"Internet celebrity economist" Ren Zeping began to bring goods! Weibo frantically pushes hair growth agent, claiming that hair is "how coarse and black" it is in three months

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Three months to make the hair more, darker, thicker, no need for hair transplantation, just use a "nutrient solution". Internet celebrity economist Ren Zeping brought high-profile goods and set his sights on the world's problem - hair loss.

May 29, "Three kilometers in the morning, one hundred push-ups, crunch." Be mindful and do what is right for the long term. Similar to usual, Ren Zeping started the day with Weibo full of spirit. But what is different from usual is that the second half of the Weibo content is an extremely hard advertising slogan, "Rensheng Zefa, focusing on scalp and hair health management, the whole network will be on sale on June 9, and the soil can be good for good seedlings." ”

"Internet celebrity economist" Ren Zeping began to bring goods! Weibo frantically pushes hair growth agent, claiming that hair is "how coarse and black" it is in three months

Image source: Ren Zeping's personal Weibo

In response to the outside world's questions about Rensheng Zefa's biotechnology products, on May 30, Ren Zeping sent a unified reply on Weibo.

Ren Zeping is well known to the public, mainly due to his strong personal color, including "bombarding" the Ningde era at the beginning of the year, "emotional blogger, chicken soup writer", and "the most expensive economist" with an annual salary of 15 million, etc., all of which have become sensational personal labels. At present, Ren Zeping is still the chief economist, and he was proposed to be hired as the chief economist of Zhongyuan Bank in early February this year, and he is also certified as an "economist" on Weibo.

It is said that three months become "how thick and black"

On May 29, Ren Zeping posted a tweet on Weibo that the product was a scalp conditioning kit called "Rensheng Zefa".

"Internet celebrity economist" Ren Zeping began to bring goods! Weibo frantically pushes hair growth agent, claiming that hair is "how coarse and black" it is in three months
"Internet celebrity economist" Ren Zeping began to bring goods! Weibo frantically pushes hair growth agent, claiming that hair is "how coarse and black" it is in three months

According to the public picture, Ren Zeping is introducing this product, with the words "technical support of the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the only one that can reach the medicinal grade" printed on the back, not only that, but Wang Chunru, a researcher at the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, also shared "Fullerene nanomaterials to promote hair regeneration and the application of early gray hair to blackening".

On May 30, Ren Zeping posted on Weibo again that many media friends have recently come to ask Rensheng Zefa biotechnology products, thank you for your attention, and reply in a unified manner:

"Internet celebrity economist" Ren Zeping began to bring goods! Weibo frantically pushes hair growth agent, claiming that hair is "how coarse and black" it is in three months

1. Because of its own needs, tracked for a year, personally tested, indeed effective, insist on use for 3-5 months, the effect is very good, the effect is obvious. Before and after, many relatives, friends, colleagues, fans, etc. were pulled for many large-scale tests, the effect was good, and many friends were helped, and they expressed their gratitude. Seeing so many people regain their beauty and self-confidence, I am also happy inside.

2. Scientists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed technology for more than ten years, and the scientific research funds of the State Key Laboratory have invested 2-300 million yuan, dozens of national patents, and indeed excellent technology, after many years from basic scientific original theory verification, to laboratory research and development, to large-scale safety and effect testing, it shows that it is a solid technology.

3, the final rely on technology and effect to speak, Rensheng Zefa's product is to repair hair follicles, soil good seedlings can be good, this product is loosening, fertilization, seedlings, is to solve the fundamental problem, good safety, obvious effect, easy to use. On June 8th, the whole network will be on sale, in order to help more people, the price is close to the people. Because of the limited production capacity, it is sold in limited quantities per person.

4. This time into the field of industry and biotechnology, the original intention is to help more people, solo happiness is not as good as everyone's happiness, let me share the joy I have gained to more people, help more people, especially see friends around me are troubled by hair, brought about by unconfidence and unhappiness. Our value depends on our value to others, and I believe that as long as we create value for others, we can realize our own value.

5. Be mindful and mindful, and insist on doing the right thing for a long time. For so many years, his intelligence was mediocre and his background was poor, but he only insisted on a little longer. Rensheng Ze Fa focuses on scalp health management, starting from repairing hair follicles and helping 10 million people solve hair problems. Finally, thank you for your attention, don't say anything, see the effect.

In order to promote this product, Ren Zeping has launched a vote since February this year to investigate to the majority of netizens "whether there is a demand for hair growth and nourishment", Ren Zeping also said that recently obviously long hair, or believe in science, three months hair becomes thicker and darker, no hair transplantation, with a scientific nutrient solution.

"Internet celebrity economist" Ren Zeping began to bring goods! Weibo frantically pushes hair growth agent, claiming that hair is "how coarse and black" it is in three months

In May, Ren Zeping sent a number of Weibo posts to promote this hair growth nutrient solution, and attached pictures to show the results of its use over the past few months, from the picture, from August 2022 before use to April 2023 after use, its hair volume has increased significantly in 8 months.

The company behind "Rensheng Zefa" has a close relationship with Ren Zeping.

According to Qixinbao, two companies were searched for with "Rensheng Zefa" as the keyword, namely Suzhou Rensheng Zefa Biotechnology Partnership (Limited Partnership) and Beijing Rensheng Zefa Biotechnology Co., Ltd., and both were related to Ren Zeping.

The ultimate beneficiary of Beijing Rensheng Zefa is Ren Zeping, and the executive partner of Suzhou Rensheng Zefa Biotechnology Partnership is Ren Zeping.

According to CaiLian News, the relevant staff of Ren Zeping's team revealed that "Rensheng Zefa" has opened the agency mode, and Ren Zeping's macro private board and business school members are preferred.

At present, "Rensheng Zefa" already has a store on Taobao, but it has not been officially launched and the specific price has not been marked. From the detail page, this is a scalp conditioning shampoo, the core ingredient is fullerene, with scalp conditioning, cleaning and dandruff, refreshing oil control effect, the shampoo and Ren Zeping Weibo should promote the same series of products, also by the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences technical support, but on the detail page did not promote Ren Zeping previously said significant hair growth effect.

"Internet celebrity economist" Ren Zeping began to bring goods! Weibo frantically pushes hair growth agent, claiming that hair is "how coarse and black" it is in three months
"Internet celebrity economist" Ren Zeping began to bring goods! Weibo frantically pushes hair growth agent, claiming that hair is "how coarse and black" it is in three months

Image source: Taobao screenshot

According to Blue Whale Finance news on the 30th, the reporter contacted the customer service of Rensheng Zefa, and the other party said that Rensheng Zefa is a product developed by Ren Zeping's team and will be on the shelves on June 8, and the specific price and related effects will be announced at that time. Yesterday, the content of Ren Zeping's Weibo was the roadshow of the development biotechnology project of the Shaoxing Station of Zeping Macro Business School. The customer service also said that at present, we are recruiting offline agents for entrepreneurs in business schools, and the agency authority is temporarily not open to the public, and only partners of business schools can act as agents.

Chief economist with a strong personal color

At present, Ren Zeping is still a chief economist, and his Weibo certification is still an economist. On February 18 this year, at the 2023 Zhongyuan Financial Forum, Zhongyuan Bank proposed to appoint Ren Zeping, an independent economist and vice president of the China Private Economic Research Association, as the chief economist.

According to public information, Ren Zeping is a postdoctoral fellow at the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University and a doctorate in economics from Chinese Minmin University.

According to the cover news report, Ren Zeping joined the Development Research Center of the State Council in 2009 and was the deputy director of the research office of the research department of the research center, where he participated in the drafting of major documents and reform plans.

In May 2014, Ren Zeping resigned and joined Guotai Junan Securities Research Institute as managing director and chief macro analyst.

After staying at Guotai Junan for two years, on June 1, 2016, Ren Zeping joined Founder Securities as chief economist and managing director of the research institute. A year and a half later, he moved to Evergrande Group.

On December 4, 2017, Evergrande Group issued a personnel appointment notice internally, announcing that Ren Zeping served as the chief economist (vice president level) of Evergrande Group and the president of Evergrande Economic Research Institute, with an annual salary of 15 million yuan before tax.

According to Red Star News, as early as 2021, another "Internet celebrity economist" Liu Shengjun published an article on the public account "Adam Smith Economics" "Three years ago, Xu Jiayin mistakenly took a dose of medicine called "Ren Zeping" and "bombarded" Ren Zeping.

Regarding his experience in Evergrande, Ren Zeping once said, "Not long after joining the company, Evergrande's debt ratio has risen sharply to 86.25%, and it plans to diversify and expand significantly. ”

Ren Zeping said in the article that from February to April 2018, the company report provided by his leader Evergrande Research Institute clearly put forward advice: "Preventing and resolving major risks is the first of the three major battles in the next three years, and no market entity should take chances." "We may be entering a new stage of real estate development, and we must fully estimate the determination and impact of a series of major measures such as 'housing without speculation', long-term mechanisms, and rent-purchase simultaneously, so as to change concepts and deepen transformation."

Regarding the diversified development of Evergrande, Ren Zeping expressed his opposition in the article, he believes that "less is more, and we should focus on doing simple things to the extreme". As for Evergrande's car manufacturing business, Ren Zeping said that standing under the circumstances at that time, it was difficult to absolutely say right or wrong by large-scale debt to build new energy vehicles. "Looking back, new energy is indeed a good track, but compared to directly building cars from scratch, if you take equity investment to invest in domestic high-ranking and certain foundation of new force car companies and new energy battery companies, and then let professional people do professional things, the results may be very different."

Ren Zeping said that in the second half of 2020, "I feel that I have made due advice and efforts, but because the words are not useful, it is difficult to integrate", "coupled with the determination and strength of judging the state's regulation and control of real estate", "academic research is more suitable for me, so I proposed to leave." ”

In March 2021, Ren Zeping became the chief economist of Soochow Securities.

On the evening of January 12, 2022, Ren Zeping's Weibo showed that "due to violations of relevant laws and regulations, the user is currently in a banned state."

Later, news broke that Ren Zeping and Soochow Securities were actually supernumerary cooperation. After this news fermented, it finally ended with the China Securities Association issuing the "Notice on Strengthening the Self-Discipline Management of Chief Economists of Industry Institutions" to securities firms. The China Securities Association requires that the chief economist should be a regular employee of the company, and the research views and remarks released to the outside world must comply with the provisions of the Code of Practice for Publishing Securities Research Reports, and at the same time, the chief economist's practice of the core values of industry culture will be included in the evaluation of the cultural construction practice of securities companies.

After the China Securities Association made clear regulations, Ren Zeping finally chose to leave the securities industry. According to media reports, Ren Zeping ceased to serve as the invited chief economist of Soochow Securities in March 2022.

In response to the report of his departure, on the evening of April 15, 2022, Ren Zeping posted on Weibo: "Dear media friends, no need to ask, unified reply: has been transformed into an emotional blogger, chicken soup writer. Take it, rejoice. ”

At the beginning of this year, Ren Zeping's "bombardment" of the Ningde era once again aroused onlookers. On January 9, he posted a long post on social media, saying, "The king of the world has been suffering for a long time. In recent years, the Ningde era has been at war on all sides, causing widespread concern, suppressing competitors, coercing car companies, and squeezing upstream and downstream profits. ”

At present, Ren Zeping's Weibo followers have increased to 4.731 million, an increase of more than one million compared with 3.6 million fans last year.

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