White clothes are yellow, don't use bleach, teach you a trick, clothes are as white as new and soft

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Hello everyone, here's a fawn

Many people like to wear white

It doesn't matter if it's a T-shirt, sweatshirt or coat

Both like white

It looks very clean and refreshing

However, this white clothes can easily get dirty

Especially when the weather is slowly hot, there will be sweat stains

Some of them are not even wearing white clothes

It's already yellow

Many of my old friends use bleaching powder

Bleach and so on to take a dip

However, the clothes will turn white

The fabric will become bad and brittle

If the rinse is not clean

There will also be some residue

Let our skin suffer even more

Then we are doing laundry

How not to hurt clothes

And can make white clothes white and beautiful

Tell me about it

A lot of people are washing white clothes

They will be soaked with 84 or flower water

If you soak it with 84

It will be particularly corrosive

It can make the clothes very bad

Even if you touch your clothes, you will tear them

will flow

These are the beings

Bleach or bleaching powder after corrosion

Then there's the flower water

You can see it just by looking at the ingredient list

It has a refreshing effect on mosquito repellent

When sprayed on the skin, it will feel cold to the touch

Using it to wash clothes will bring a little fragrance

But it basically doesn't do anything

That is, to cover up sweat stains on clothes

There is no bleaching effect

The third is white vinegar

Many people like to use white vinegar to soak their clothes

I think white vinegar has a softening and cleaning effect

After soaking it with it

Clothes may become white and soft

But what

Our usual laundry detergent wash and laundry detergent

And white vinegar

A reaction is generated

It forms a precipitate that is insoluble in water

After these deposits accumulate inside the clothes

After a long time, the clothes will become hard

If you put more white vinegar, there will be a strong sour taste

So how to wash white clothes correctly

White clothes are yellow, don't use bleach, teach you a trick, clothes are as white as new and soft

Let's take a look

First of all, we need to prepare a pot

Put some baking soda in it

Because we will have some oil in our sweat

Baking soda has a very strong decontamination effect

And the material of baking soda

Clothes that won't hurt us

Because baking soda it is also food grade


In our clothes

It also does not harm our skin

After that, we add some laundry detergent to it

Plus some white toothpaste

There are small particles in the toothpaste

It is possible to remove dirt from clothes

And toothpaste is not white except brushing teeth and washing everything

Then we add warm water

It must be warm water

Because warm water can make

Toothpaste and baking soda melt well

Make the most of them

Stir it well

After that we put the clothes yellowed in place

Then soak in this water

Soak for about 10 minutes

The time of 10 minutes is up

The clothes were almost soaked

The yellow places have been soaked off

After that, we rinse with clean water

This white dress is nothing but the yellow marks left by sweat stains

White clothes are yellow, don't use bleach, teach you a trick, clothes are as white as new and soft

There are also some reasons why clothes can also be yellowed

Let's say we use some alkaline laundry detergent

Or laundry detergent

After washing

will destroy the colorant

Over time, it will become more and more yellow

Because many textiles are their own color

It's not white

It is a warm white color obtained by dyeing

And this white color in long-term washing

Especially when encountering alkaline substances

There will be color loss

After the color fades, it will slowly turn yellow

The last point is when it's drying

Exposure to the sun can also make white clothes yellow

I believe that many friends will be like me

I like clothes or quilts

The smell after being exposed to the sun

But the sun's ultraviolet rays are very strong

White clothes are yellow, don't use bleach, teach you a trick, clothes are as white as new and soft

After being sunburned, the clothes will become brittle

Turns bad and yellow

And this yellow after the sun

Even bleach liquid is not clean

So we must put it in the shade

Where there is no sun

Let it dry

If sunburned

Do not spend long periods of time in the sun

Well, I'll share it here today

See you in the next issue