Local tyrants! Zhang Meng bought 1.22 billion yuan, how deep is iFLYTEK's "water"?

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#Summer Life Punch Season#1. Market overview

Against the backdrop of a small fall in U.S. stocks overnight and a sharp decline in the semiconductor sector. Today, the three major A-share indexes opened low and went high, and all closed out of the small white candlestick at the end of the day, showing a certain degree of resilience. Of course, the science and technology 50 index, which has a heavy semiconductor weight, fell only slightly by 0.03%, which was slightly more than expected. Overall, the current Science and Technology Innovation 50 Index has the longest adjustment and the best form, which is still the focus of attention.

In terms of individual stocks, a total of 42 shares were up today, with a total of 11 stocks on the board, and 16 failed to seal the board, with a sealing rate of 72% (excluding ST shares, delisted stocks and unlisted new stocks). Brain-computer interface concept stocks innovative medical 5 board, Xinzhi cognition 5 board, Jin Zitianzheng 3 board, media sector Southern Media 5 days 4 boards, Tiandi Online 5 days 3 boards, TV and radio media 2 boards, MR mixed reality concept stock Liding Optoelectronics 3 board, Taijia shares 6 days 3 boards, tourism stocks Emeishan A2 board, Jiuhua Tourism 2 boards, lottery concept stocks Zhongti Industry 2 boards. Today, 2,568 stocks rose and 2,214 stocks declined.

The most noteworthy thing is that the trading volume of Shanghai and Shenzhen today is 986.6 billion, which is 47.8 billion more than the previous trading day, and the trading volume is close to trillion, which means that the market's money-making effect will be better and better. Of course, the fly in the ointment is that northbound funds sold a net of 1.802 billion yuan throughout the day, and the continuous outflow of northbound funds is also an important reason for the recent weakening of the index.

Second, the situation of tourists


Today, iFLYTEK, which has a market value of more than 150 billion, has soared to the limit, which is originally a very windy thing. In addition, the big guy of the floating capital burst to buy 1.22 billion, it is estimated that the popularity of this ticket has to rise another notch.

Local tyrants! Zhang Meng bought 1.22 billion yuan, how deep is iFLYTEK's "water"?

The Dragon and Tiger list shows that buying one is the usual seat of the Zhang Alliance owner, with a net purchase of 1.22 billion. Although this number is very violent, friends who pay attention to the short term should know that this is not the most exaggerated in the record of the Zhang Alliance Lord's shot. Because on April 30, the owner of Zhang Meng bought 2.083 billion and sold 529 million on the Dragon and Tiger List of Zhongke Shuguang, with a net purchase of about 1.5 billion. However, Shuguang was on the 3-day list at that time, with an average daily transaction of more than 10 billion; This time, iFLYTEK is a single-day list, with a turnover of only 6.26 billion. Therefore, from the ratio of the amount on the list to the total turnover, the 1.22 billion bought by the owner of the chapter alliance this time has a higher gold content and stronger strength.

It is worth mentioning that tracing the record of iFLYTEK's Dragon and Tiger List this year, the owner of Zhang Meng used Jiangsu Road seats to buy 172 million yuan and Yan'an Road to buy 337 million on March 23, and on April 10, he used Jiangsu Road to buy 411 million. The past data of iFLYTEK Dragon and Tiger List shows that there is no record of Zhang Meng owner selling. Assuming that the position of the owner of Zhang Alliance to buy iFLYTEK has been in the pattern, then the net purchase of iFLYTEK on the main card of Zhang Alliance will be as high as 2.3 billion this year. I have to sigh, it's good to have money.

The owner of the Zhang Alliance loves iFLYTEK so much, what is its charm?

According to the data, the company has many themes such as large model + AI learning machine + data center + AI assisted diagnosis.

1. After market hours on May 31, 2023, the company obtained the deputy leader unit of the large model working group of the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and is the only deputy leader unit of A-shares. 2. On May 6, 2023, the company released the Xinghuo cognitive large model and launched the first AI learning machine T20 series equipped with a large model. Chairman Liu Qingfeng said that the Spark model has surpassed ChatGPT in three capabilities: text generation, knowledge question and answer, and mathematical ability. 3. The company has built its own first-class data center at the headquarters, which has laid a good hardware cornerstone for the construction of large model training platform. The company's main R&D training server has begun to enter the localization of the server, and the inference server has also been replaced by localization and has accumulated very unique advantages. 4. The number of intelligent medical assistants covering the company's AI-assisted diagnosis for grassroots doctors is increasing. The company is a professional engaged in speech and language, natural language understanding, machine learning reasoning and self-learning and other artificial intelligence core technology research.

2) Mingpu Optomagnetism

Obviously, I saw the words "West Lake International Trade" before I chose Mingpu Optomagnetic. However, before writing, let's observe a three-minute silence for the Westlake boss - past records show that Westlake International Trade sold 270 million Hongbo shares on May 17, what if he is still in the pattern?

According to the data, Mingpu Optics has 800G optical modules, chip storage, AI chips, NVIDIA and other themes. On May 29, 2023, the interactive easy reply said that the company's 400G optical modules have been shipped in batches, and 800G optical modules are in the process of research and development. Guangzhou Ansheng Semiconductor, a wholly-owned subsidiary, is involved in integrated circuits, semiconductors and chip technologies. Hubei An Yichen and Shenzhen Dongfeiling are both involved in chip packaging business, chip storage, artificial intelligence AI chips, and have GPU-related cooperation with NVIDIA.

Local tyrants! Zhang Meng bought 1.22 billion yuan, how deep is iFLYTEK's "water"?

The Dragon and Tiger List (3rd) shows: buy one is Shangtang Road, buy 78.29 million, sell 35.71 million, and net buy about 43 million. For a long time, the wind evaluation of Shangtang Road is not very good, and it is known for its love of smashing plates, so it is named "Shangtu Road". But I have to say that the sense of rhythm of the seat is really strong, and the stock selection vision is also a must. Generally speaking, the ticket that does not die on Shangtang Road has the probability of becoming a demon, such as Ciwen Media and China Science Chuan in the position of the explosion, all of which detonate through Shangtang Road.

Buy two, West Lake International Trade, net buy 50 million. In addition, it is said that buying Sixiang Cai Securities Hangzhou Wuxing Road may also be its vest or related seat, from this point of view. The big guy of West Lake International Trade is the backbone that dominates the market. From a stylistic point of view, Westlake International Trade is very good at trend bands, and likes patterns, additional positions, and lock-ups. In the future, if we see that West Lake International Trade continues to increase the position of Mingpu Optomagnetic, it will be highly valued.

Third, institutional dynamics

Local tyrants! Zhang Meng bought 1.22 billion yuan, how deep is iFLYTEK's "water"?

Overall, today's institutional list is relatively moderate, with 3 votes for Xinzhi Software, TV Media, and Skyworth Digital, and the net purchase of institutions is about 100 million. However, the net purchase amount is at most 117 million, which is not very violent.

Local tyrants! Zhang Meng bought 1.22 billion yuan, how deep is iFLYTEK's "water"?

Xinzhi Software: 3 institutions net purchases of 117 million. Generally speaking, institutional funds are more inclined to value investment, and it is very likely that there will be a wave of medium-term market in the direction of heavy intervention. In terms of operating style, institutional funds are biased towards the trend of slow bulls.

According to the data, Xinzhi Software has artificial intelligence + robot themes. Xinzhi Software recently said in an institutional survey that the company's product research and development is mainly through the Xinzhi Xinzhi corpus and robot platform as the support bottom, recently launched related products include Xinzhi Yi (insurance product comparison), intelligent marketing engine, enterprise cognitive search, sales intelligent training robots, etc., the company's artificial intelligence laboratory is currently focused on preparing on the product side, and this year is expected to see more related product releases.

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