A well-known esports commentator passed away! Childhood bullying and his family of origin brought him a lot of superimposed psychological trauma

YammerS, a well-known 26-year-old e-sports commentator, confirmed his death, and he posted on his personal social media about his childhood misfortune and bullying, and said that he suffered from depression and finally chose suicide.

From YammerS's post, we see that he has suffered a lot of superimposed psychological trauma since he was a child, especially bullying. Coupled with constant self-denial, it leads to depression. Combined with the clinical practice of multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment (MDT), let's analyze what psychological trauma YammerS has encountered? What are the lessons for people with depression and parents?

A well-known esports commentator passed away! Childhood bullying and his family of origin brought him a lot of superimposed psychological trauma

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First, psychological trauma from the family of origin

YammerS's native family is a special family, parents are second marriages, dad's education belongs to "widow's education", and mom's education is also ignorant of children's education.

In marriage, both parents did not reflect on why they divorced before, and in their inner world, they thought that they were the losers in the first marriage, and they made do with life after regrouping, so they did not reflect and improve themselves, creating a warm and harmonious family atmosphere, resulting in frequent quarrels in the second marriage, causing a lot of superimposed psychological trauma to the children, resulting in YammerS being insecure since childhood.

Second, suffer from serious bullying

YammerS was bullied by the older kids around him in kindergarten. After junior high school, he learned that he was illegitimate, in other words, the neighbors around him probably knew about this situation and would tell their children to "play less with him". The identity of an illegitimate child is easily evaluated by people around him when it comes to the high moral level, and the angry discrimination against his biological father is transferred to him.

Since childhood, he has been seriously bullied many times, which has a great impact on YammerS's personality and psychology, causing him to lose concentration when studying, his personality becomes sensitive and paranoid, and his academic performance has declined.

Because of his poor academic performance, his mother kept beating him. At school, he was severely punished by his teachers, and at the same time continued to suffer from school bullying, and finally he couldn't bear it, fought with the other party, and his academic performance was a mess, and he fell into a vicious circle.

A well-known esports commentator passed away! Childhood bullying and his family of origin brought him a lot of superimposed psychological trauma

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In junior high school, YammerS showed symptoms of depression under school bullying and study pressure, which was actually caused by superimposed psychological trauma. In the third year of junior high school, he met a homeroom teacher who was very good to him, which made him feel a little better, but his academic performance was too late to improve, and he was not admitted to high school. The next three years of study in Shijiazhuang were one of the few happy periods in his life.

Since junior high school, I believe that YammerS has been exposed to games and hopes to make a way through games, so I put a lot of effort into it. After graduation, in his first job, he resigned angrily from a negative over-interpretation of some bad phenomena in the unit. Fortunately, YammerS has forged its own path in the game and gained a lot of fans and popularity as a game commentator.

But the good times did not last long, YammerS experienced the death of his father in 2019, and in the months of accompanying his father, many of his own superimposed psychological traumas were activated. Therefore, he himself said that after his father's death, his depression broke out, and he had symptoms such as self-talk, insomnia, and even uncontrolled laughter, and his depression became more and more serious, and finally tragedy happened.

Lessons for people with depression and parents

1. YammerS's depression has improved significantly after graduating from junior high school, during the study and life in Shijiazhuang, indicating that changes in the external environment, especially changes in the family and social environment, can indeed alleviate symptoms of depression, which also reminds our parents that it is important to create a warm and loving family and social atmosphere!

2. This tragedy reminds us that if superimposed psychological trauma is not healed, the improvement during the period is only temporary, and it is easy to reactivate the trauma due to life and emotional experiences, and finally aggravate the disease, and even lead to tragedy. Therefore, patients and parents must pay attention to psychological trauma and repair it as much as possible.

3. Could the YammerS tragedy have been avoided? OK! YammerS has gained a lot of recognition in the game world, and we hypothesize that if he can publish this experience of being bullied and sick as soon as possible, he may get the support of fans and friends, and then expose the people who bullied him as a child, and even expose his biological father, who is the origin of all this tragedy, and with the help of fans and friends, he may be able to heal his inner wounds, be able to come out completely, and have a new life of his own.

Here, I also remind depressed patients and their families not to regard the experience of depression as a shameful thing, and avoidance will only make the psychological trauma worse.

You know, it's not your fault, you should face it bravely, even dare to expose your own scars, and then actively heal with the help of your family and professionals, so that you can recover as soon as possible.

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