food safety. Minimize the frequency of eating out and ordering takeout.

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Diet to "three to avoid two"

Ingredients should be fresh: Choose fresh ingredients, eat freshly cooked, and try not to eat leftovers. The diet should be light: the cooking is mainly light, and less frying, frying and roasting. Vegetables and fruits should be hygienic: raw vegetables and fruits should be repeatedly cleaned with running water before eating, such as local deterioration, rot and other problems do not eat. Avoid early adopters: Try to avoid trying foods you haven't eaten before to avoid causing sudden food allergies. Avoid raw and cold foods: Do not drink raw water and cold drinks in bulk, and do not eat raw and cold foods and foods of unknown origin.

Be nutritionally adequate

During the examination, the candidate's brain is in a state of high tension, the body energy consumption is large, and the diet should ensure sufficient nutrition and balanced and regular meals to ensure that the candidate's body and brain are in good condition.

The staple of the meal cannot be less

Staple foods cannot be reduced during the exam. Staple foods such as cereals and potatoes are important sources of carbohydrates and the most direct source of energy for the body, especially the brain. The type of staple food, thickness matching, and color matching can be appropriately changed every day to enhance appetite.

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Ensure the intake of fish, meat, eggs, milk, legumes and nuts

Ensure adequate intake of high-quality protein. 1 egg per day, 1~2 cups of milk or other dairy products; Moderate amount of meat, fish and chicken are preferred, followed by cattle, sheep and pork; Soy products as a dietary supplement, nuts can be consumed in moderate amounts every day. At the same time, appropriately increase foods rich in iodine, iron, calcium and essential amino acids in the diet, such as marine fish and fungi.

Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits

Daily intake of fresh vegetables and fruits, mainly dark green, supplemented by colorful vegetables such as broccoli, tomatoes and spinach; The fruits are mainly seasonal fruits, and the varieties are appropriately rich. It is important to note that fruit juices and dried fruits are not substitutes for fresh fruit.

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Drink water on your own initiative

It is easy to sweat in summer, and the daily water intake should be guaranteed to be no less than 1500 ml, and white water is the best. Rehydrate in time, in small amounts and many times, to avoid excessive drinking at one time and causing physical discomfort. After outdoor exercise, you can increase the amount of water or drinks containing minerals, and do not drink a lot of cold water or drinks when the temperature is too high or sweating a lot.

Eat and move to be balanced

Sufficient physical activity can enhance the function of various organs of the human body and greatly improve the learning efficiency. During the preparation period, in addition to reasonable meals, candidates should combine work and rest, and engage in physical activities of moderate intensity and diverse content.

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Exercise moderately and reduce sedentary time. The form of exercise can be freely selected according to your own situation and exercise time. The intensity of exercise should not be too large, with body heat, slight sweating can be. Avoid long hours of studying.

Regular work and rest, adequate sleep. Ensure regular work and rest time and adequate sleep, and also pay attention to maintaining a good attitude and actively taking the exam with the best physical condition.

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