College entrance examination important tips!

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College entrance examination important tips!

Familiarize yourself with the testing room environment in advance

Please keep it safe after you get the admission ticket. Please do not take photos of the admission ticket and post them on WeChat Moments, QQ groups, Douyin and other online platforms to prevent personal information leakage, and beware of online and telecommunications fraud. Carefully check the contents of the admission ticket, keep in mind the test center, examination room, and examination time, and carefully read the "Instructions for Candidates" on the back of the admission ticket. Candidates should take advantage of the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the examination room before the test, understand the layout of the examination room of the test center school, and have a clear idea. Candidates should fully consider factors such as weather, traffic, admission security check and other factors, plan the time and route to the exam in advance, reasonably arrange the travel mode, and leave enough time margin to ensure a smooth trip to the exam. Candidates must pass the smart security gate when entering the test center, and it is strictly forbidden to bring mobile phones, watches, electronic bracelets, wireless earphones and other electronic communication devices into the test center. In order to ensure an efficient and orderly entry into the test center, candidates are advised not to wear clothes, shoes, etc. with metal accessories as much as possible.


College entrance examination important tips!

Be the first responsible person for your own health

Candidates should be the first responsible person for their own health. Try not to go to places where people gather and the air is not circulating to reduce the risk of disease. Do a good job of self-health monitoring, if you are unwell, seek medical treatment in time, and report the relevant situation to the test center or the middle school where you are located to avoid affecting the examination.


College entrance examination important tips!

Eat lightly and keep your usual habits

Eat less greasy, fried and other indigestible foods and raw and cold foods. Pay attention to nutritional matching, eat lean meat, milk, eggs, fish, etc. in moderation to increase protein intake. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts in moderation to ensure vitamin intake. Try to choose to eat at home and in the school cafeteria, do not eat overnight meals, try not to eat foods that are not often eaten and are easy to cause physical discomfort and allergies, and use high-risk foods such as cooked marinated vegetables and cold vegetables with caution to prevent common digestive tract and gastrointestinal diseases in summer. If you have uncomfortable symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea during the food and beverage consumption process, go to a regular medical institution in time. Sweating more in summer, easy to lead to lack of water in the body, dizziness, headache and other symptoms, to properly replenish water, drink less drinks. Drinking caffeinated beverages within 6 hours of bedtime can also affect test takers' nighttime sleep. Candidates should use "refreshing drinks" with caution during the test.


College entrance examination important tips!

Arrange your work and rest time reasonably

Try to maintain your usual routine, when to get up and go to bed, and the same is true during the college entrance examination. After getting up in the morning, do indoor body exercises in moderation. Arrange a lunch break at noon, the time should not be too long, about 30-50 minutes is appropriate. According to your own work and rest habits, appropriately increase the nighttime sleep time. Go to bed on time to avoid poor spirits caused by staying up late. Don't engage in fatigue tactics, combine work and rest, take a certain amount of time every day to do the right amount of sports, moderate relaxation, and even forced rest to relieve fatigue. Do not participate in physical activities that are more vigorous and physically exerting. It is good to sleep before the exam, but it is common to not be able to sleep, so you should treat it calmly. Because it is common to be nervous and sleepless at night, seventeen or eight years old is the best time in life, even if you lose sleep all night, it has little impact on the next day's exam, and you can't bring frustration because you didn't sleep well and messed up first.

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