Messi won the World Cup, and yerba mate sold tens of millions! Take you to experience the tea fair net black tea

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May 21, today is International Tea Day, the 5th China International Tea Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Tea Expo") continues.

In the past two days, many consumers who came to the exhibition are asking: Messi's favorite yerba mate, will there be a tea expo? What kind of tea leaves are brewed around the stove that young people love? Chao News reporters take you to get a closer look at these two "Internet celebrity" teas.

Argentina wins the championship, and yerba mate explodes

Online sales on the same day nearly 10 million yuan

Yerba mate, especially loved by Argentines, is regarded as the national drink.

Many people often see Macy carrying a cup with a straw inserted into it, drinking as he walks, and occasionally refilling water from another thermos.

Messi won the World Cup, and yerba mate sold tens of millions! Take you to experience the tea fair net black tea

Yerba mate booth in the international exhibition area of the Tea Fair. Wang Chi Chao photo

This Messi's favorite yerba mate can also be bought at this tea expo, in the most "hot" booth in the international exhibition area. No matter when it passes, it is always crowded with consumers.

"Argentina won the World Cup in Qatar last year, and the next day our online store exploded, and the sales of yerba mate exceeded 10 million yuan." Wang Xiaolong, the person in charge of the booth, told Chao News that he is the general sales agent of Palatito yerba mate tea, and there are many stores online.

The drinking method of yerba mate is different from the traditional way of drinking tea in China. Its tea leaves are broken, poured into small jars, and then warmed water is added. Therefore, you can drink it with a straw while holding the cup.

Wang Xiaolong introduced that the main function of yerba mate is to lower sugar, lower cholesterol, promote digestion, and refresh the mind. "Since Argentina won last year, sales have been particularly good."

The reporter noticed that at the tea expo site, many consumers were full of curiosity and eager to try in front of the stall. "Sweet, a little bitter, and the taste of Pu'er tea is a bit similar."

Not only that, Wang Xiaolong's innovative yerba mate fruit tea is deeply loved by young people. "We have a new type of tea drink that is blended with yerba mate and fruit, including osmanthus yerba mate, rose yerba mate, etc., 39.8 yuan a box, after Messi won the championship, sales increased by 5 times compared with previous years."

Today, Wang Xiaolong's yerba mate fruit tea is also loved by young people in Argentina. "Chinese dare to innovate." He said proudly.

Tea brewed around the stove can be made with Fuding white tea

The older the tea, the more mellow it becomes

Brewing tea around the stove is a casual way in which three or five people gather around the tea table, brewing tea, roasting food, and preparing delicious snacks, drinking tea and chatting at the same time.

However, what kind of tea is boiled around the stove?

With questions, Chao News reporters learned from different tea merchants at the tea fair site that tea with a longer year is more suitable for brewing tea, such as old white tea, Pu'er tea, or fermented tea, such as black tea, black tea and so on. The Longjing tea in Hangzhou, the brewing water temperature is generally 80-95 °C, too high water temperature will cause the buds and leaves and soup color will darken, not suitable for brewing tea.

Messi won the World Cup, and yerba mate sold tens of millions! Take you to experience the tea fair net black tea

Fuding white tea. Wang Chi Chao photo

The fragrant Fuding white tea was relatively large in the booth area of the tea expo, and many consumers came to experience it.

"We have more than 30,000 mu of tea gardens in Fuding City, accounting for 10% of the entire Fuding tea planting area." Lin Shiyongjie, director of the sales department of Pinpinxiang, told Chao News that Fuding is surrounded by mountains on three sides and faces the natural resources of the sea, creating the unique flavor of white tea.

The production process of white tea without stir-frying and kneading maintains the integrity of tea cells and retains the original characteristics of white tea to the greatest extent. After the penetration of time, white tea gradually changes into more layers, so the older it is, the more mellow.

Messi won the World Cup, and yerba mate sold tens of millions! Take you to experience the tea fair net black tea

Different years of Fuding white tea have different prices. Wang Chi Chao photo

"Fuding white tea is more suitable for brewing tea, and it is also brewed in the exhibition hall today." Lin Shiyong introduced that because the exhibition hall cannot use charcoal, they use an electric ceramic stove to boil, using 2014 white tea, after boiling, put it in a thermos pot to stuffy it, "can fully release the aroma and taste and nutrients in the tea." ”

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