Why workplace dramas that take the route of life flow attract audiences

The hit of "Ordinary Road" has given the previous elite political and legal dramas an open perspective of ordinary people, and the daily and grounded scenes in the workplace have resonated with many netizens, and this life flow lawyer drama has also become a traffic responsibility. The previous "Police Glory", "Sanyue Has a New Job" and "Today's Cheer" are all workplace dramas with life streams, and they are all sought after by the audience with a high reputation of 8 points+.

Why workplace dramas that take the route of life flow attract audiences

As a rare narrative mode in the workplace drama genre, why can life flow attract audiences? From the story itself, the character setting, and the commonality of comedy elements, we may be able to find the reason.

Small perspective cut, the story can be felt specifically

In the past, workplace dramas such as political and legal dramas, public security dramas, and business war dramas that appeared on the market were mostly highly typed works, and stories shot from the perspective of life flow were rare, but with the development of the times, the narrative perspective is also changing, and workplace dramas that tell the real life of ordinary people from the perspective of life have begun to be sought after.

Different from the elitist and tall narrative of the previous lawyer theme, "Ordinary Road" focuses on the small things in the daily life of the civilian class, fake shoe sales, nanny abuse of the elderly, online violence, being touched porcelain... Throughout the cases presented in the series, they are small and trivial, and even some chickens and dogs jump, but they are closely related to the lives of ordinary people. The human nature reflected through the case, such as taking advantage of small advantages, is also familiar to the audience of the general class.

Why workplace dramas that take the route of life flow attract audiences

The same is true of "Police Honor", general criminal investigation dramas usually choose cases that have had a major impact in society in order to pursue a sense of comfort, but it starts from the short and trivial things in the parents, solves the contradictions between neighbors in the community, finds lost children, helps alleviate the relationship between parents and children and other plots are closer to the people, deeply concerned about real problems and social hot spots, specific and touchable stories, the current sex is very obvious.

There is no raw plot, no entry threshold for watching dramas, no industry black words that are too professional, mostly the lyricism of ordinary days, the reflection of real events in life, and the narrative perspective of life flow breaks the established template of previous professional presentation.

In the series' focus on niche occupations, it often resonates with young people due to the social phenomena and social problems brought by the occupation. "Sanyue Has a New Job" focuses the camera on the unpopular profession of body makeup artist, and in the depiction of the occupational discrimination and human warmth experienced by Zhao Sanyue, the audience will see another self due to similar life difficulties, work experience and life attitude, and thus empathize.

In the past, there have also been presentations of cutting-edge professions in the drama market, such as the haggler in "My Haggling Queen", the psychologist in "Female Psychologist", and the stenographer in "My Youth Who is in charge", but they have all been labeled as "ungrounded" by the audience, and the perspective of not realistic enough is far from the audience's life, and the support without a sense of convincing naturally cannot be affirmed by the audience.

From the perspective of narrative perspective and story material, in the past, workplace dramas overlooked the entire industry vertically and selected representative events to present, such as "Ideal City" about the construction industry; Life flow works start from small things, focus the lens on the small things under the big industry, use ordinary stories to map the career and life environment, and process the grand propositions in small cuts, the emotions are delicate, close to reality, and it is easier for the audience to bring in their own feelings, thereby causing resonance.

In the past, most workplace dramas were suspended, often because it was easy to take a big perspective; Because the works of life flow are close to daily life, they have a natural foundation for gaining the audience's favor, and small perspectives are better controlled in storytelling. However, these two styles are not superior, but because of the different materials, they bring different looks and feels.

The characters are more ordinary, and the temperament of passers-by suits the theme

The workplace is made up of people, so how to shape characters to fit the plot in the context of the workplace is the most important thing. In a story with ordinary life as the main keynote, the identities of the protagonists must also be ordinary people to fit the plot.

"Ordinary Road" began to write from the entry of newcomer Pan Yan, who did not have a high education and no background, and Haitou had more than 200 resumes that could not be read, relying on his girlfriend's nepotism to get an internship opportunity in a small law firm. But when a better person appears, he can be fired by his boss at any time, even if he stays up late and works overtime to retain lost clients for the law firm.

Why workplace dramas that take the route of life flow attract audiences

Li Dawei in "Police Honor" is the leader of the new police (the defective product that was slightly hitched when buying and selling goods), graduated from the police academy with poor grades when he was in school, stepped on the passing line, and was disliked by the leaders everywhere because of "many things and talks" after joining the company, and the situation of punching bags and gas bags makes this role very recognizable.

Relatively low-level character settings, no protagonist halo, lack of professional background and educational background, most of the workplace drama characters who take the life route face a lot of difficulties. When encountering difficulties in the workplace, you can't open "Goldfinger", relying entirely on improvisation and willpower, such a role resonates with many audiences. Despite their different professions, you can always see your own shadow in them.

In addition to the character setting that focuses on consensus and empathy, the characters of life flow workplace dramas present a more ordinary perspective and are more inclined to ordinary people, and the temperament of passers-by is very obvious. Pan Yan squeezed the subway with a confused look in his eyes every morning, wearing a crumpled casual sweatshirt and carrying an unknown black backpack, and was drowned out when thrown in the pile of people, completely lacking the "protagonist temperament" and idolization characteristics. Emotionally separated from his girlfriend, the experience is also very routine.

Why workplace dramas that take the route of life flow attract audiences

In "Lady's Character", which is also positioned as a political drama, although Peng Yuchang belongs to the same positioning as Guo Qilin in appearance, the characters in the play have strong ability and high education, and the emotional line also has Mary Sue colors, and the high-end character deviates from ordinary people's lives to a certain extent, so it cannot produce a sense of closeness.

More importantly, the works mentioned above keep pace with the times in presenting the characters' personalities and outlook on life, and are more in line with the thoughts and concepts of today's young people. After graduating, Sanyue lay flat at home, not understanding the value of his life, so he embarked on the road of body makeup artist; Pan Yan has repeatedly argued for his legitimate rights and interests, and did not hesitate to pretend to be a migrant worker or a primary school student in order to complete his work tasks, and has the insistence of "wanting to see the fairness and justice of this world".

Add comedy elements to reach multiple audiences

The story is real and down-to-earth, and the ordinary characters have no aura for the life flow of workplace dramas, in order to further gain the circle audience and improve the audience's viewing experience, the proper use of comedy elements is indispensable.

These four works have unanimously chosen to add comedy elements to the storytelling, which not only improves the atmosphere of the series, but also makes the audience more relaxed during the viewing process. As the master of the whole drama, Li Dawei of "Police Honor" can always make the audience laugh with one mouth on various occasions. On the first day, when I saw the director, I was called "brother"; Master asked him why he went to the police academy, and he replied, "My family can't control me."

In "Ordinary Road", Zuo Na accompanied her mother to find her father's mistress's home, which should have been a big scene of dog blood tearing, but it was presented in the form of a slow-motion, similar stage play, plus the BGM in the background, the whole scene is both humorous and poignant. "Come on Today" presents working life in the mode of sitcom, integrating real pain points into the nonsensical form of comedy, and presenting real stories through memes, regardless of work experience, the audience can smile.

Why workplace dramas that take the route of life flow attract audiences

At the same time, the addition of comedy elements can lower the threshold for watching dramas and gain multi-circle audiences. For example, the hardcore criminal investigation theme is popular with many men, and life dramas are difficult to attract male audiences due to lack of hormones, life flow workplace dramas combine the two by adding comedy elements, promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses, breaking the audience threshold, and attracting the whole family.

Through the presentation of the artistic charm of daily life aesthetics, the life flow workplace drama has been recognized by the audience, and the climbing ratings and excellent reputation are the best proof. It's hard to say whether it will become the next development outlet for workplace dramas, but it does provide a feasible and innovative perspective in the creation of themes.

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