Surrendering the crown, Dort did not have the mentality of a champion, nor did he have the life of a champion

[Crazy Bee 11 Ren] Dort lost the championship, which is shocking, pitying, and also angry and contemptuous. In fact, Dort's ups and downs this season, like their fate in the past 10 years, are rooted in the mentality of the weak after a long period of no championship, resulting in their strength and ability to withstand pressure, which is not enough to finally win the championship.

Surrendering the crown, Dort did not have the mentality of a champion, nor did he have the life of a champion

Dortmund, who trailed Bayern by 9 points before the World Cup, successfully overtook it by 10 points after the New Year, but could not hold the hard-won top spot. After falling from the top of the table three times, he finally "ceded" the championship trophy to his arch-rival Bayern at home. This season, Dort has forced himself with countless exclamation points and question marks.

Of course, Dortmund, who have only three of the 34 rounds of the table this season, are not as convincing as Bayern, who occupy the top of the table in 23 rounds.

Moreover, Dortmund have not won 1 draw and 1 defeat against Bayern this season, and were forced to draw by the relegation team three times in the last 11 rounds of the sprint, and failed to win the most important home victory after 10 consecutive home wins. From strength to luck, especially the ability to withstand the pressure of the final round of the championship, it is not enough to support the team to defeat Bayern to complete the championship "metamorphosis".

Missing out on the closest thing to a Bundesliga title in 11 years, Dortmund's gap with Bayern is not only in strength, but also in the championship mentality.

Surrendering the crown, Dort did not have the mentality of a champion, nor did he have the life of a champion

This season was supposed to be a transitional season for Dortmund. The team lost Haaland, Witsel and Akanji last summer, and Hummels and Royce were one year older. Although the team brought in Ajax high school striker Alle, Salzburg youngster Adeyemi, Freiburg's German international central defender Schlotebeck, as well as Cologne veteran forward Modeste, midfielder Ozjan, free agency Bayern defender Juller, the team restructuring is relatively smooth, but injuries throughout the season have seriously affected the team's running-in.

Alle suffered from testicular cancer and missed the entire first half after 2 surgeries, and officially returned after the new year, only to find his form after 9 games, and 8 goals and 4 assists in the last 9 games, ensuring Dortmund's outbreak in the second half. But his absence due to illness affected not only himself, but Dort's entire frontcourt tactical routine and personnel mix.

Due to injuries and the expected absence of core players, coach Terzic's 4231 in the first half did not play as well as it should, losing six of the league games in 15 league matches, five of them away from home, and losing consecutive games to Wolfsburg and Borussia Mönchen before the World Cup only ranked sixth in the Bundesliga. At that time, Dortmund did not say that they won the title, and even the qualification for the Champions League was in doubt. The three centre-forwards, Mukoko, Alle and Modeste, have scored just 18 goals in the entire season, unable to make up for the attacking hole (22 goals) left by Haaland's departure. Guerrero, the assist king's left-back, was also basically muted in the first half, causing problems in both attack and defense.

After the World Cup, Terzic tried to change 433, and Bellingham stood up to be more involved in the attack, activating Dortmund's attack power together with Allie and Reus, who had recovered from injury. Dortmund were able to go on a 10-9-1 frenzy, taking advantage of Bayern's repeated mistakes to go from trailing by nine points before the World Cup to a one-point victory ahead of a direct confrontation in early April. After a 4-2 defeat to Bayern, Adeyemi and Mullen replaced Reus and Brant. Norwegian right-back Reisson, recruited from Union Berlin in the winter window, became the main right-back and often played as a left-back, and Guerrero was freed to play as a guest midfield to partner Bellingham to better exploit his assist potential.

Surrendering the crown, Dort did not have the mentality of a champion, nor did he have the life of a champion

In the final seven rounds of the sprint with Bayern, Dortmund dropped the chain at a crucial moment: just overtaking Bayern, they lost miserably to a hastily changed opponent in direct dialogue and had to give up the top spot. After losing four points away from home by relegation teams Stuttgart and Bochum, Bayern took advantage of Bayern's home defeat to RB Leipzig in the last round and beat Augsburg to win over the points again. The schedule of the sprint stage was favorable, but in the end, it was defeated by the "heart demon" who could not withstand the pressure of the championship decisive battle, and fell short in the final round.

Terzic's timely change of formation after the New Year, the recovery from injury in key positions and the timely recruitment of the winter window did give the Nerazzurri a chance to end Bayern's 10-game winning streak. However, the "underdog mentality" that lasted for 10 years without winning the Bundesliga title ultimately prevented Dortmund from winning the most important home match. Falling the last half meter before the line left Dortmund helplessly ending their most regrettable season in 11 years. Royce's crying after the game is the most intuitive embodiment of this regret.

Surrendering the crown, Dort did not have the mentality of a champion, nor did he have the life of a champion

Compared to the Klopp era when Dortmund won the title last time, Terzic's team has a clear gap in quality and performance. Dortmund's lead over Bayern was at least eight points, and the first half of the 2010/11 season saw a wave of 14 wins and 1 draw in 15 rounds to confirm the lead early. Despite a poor start to the 2011/12 season, they were undefeated after beating Mainz 05 in the seventh round, and won the final 18 rounds with 16 wins and two draws. There is Barrios in front, Lewandowski in the back, plus Shinji Kagawa, Groskloitz and Gotze, Shaheen, Perisic, and the defense line also has Kyle, Hummels, Subotic and other famous players. Klopp's 4231 has been more consistent and has been better defensively. Borussia Dortmund have conceded the top two goals in the Bundesliga for the second consecutive season, with 22 goals conceded in 2010/11 being half the number of goals conceded this season. Klopp's side have been able to beat Bayern in both seasons and make their opponents feel comfortable losing.

Surrendering the crown, Dort did not have the mentality of a champion, nor did he have the life of a champion

In the 10 seasons since Bayern dominated the Bundesliga, Dortmund have finished runners-up six times, but only in 2018/19 they had a chance to challenge Bayern, with the remaining five times being at least eight points apart, and 25 more in 2012/13. In the 2018/19 season, Favre led the team by only 2 points away from Bayern, and in that year's competition, Reuss, Daoud and Guerrero were all first-hand witnesses. Dort, who were also beaten 5-0 away by Bayern in the sprint stage, then lost at home to the Roulderby and missed out on the title, are as vulnerable as they were this season. Although the number of goals scored this season is higher than in the Klopp era, the defense is too poor and the points are not as good as it was then, even lower than in 2015/16 and 2018/19.

Unlike Jurgen Klopp's era, when he dominated the top spot and never missed the title initiative, Terzic's side were in jeopardy before the World Cup and even Champions League qualification was in jeopardy. After the World Cup, 433 teams won 9 and drew 1, and only reached the top in the 25th round, only 3 times in 34 rounds to occupy the top spot. The team's Golden Boots Alle, Brant and Mullen (9 goals) could not even make it into the top 18 in the top 18 goalscorers, and the team's two-time champions were in the top 4 in the scorers list. Dortmund conceded only fourth in the league in the season (44) and behind them Berlin United and RB Leipzig. In the end, Bayern failed to overtake Bayern, and the absence of main central defender Schlotebeck was the key reason for the half-time disorder in the defense.

Dortmund in the Klopp era is the "all-season champion" of the double defeat Bayern; Terzic's Borussia Dortmund, not only is Bayern winless in two games this season, but even the "half-season champion" is not a "half-season champion", and it is really impossible to talk about competing with Bayern. So, from this point of view, Dort may not have won the championship in the first place.

Surrendering the crown, Dort did not have the mentality of a champion, nor did he have the life of a champion

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