Learn about Hops#Craft Beer

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Old pipe talk about beer: What are hops?

There are many friends who don't understand what hops are, so I will share them with you today.

Hops are perennial climbing herbs belonging to mountains, seeds, greens, grasses, and potatoes. Its leaves are ovate or broadly ovate, the male flowers are arranged in conical tidbits, the female flowers are arranged in broken tidbits and the fruit is crushed cones.

Learn about Hops#Craft Beer

Hops are the main raw material for brewing beer, and can also be used for garden decoration or for making dried flower arrangements. Hops are a plant that has the effect of strengthening the stomach and eliminating food, diuresis, anti-labor and anti-inflammatory.

Because hops have a special fragrance, it can stimulate appetite and improve loss of appetite. It is more suitable for patients with indigestion, which can better promote digestion and avoid food accumulation in the gastrointestinal tract.

Learn about Hops#Craft Beer

Hops also have a diuretic effect, can improve the symptoms of urine unfavorable, help promote the discharge of urine, reduce the edema of the body, and can assist in the treatment of nephritis, urinary tract infection and other diseases. At the same time, let hops also have the effect of calming the nerves, can calm the mind, sexual mood, is conducive to improving sleep quality, help fall asleep, suitable for insomnia patients to quote.

Learn about Hops#Craft Beer

In addition, hops also have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects, and can be used as an adjuvant treatment for diseases such as tuberculosis, tuberculous and exudative pleurisy. The addition of hops to beer can make beer have a special aroma by cooking and evaporating, and because hops have special substances, they can also give beer a bitter taste. If the operation process is correct, the bitterness of beer can be more moderate, and hops can also improve the antiseptic ability of beer, because the composition of hops has antibacterial and sterilization components.

Learn about Hops#Craft Beer

Hops can improve the condensation suction of beer during the production process and improve the abiotic stability of beer.


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