Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced
Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

"The ears are suffering, and the eyes are enjoying blessings."

In May, Jia Jingwen, who appeared on the stage of "Riding the Wind 2023", sang and danced "Double Waste", beautiful and moving.

Just looking at the appearance, it may be difficult to imagine that Jia Jingwen is 49 years old. At the age when most actresses are already middle-aged, she has pushed open a brand new door.

When she first entered the stage, her shrinkage and inconfidence were on display, constantly asking others if they knew that she "sang like a duck." She took on the same attitude as she did about her bumpy life: facing it, even if she couldn't overcome it.

She described herself in this game as a white rabbit who broke into a new jungle and did not know how to survive. But she firmly believes that she will find a survival model that suits her.

"The start of that model is what I'm facing right now," she said. ”

However, she is not a white rabbit, she is more like the beautiful and resilient jungle itself.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced
Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

When the adjective "beautiful" appears on Jia Jingwen, the additional effect is malicious.

In 1974, she was born in Taiwan, China, her ancestral home is Tianjin, and her parents opened a restaurant on the streets of Taiwan, named "Tianjin Wei".

Her parents were busy with work and had no time to take care of her, so she ran around the streets by herself.

When she was five or six years old, she was playing on a slide in the middle of the street park, when suddenly a grown man pulled her off the slide and into a public toilet next to her.

Fortunately, her cousin was also playing nearby, and immediately pulled Jia Jingwen out of the toilet and shouted for help, only to escape.

Later, the mother told Jia Jingwen that the person was confirmed to be a pervert of pedophile.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

Jia Jingwen (far right) with her mother and brother

16 years old, Jia Jingwen mindfulness junior high school. On the way to school, she received a business card, and the other person said to her: "We are looking for a star who shoots advertisements, and we think you are a good fit." ”

Seeing Jia Jingwen's face full of doubt, the other party asked her to go home and show her business card to her parents, and then contact him.

Her mother dialed the phone on her business card and found that it was indeed a formal advertising company, and it was under this opportunity that Jia Jingwen shot her first advertisement.

The first taste of fame and fortune is followed by the bitter fruit behind it.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

Advertisements shot by Alyssa Jia

After the advertisement was broadcast, Jia Jingwen became a popular figure in the school, coupled with her already fresh and beautiful appearance, the confession letters came like snowflakes.

When she went to school, her classroom was on the fourth floor, and every time she walked down the stairs, she would meet boys handing her confession letters and gifts, sometimes chocolates or bear dolls.

At the same time, there will be some letters out of place, which probably means: "You are beautiful and amazing, who likes you, do you know?" ”

At that time, she was young, and she didn't know that the malicious behavior of children was so simple, but before she could grow up step by step, fate handed her an unbeatable script.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

Jia Jingwen when she was a girl

In 1993, at the age of 19, she returned to Tianjin with her elders and was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy.

Not long after, the family's investment business failed, and the family moved back to Taiwan from Tianjin. Bad news followed, and my father suffered from cancer.

Jia Jingwen clearly remembers that at that time, a medicine cost thousands or even tens of thousands, and the medical expenses alone were sky-high prices that the whole family could not afford, not to mention other debts owed by doing business before.

Jia Jingwen was forced to drop out of the Beijing Film Academy, which had just been in school for a year, and has since run after money.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

For a long time, the biggest anxiety in Jia Jia's life came from: fear of not having a job.

Perhaps the mother's behavior inadvertently affected her.

Jia Jingwen's mother married at the age of 20, and her credo in life is "cherish your husband". Later, she worked hard with her husband, who followed her husband and had no self.

My father fell overnight, and my mother's sky collapsed with it.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

Jia Jingwen (front row, left) with her parents and younger brother

After her father fell ill, Jia Jingwen wanted to take her father to see a doctor, but he was reluctant to live or die, preferring to trust some so-called secret doctors, and insisted: "My own life is my own, you all leave me alone." ”

Therefore, Jia Jingwen's feelings for her father are complicated. On the one hand, she felt sorry for her father who was tormented by illness, and she always remembered the joy of her father taking her for a ride and playing when she was a child.

But on the other hand, she was also angry with her father's stubbornness after his illness and felt sorry for her mother, who took on the responsibility of caring and caregiving.

A sense of powerlessness surrounded the family, and debt and illness left the otherwise amiable father unrecognizable.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

During that time, Jia Jingwen continued to take on plays, shoot advertisements, host... Life is filled with work and earnings.

Looking back, she said: "Because the family was too depressed, my father was in a bad mood, and I couldn't help much, so I knew that the only thing I could help was to work hard and make money." ”

During this period, her mother also kept telling her: you must save your money well, you can't be without a job, you can't have no income.

Jia Jingwen obeyed and supported the family on the verge of collapse until the day her father died.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

When she was a child, Jia Jingwen and her mother

At that time, her father was brain dead, and the doctor could not contact her mother for a long time, so Jia Jingwen took the initiative and unplugged her father's oxygen tube.

Her mother arrived at the last minute, crying out for disagreement, but Jia Jingwen was extremely calm, explaining to her mother that her father's life today is just torture.

"His body has been deformed, skinny to the bones, because of the spread of cancer, his head is huge, like an alien baby..."

At the insistence of Jia Jingwen, her father's life ended at the age of 44. At this time, Jia Jingwen was only in her early 20s, and her life began to spiral out of control.

In her own words: "When I lacked my father's piece, I would rush emotionally." As long as someone is nice to me, I think it's love. ”

This is true of her ex-husband, and the same is true of her current husband.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced
Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

Time crossed the millennium, and Jia Jingwen moved to the mainland.

Driven by the unease of losing her job, Jia Jingwen filmed several costume TV series one after another, and with her beautiful costume appearance, these characters are still repeatedly mentioned by the audience to this day.

such as Nian Nu Jiao in "The Great Han Tianzi"; Wu Meiniang in "Supreme Red Face"; Chun Yuti in "The Doctor of God"... More well-known is Zhao Min in "The Legend of Relying on the Sky and Slaying the Dragon" broadcast in 2003.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

Jia Jingwen played Zhao Min in "The Legend of Relying on the Sky and Slaying the Dragon"

In 2016, the Tiger Pounce Forum held the first "Tiger Pounce Goddess Contest", which quickly developed into the "Most Authoritative Beauty Pageant Contest" in the following years.

At that time, Jia Jingwen, who was 42 years old, relied on the bonus of Zhao Min's role to win the championship by pressing Gao Yuanyuan. Its popularity may be evident.

But at the time when Jia Jingwen was cooking oil, in 2004, 30-year-old Jia Jingwen suddenly announced her engagement, and the other party was still a "wealthy family", Sun Zhihao, the general manager of a freight company.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

Sun Zhihao took a group photo with Jia Jingwen and Wutong Mei

The following year, she gave birth to her eldest daughter, Wutong Mei. After the birth of her daughter, her insecurity shifted, and her biggest anxiety changed from "losing her job" to "losing the child in front of her".

Jia Jingwen said: "When the child appears, I think my blueprint for life is beautiful, just like a script, I think my script must be smooth all the way, although there are ups and downs in the middle, but I will definitely have a perfect ending." ”

But she can't deny that she sensed the hidden danger when she got the script, but she wanted to try to change the plot for the sake of the child.

For example, in 2005, the night before Jia Jingwen's birth, Sun Zhihao was exposed by the media to date a mysterious woman, and afterwards Jia Jingwen came out to face the media to whitewash Taiping.

For example, before getting married, Jia Jingwen was required to sign a "prenuptial contract", but because of pregnancy, Jia Jingwen chose to tolerate without exception: "I hope I can have a good family, which is my responsibility (for children)." ”

The balance of feelings has tilted at the beginning, and how can it be long. Sure enough, 4 years later, the script went to a tragic storyboard.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

In 2009, 35-year-old Jia Jingwen suddenly held a press conference, declaring that she and Sun Zhihao had lost their relationship and had not seen her daughter for 4 months.

At the press conference, she begged Sun Zhihao to let her see her daughter, crying and shouting to him: "Please bring the child back, we must face to face to talk clearly, please don't deprive me of my right to be a mother." ”

At that moment, she left behind the pride and brilliance of a female star, burst into tears, described her haggardness, and showed the most embarrassing side to the public.

Later, Jia Jingwen said: "I only had one impulse at that time, I wanted to win that love back to me.

"I'm going to do everything I can to win my love back, so I don't care what people see."

"I don't have any other way."

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

In 2009, Jia Jingwen held a press conference

In order to fight for the custody of her daughter, Jia Jingwen and Sun Zhihao went to court, and the lawsuit was fought from China to the United States, and everyone knew about it.

Sun Zhihao claimed that Jia Jingwen incited public opinion and also demanded that Jia Jingwen pay herself NT$26 million; Jia Jingwen also revealed her scars, saying that she had been abused by Sun Zhihao and had already signed a divorce agreement.

During this period, news releases about the two flew all over the world, among which the harshest criticism of Jia Jingwen was: "Jia Jingwen is unwilling to give up her acting career. Married for 4 years, she was a mother and only stayed in the Sun family for one month."

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

Jia Jingwen and her daughter Wutong sister

A year later, the finale was staged.

The two signed a settlement in front of the judge, in which Jia Jingwen promised that her daughter's face would not be public until she was 15 years old, and that Jia Jingwen must focus on her life and not leave the child for more than 5 days.

In other words, this rule is almost equivalent to that Alyssa cannot film for more than 5 days - a limit that is fatal for actors who have been in the group for months at every turn.

She had to admit that this marriage script brought her not happiness and success, but a broken head.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

Jia Jingwen once said: "Everyone has their own life issues, maybe my life lesson is that I have to pay a lot in the family." ”

She sometimes wondered if her father would have been able to finish school on her own if she hadn't been sick, or at least with a bachelor's degree.

But while completing your studies, you may also miss "The Legend of Relying on the Sky and Slaying the Dragon", who can tell.

Fate has no rehearsal, and no one can foresee the direction of the plot until the accident befalls the body.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

"Xiaozhao" Chen Xiuli and "Zhao Min" Jia Jingwen

After the divorce, she also thought that if there were no children, or less young impulsiveness, the life script would also be another direction, at least it would not be so hoarse and ugly.

"If I hadn't had children, I think my script would have been completely different."

But time won't come again, regret will only add to her troubles, she can only tell herself, to move forward.

"Because you walked on your own, you fell that fall yourself, even if someone else lifted you up, and you yourself did not heal that wound in the way you know, you are still hurting, still bleeding."

The only thing she was thankful for was that she didn't hide to heal her wounds, but shouted for help and held out hope. She said: "I just believe in love, I just believe that I can get the best." ”

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

Love also soon came to her. Jia Jingwen mentioned more than once that she was attracted to Xiu Jiekai.

It was at a party held by her brother, Jia Jingwen was drunk, and the man's hand touched the top of her head and coaxed softly: "You need to go to bed early." ”

When she mentioned this action, her eyes sparkled, and she couldn't hide a smile at the corners of her mouth.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

Jia Jingwen talks about Xiu Jiekai

In 2014, 40-year-old Jia Jingwen publicly admitted that she was in love with Xiu Jiekai, who was 9 years younger than her, and this relationship was rare and brave for both of them.

Later, Xiu Jiekai was on the show, and the host asked him whether the identity of "single mother" would be an obstacle between the two in the context at that time.

Xiu Jiekai said without hesitation: "I don't think so, that's part of her life." ”

After that, the plot was like being pressed the accelerator button, walking towards the happiness that Jia Jingwen expected.

The next year, Jia Jingwen announced her pregnancy, gave birth to her daughter Zhao in the same year, and a year later, gave birth to her youngest daughter, Bo Niu, and she used such actions to tell everyone that she was enjoying her motherhood and consummate love.

In 2016, Jia Jingwen appeared in the variety show "Mom is Superman", and two years later, the third season of the show was recorded, and Jia Jingwen returned again, with two daughters, while raising and showing affection.

It was also in this reality variety show that the audience was able to see the fragments of her life.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

Jia Jingwen's family photo

She is a fully qualified mom.

The program team arranged an "entrance exam" for the four mothers who participated in the program, which was roughly a test of how well the mothers knew their children.

Of the four mothers, only Jia Jingwen scored a full score.

In addition, Jia Jingwen's parenting style has also been widely praised. In the show, the 3-year-old is a picky eater, loses his temper and does not want to eat, and his father Xiu Jiekai looks at his daughter's tears and is helpless.

Jia Jingwen on the side simply turned the children's chair neatly, leaving her to face the dining table alone, until her daughter said, "I will eat obediently", and allowed her to turn around and face herself.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

Jia Jingwen, Zhao Zhao and Xiu Jiekai

She is also a wife who wanders in happiness.

There has been more than one scene in the show where Xiu Jiekai does housework: for example, the first thing he does when he gets home is to clean up the kitchen, and for example, if he has to go out for two days, his first reaction is to prepare food for the mother and daughter at home.

The child is smart and well-behaved, the husband is handsome, and when everyone is lamenting that Jia Jingwen has finally seen the clouds, few people will think about how she struggled in this seemingly perfect relationship.

Jia Jingwen once said that everything she did later was repairing, "repairing that ultimate choice, my child has no choice, her native family is us."

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

Jia Jingwen's family photo On the far left is the eldest daughter Wutong Mei

When she brought her eldest daughter alone, Jia Jingwen was not as freely described by the outside world, but she was always tense.

Sometimes the daughter would ask her, "Why are you and daddy separated?" She had to explain to her in different ways, explaining what it means to be powerless and separate from Lao Yan.

At that time, she guarded her daughter to sleep at night, and unconsciously shed tears: "I will feel sorry for her, it seems that I also feel sorry for myself, I will want to hold her, I want to give her a lot, that is also what I need." ”

So she always said that she was lucky, because in those dim years, there was someone who could see through the strength of her disguise.

It's just that at that time, the light flowed, the script of the good wife and good mother was outdated, and the audience in the past was always a little worried about whether Jia Jingwen could return to the ranks of excellent actresses after jumping out of the family's identity.

Of course, the answer was soon revealed.

If you don't turn over the previous things, there is no way to start a new story in life.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced
Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

Haruki Murakami once wrote: When you pass through the storm, you are no longer the same person.

This sentence is also suitable for Jia Jingwen.

In 2019, the Taiwanese drama "Our Distance from Evil" (hereinafter referred to as "With Evil") was born, receiving a Douban score of 9.4 points, known as "the best Taiwanese drama in the past decade".

The plot focuses on an indiscriminate murder case, from which the screenwriter explores the hidden social situation behind it, and asks the audience how far away we are from evil.

"What exactly is a good person and what is a bad person? Do you have a standard answer? Who has a standard answer? ”

The depth of the theme of this drama is inspiring, and what is even more surprising is the appearance of Jia Jingwen.

In it, she plays Song Qiaoan, a family member of the victims of indiscriminate killings, whose son is killed due to his own negligence. By day, she is a capable media industry executive; At night, she did not dare to go home, drinking and crying.

With this role, Jia Jingwen won the Golden Bell Award for Best Actress, tearing off the label of "ancient puppet beauty" that has been attached to her body for more than ten years.

However, pushing the timeline forward to the moment the script was handed to her, Jia Jingwen's subconscious reaction was: "Do you really want to use a passing actress?" ”

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

Jia Jingwen played Song Qiaoan in "And Evil" (the same below)

Before filming this play, her career was almost stagnant, and she had no confidence in picking up the identity of an actor again, "To be honest, not filming after ten years seems to have some gap with this circle."

In the past ten years, she has mostly participated in some variety shows, occasionally made cameos, and even forgot what roles she has played.

Therefore, when the script was handed over and the director affirmed, the only way for Alyssa to respond to this trust was to go all out.

When reading the script, she saw a large section of the courtroom scene in it and laughed at herself: "I have run the courthouse so many times, I know it well." ”

In addition, she took the initiative to design the details for this character.

Song Qiaoan is a person who relies on alcohol to relieve pain, but at the beginning of the script it was not clear what kind of wine he was drinking, Jia Jingwen found the director and said to him: "Red wine is elegant and relaxing for me, I want to set Song Qiaoan to drink whiskey, because that is the strongest spirit to heal the pain." ”

Jia Jingwen mentioned the atmosphere on the set at that time, saying that she was always trembling, like a new person: "Because I know that the brilliance of an actor is not a person, but the atmosphere that everyone gives you." ”

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

Fortunately, her efforts have paid off, and this drama has made her honorable.

In 2019, after delivering her acceptance speech at the Golden Bell Awards, Jia Jingwen calmly walked off the stage, and then hid in a corner where the camera could not be seen, crying loudly.

At four o'clock in the morning, she returned home in a very high mood, hugged her husband and children in turn, and then she lay on the bed with only one thought in her mind: it seemed to be a dream.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

In 2019, Jia Jingwen won the Golden Bell Award for "Behind the Eye"

This dream continues.

In 2021, director Zhong Menghong, who had filmed "Sunshine", found Jia Jingwen and told her that there was a script tailored for her.

He said to her: "Jia Jingwen, I only think of you, no one else. ”

That movie was "Waterfall", in which Alyssa was going to play a single mother suffering from schizophrenia.

During the epidemic, due to the suspected infection in her daughter's class, her daughter and mother were arranged to isolate at home. One is a mentally ill mother, and the other is a daughter who is in a rebellious period, and the plot unfolds.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

Jia Jingwen played her mother Luo Pinwen in "Waterfall" (the same below)

This movie is obscure, Douban score is only 5.9 points, I never thought that with time precipitation, it has risen to 7.7 points.

In the comment area of Douban, a sentence that everyone has recognized is: ""Waterfall" should be the best film in the epidemic-themed environment." ”

What is even more unexpected is that Jia Jingwen was sealed because of this movie.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

In this movie, Jia Jingwen took off her proud beauty, her face was puffy and old, and her figure was out of shape.

In order to this state, she had to drink two bottles of beer after filming, eat frieds, not take a bath, and go to the set the next day.

She once recalled filming when she was young, when she was very agile, very concerned about her image, and would struggle with whether her dark circles were covered and her hair was straightened.

Today, she chooses to fully trust the director, "I only care about my role, how I interpret it right, what kind of life I give this character."

Now that I think about it, perhaps, this is also in another sense, the birth of an actor.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced
Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

Time is like a straight line, with no beginning and no end.

After the age of 40, every time she appeared in public, the discussion caused by Jia Jingwen could not escape her family, her state, and her still beautiful face.

Time seemed to freeze in her, and aging was delayed.

In an interview, the host asked Jia Jingwen if she was afraid of getting old, and Jia Jingwen said bluntly: Afraid.

But the definition of the word aging in Jia Jingwen does not mean more wrinkles, she is afraid that she will not have the time and physical strength to accompany the children she cares about the most.

After understanding the depth of life, I know that the highest state of love is to love yourself. No one can compete with time, all she does is take care of herself and not burden her children.

She insists on exercise, lives regularly, occasionally finds an afternoon, completely hands over the children to her husband, and goes to massage herself, make faces, or go shopping and walking.

"When the corners of my mouth go up, the child naturally feels happy."

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

49-year-old Jia Jingwen

In 2019, Jia Jingwen posted a blog post on social platforms to celebrate her eldest daughter's successful graduation.

She captioned the blog post with four photos, and in addition to the usual Xiu Jiekai, she also posted a photo of her ex-husband standing together.

Later, she recalled the scene when she saw her ex-husband at that time, and she saw that the man in front of her had all white hair, and her heart was full of emotion.

Fortunately, Jia Jingwen divorced

From left to right: Sun Zhihao, Wutong Mei, Jia Jingwen

The public's exclamation has not yet completely fallen, and four months later, Jia Jingwen appeared at the Golden Bell Award ceremony.

She thanked a circle of people, mentioning her mother, brother, husband, and three daughters. Finally, she thanked her for her role in the show, because the character told her:

"Only by loving and letting go can we continue to move forward."

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