A detail that exposes the gap between Xena and Ella

A detail that exposes the gap between Xena and Ella

It's Friday again, and "Riding the Wind 2023" is updated. There is no performance in this issue, only the announcement of the results of the second public and the whole process of the next round of grouping.

This time, there were three groups, and the captains were Xie Na, Amber Liu Yiyun and Ella Chen Jiahua. The older sister, who was once the founder, has the right to be invited and arbitrarily selected by the captain.

The other founders' sisters to be selected have quickly found their favorite new captain, and only two sisters are still hesitating, that is, Liu Xijun and Lu Jingshan, they are also the fragrant food that the three teams want to fight for,

Thus, the "robbery war" began.

A detail that exposes the gap between Xena and Ella

The sisters of each team took turns lobbying the two, and some released seeded players as bait - "Don't you want to sing with Alin?" Come on! ", with success stories to speak - "You come, you can become able to dance like that who, that and that!" Of course, there is no shortage of rainbow fart tactics - "You come, I will help you maximize your personal charm!" ", and even "wizards" who come with "babysitting services" - "As long as you come, I will help you bring the child!" ”

It's all you can do.

Xie Na even started a psychological war of dissociation, knowing that Liu Xijun and Lu Jingshan were good friends, so she unilaterally announced to Liu: "Lu Jingshan has agreed, are you coming?" ”

Although he quickly revealed the truth that he just said casually, it was enough to see that it was attractive.

A detail that exposes the gap between Xena and Ella

In terms of the robbery link alone, their team can be said to be the most unwilling to lag behind. Team Amber is in the middle, and Team Ella is the most Buddhist.

First of all, the captain was quite confused, and at first he didn't know the rules too well, thinking that his sister came to the door to recommend himself, rather than taking the initiative to invite him.

When he finally became a lobbyist in hindsight, he acted very gentle and casual, which was in stark contrast to Xie Na's fierce and inevitable attitude.

She said this directly to Lu Jingshan: "I think that every sister, I can make everyone have different chemical reactions." ”

Calm is full of confidence. Of course, we know that this confidence comes from her rich experience and unique experience as a girl group - the girl group is that cooperation and growth are much more important than standing out from the crowd at the beginning.

Because the three girls of them have grown from the most ordinary state to a brilliant big star, so now that they are the captain, there is no need to require their team members to be masters of one top and one.

A detail that exposes the gap between Xena and Ella

Xie Na, on the other hand, has a stronger sense of utilitarianism and purpose, and has a "I prefer to force it" momentum and ruthlessness.

Sitting opposite was also Lu Jingshan, and she said: "(pointing to Xie Xin Amber) They are turning that on the ground, (pointing to Zhifu who has just hung Weiya) they are hanging that in the sky, where is it suitable for us?" ”

Bringing in the characters of the people around me, whether it is Amber or Lu Jingshan, I will find this a bit awkward.

A detail that exposes the gap between Xena and Ella

From Amber and Chive's point of view – what, are we at a disadvantage? What kind of rogue logic is this?

From the perspective of the robber - what do you mean by that? Do you think I can't push the limits, can't break through myself, and I'm not trained to compare to them?

If it is Wu You and Wu Qian, the kind of players who like to stay in the comfort zone or self-protection as the first priority, but that is Lu Jingshan, she has good results twice, she is also very hard-working, she tried a completely different style in two performances, has courage and potential, belongs to the type of excellent student, this reason does not seem to be very convincing for her, right?

A detail that exposes the gap between Xena and Ella

It's normal to have a utilitarian heart, but Xie Na's attitude makes people feel that her purpose comes first, followed by the will and personal development of the person on the other side.

Like the kind of pressing, especially attentive sales, I care if you really need it, I care if you are suitable for my products and services, first fool people over.

It seems that it is the kind of classmates who are common around me, seeing that signing up for an activity can get credits, no matter what activity he is, I first took the quota.

That is, she needs to say that she has good things in her pocket, and then get a sense of steadiness and achievement, as for whether it is appropriate, leave it alone and discuss it later.

A detail that exposes the gap between Xena and Ella

A secret sense of anxiety and scarcity pushes her to fight hard in the moment, you can feel her enterprising spirit and vigorous vitality that does not admit defeat, but at the same time you can also feel an invisible oppression, because she is eager to occupy and will not give those around her much room to choose.

Xena always looks into the eye and stretches out her hands and says, "Choose me, choose me", while Ella, on the contrary, has been trying to comfort the chosen ones, repeatedly telling them "don't be pressured, don't be stressed".

A detail that exposes the gap between Xena and Ella

It turns out that the Ella team is indeed not a gunner, Liu Xijun and Lu Jingshan have all chosen the Amber team one after another, but Ella will raise her hand and applaud quite gracefully, and Xie Na is stunned there with an incredible face, a little lost, and there will be some blame if you don't get it.

Although Xie Na prides herself on being the goddess of the sun, such a comparison shows that she does not have the heart that shines on all shadows like the sun, but lacks a sense of relaxation to accept everything, and at the same time lacks a fearlessness and confidence in the face of the unknown. Let the inferior person be full of morale, let Xiaobai progress quickly, and be able to turn decay into magic, which can best reflect the ability of the leader of a team~~

A detail that exposes the gap between Xena and Ella

Through these small details, I seem to understand why many people don't like Xie Na so much.

In fact, not relaxed, will be anxious, will be lacking, will exert too much force, very normal, very common, after all, most people are not talented, not talented, and even do not have the right experience reserve, so it is inevitable to make up for the lack of confidence through the stuffing of foreign objects. Seventy or eighty percent of most people didn't even have the courage to open up Xie Na.

But it is precisely because she is not unusual, like the majority, that she cannot become a carrier of ideals.

What we want to worship and like is usually the characteristics that we do not have but deeply desire, such as Zhang Qiang's free-spiritedness, Zhu Zhu's elegance, and tranquil coolness, because of lack so yearning, so yearning, standing on tiptoe, sending long-term gaze and worship.

But looking down, there is someone who seems to be similar to me, hey, I don't even like myself so much, why should I like her!

A detail that exposes the gap between Xena and Ella

More than forty years old, I think many things in Xie Na's personality have been solidified, she herself should be quite self-consistent, but the more self-consistent, the more "be herself", the more doomed her black and red physique as a female star will continue...

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