Abandoning Argentina and Messi, the national football team warmed up to Myanmar

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On May 22, world champions Argentina officially announced that on June 15, Messi will lead Argentina in a friendly match at the Beijing Workers' Stadium against Asian powerhouse Australia.

Abandoning Argentina and Messi, the national football team warmed up to Myanmar

It was also Argentina's overseas debut since the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Abandoning Argentina and Messi, the national football team warmed up to Myanmar

Messi (left) Source: Xinhua News Agency data map

The Australian team picked up the big bargain

To get the world champion to come to China, the organizers of this event used a lot of connections and spent a lot of money. In the original plan, it would be a friendly match between the two teams, but unfortunately, the Chinese team gave up such a valuable exchange opportunity.

To play the world champions again, the Australian team is crazy. James Johnson, CEO of the Australian Football Federation, said on his website, "I would like to thank the organizers for their ambition to organize this competition, and thank the Beijing Football Association, the Chinese Football Association, and the Chinese and Australian governments for their support. Our men's national team hasn't played in China for 15 years and we're really excited to travel to Beijing to face Argentina. ”

At the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Australia played Argentina once, when Argentina won 2:1. James Johnson said: "The match against world champions Argentina reflects Australia's place in world football and the respect it has for our two national teams. Football is a global sport and Australia has been invited to play this tournament in China and play against the world's number one team, which we hope will provide more opportunities for our two countries to work together on and off the football pitch. ”

The national football team is willing to warm up with the Myanmar team

Prior to Argentina's official announcement, the Chinese Football Association announced through its official website on May 18 that the Chinese team will play two warm-up matches against Myanmar and Palestine in Dalian on June 16 and June 20. This also means that they have already confirmed that they will not play Argentina.

Abandoning Argentina and Messi, the national football team warmed up to Myanmar

National football team in training Source: Xinhua News Agency data map

According to informed media sources, the reason why the Chinese team missed the warm-up with the Argentine team is because the Chinese team is in front of the Myanmar team, and the organizer of the tournament that operates the Argentine team to China has not communicated with the Chinese Football Association. The second is to worry that losing the big score will dampen the morale of the national football team and affect the existing rankings, and it is more meaningful to play against Asian opponents.

For this match, which has nothing to do with the Chinese team, fans also feel that they do not understand it. "Why is this for, paying Argentina and Australia to play friendly matches", "Even the Indonesian team dares to play with the Argentine team, what are we afraid of"...

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