0713 The first anniversary of the "debut" of the re-employment boy group, what level of red?

The "re-employment boy group" also has its own "dilemma"...

If you count from the launch of the first issue of "Welcome to the Mushroom House", the "0713 Reemployment Boy Group" composed of Chen Chusheng, Su Xing, Wang Lixin, Wang Zhengliang, Zhang Yuan, and Lu Hu has been established for a full year.

I think that when 6 people were in the "mushroom house" to scare each other and expose their old roots, the barrage was full of screens: they are not working, so let them live. To some extent, the wishes of netizens have indeed come true. Although "Mushroom House" did not continue, the 6 people soon had their own ensemble, and the audience saw their respective figures in more shows.

Judging from the exposure of variety shows alone, this year is definitely another peak they have ushered in since the debut of "2007 Happy Boy". In music, film and television, business and other aspects, can the popularity of variety shows form a feedback? In the trough of the entertainment industry, can such a popular path be replicated and how long can it last?

More importantly, it is not a "re-employment boy group" of the boy group, once it develops separately, will there still be the influence of "binding" together?

This time, Entertainment Studio summarized the personal report card of the "re-employment boy group" after becoming popular from the four dimensions of variety show, music, film and television, and business, trying to find the answer.

Say goodbye to picking your feet

Let's take a look at the most significant variety show results.

Screenshot of the resident variety show form, in which 6 people participated in the group in red

Since "Welcome to the Mushroom House", the "Re-employment Boy Group" has not only sat on two seasons of high-scoring ensemble - "Happy Re-start 1+2", but also let another S-grade program on Mango TV create "Escape Room 0713 Experience Version" for it. In addition, they also participated as resident guests in the new music ensemble "Come to See Our Concert" produced by Wow Haw Wow. The show's internal rating is still S.

Four programs were broadcast one after another, ensuring the high exposure of the "re-employment boy group" within one year. At the same time, they collectively participated in the programs as flying guests such as "Hello Saturday", "Every Day Up", "I Want to Sing with You", "Open Mai Tonight", "Aladdin Magic Lantern", etc., and the group activities were frequent, far exceeding the real boy/girl groups in domestic entertainment.

Let's look at personal development. In terms of resident variety shows, Lu Rover ranks first, with 4 files: the music ensemble "Our Song 4", the observational reality show "Shining Days", the marriage reality show "The Distance Between Love and Marriage" and "Design Idealist". Awakening followed, in addition to "Design Idealist", he was also the main MC of "Sunrise Song Center".

Screenshot of the flight variety show table, in which 6 people participated in the group in red

In terms of flying variety shows, the more articulate awakening is far ahead, and has participated in the company "What to do! There are more than 10 variety shows including "Talk Show Session", "Talk Show Conference 5", "Time Concert", "Let's Run", "Leap to the High-end Workplace", "The Lord is Coming", "Let's Farm", etc., covering talk shows, music, outdoor games, amateur workplaces, sports events and other genres, with a large personal span. And this volume also exceeds the number of variety shows in a year for many traffic idols.

Also participating in more than 10 variety shows is Zhang Yuan. In addition to the program of 6 people flying collectively, Zhang Yuan has also appeared on programs such as "Annual Comedy Competition 2", "The Voice of God 3", "The Best Stage", "No. 17 Music Warehouse", and also overlapped with Awakening "Time Concert", "Decibels on the Run", "Flying Boy", "Come to Live Brother".

Chen Chusheng and Wang Zhengliang mainly focus on the music complex, the former participated in "No. 17 Music Warehouse", "Praise for Songs 2", "Classic Songs" and other programs, the latter includes "Global Chinese Music Charts" and "Happy Exchange", etc., the overall type seems to be relatively single.

But specialization also has the benefit of specialization. For example, during the Spring Festival, Wang Zhengliang became the only member of the "Reemployment Boy Group" to appear on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. At the end of the song, Wang Zhengliang also deliberately compared the gesture of "six" to echo the brothers in front of the screen.

Screenshot of the party table, in red for 6 people participating in a group

Looking closely at the number of parties of the "Re-employment Boy Group" this year, it is also remarkable.

In addition to the collective Hunan Satellite TV Mid-Autumn Festival Night and Oriental Satellite TV's New Year's Eve Gala, 4 people from Su Xing, Wang Lixin, Zhang Yuan, and Lu Hu also participated in the recording of the 2023 Fujian New Year Blessing Night, and Su Xing, Wang Lixin, and Zhang Yuan attended the Chinese drama ceremony, and Zhang Yuan and Lu Hu recorded the summer graduation song party. After combing the whole thing, 6 people participated in nearly 20 galas and grand activities.

At this point, it's hard not to sigh: there are too many jobs in the "re-employment boy group"!

0713 boy group "Come to Our Concert" stage

In addition to variety shows, the main business is parallel

It is not difficult to see from the above performance chart that Wang Lixin is the one with the fewest individual variety shows in the "re-employment boy group", whether as a resident or a flyer.

But from another perspective, Wang Lixin is also the only member of the 6 people who has a film and television map. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why he has not participated in too many variety shows.

Since the popularity of "Mushroom House", Wang Lixin has continuously broadcast film and television works, including the dramas "Guardian", "Futuyuan", "Come on Today" and the online movie "Dusty Mountain", and the movie "Changsha Nightlife" starring in friendship is also about to land on the big screen. It can be said that he frequently meets the audience on different tracks.

"Changsha Nightlife", Zhou Dongyu, Wang Lixin

Back to the original question, what can the popularity of variety shows bring to these "past singers"?

A sharp contrast is that at first, when Zhao Linlin, CEO of Daqian Pictures, was planning "Shining Days", he specially went to see the Weibo super words of various guests, and at that time, Lu Hu's super words were only about 100 people checked. At present, the number of Land Rover Super Talk fans exceeds 100,000, the number of check-ins has already exceeded 12,000+, and the 2023 personal tour is quickly sold out after the ticket is issued.

After the "Re-employment Boy Group" became popular, Wang Zhengliang launched the sixth physical album "Still in Love", and Awakening launched the 15-year-old selected physical album "Floating Life Like a Dream", and Chen Chusheng and Zhang Yuan are also holding solo concerts.

In terms of new songs and singles, the 6 people have new works constantly released, including many popular film and television drama OSTs, such as the "Heavy Purple" episode "Floating Life Like a Dream" (sung by Zhang Yuan), the ending song of "Police Honor" "I Run to You Fearlessly" (sung by Lu Hu), and the theme song of the movie "Great Night" "Amazing Us" (sung by Wang Zhengliang, Su Xing, Zhang Yuan) and so on.

Just like Zhang Wei and Xue Zhiqian, who became popular by variety shows in the early years, the "re-employment boy group", which is also a singer, also chose to return to the main business, gradually feeding the popularity of variety shows into music, and finally realizing "variety show + music".

Business "embarrassment"

When "Mushroom House" was the hottest last year, netizens began to call for a 6-person reunion, but Zhao Linlin confessed to Entertainment Studio that there were few gold owners who were willing to throw money at several of their singers.

This logic lies in the fact that "many advertisers want newcomers or traffic artists, and only by finding idols who are popular among young people can the brand be popular, or in line with the tone of the brand." The artists of our show ("re-employment boy bands") are all 30+, mid-waist artists, and I know that their audience has to run at least three, but at least 50% of the core user group of the platform is under the age of 24, and the brand also wants to capture young people, so there are really not many business opportunities left for them. "

A year has passed, has the business situation of the "re-employment boy group" improved?

At least from the Weibo homepage of 6 people, there are not a few brand customers who have found it, and commercial short videos and brand-customized songs frequently appear. Especially in the field of brand e-commerce live broadcasting, you can often see the members of the "re-employment boy group", shuttling between the two major shopping platforms.

0713 boy group "Happy Departure" stills

In the field of games that are more aimed at young audiences, Chen Chusheng, Su Xing, Wang Lixin, Zhang Yuan and Yu Haoming filmed a special edition MV for a well-known game, and later Su Xing sang the theme song of a mobile game and was invited to make a game show debut.

However, after looking at the business cooperation of 6 people, it is not difficult to find the pattern - short-term brand ambassadors and experience officials are most, and there are almost no long-term endorsements. After searching for Weibo and news information of 6 people one after another, Yuli found that there was only one dairy product that could be called a "brand endorsement" in the true sense, and the spokespersons were Su Xing and Zhang Yuan.

Even if it is a certain wet toilet paper that "wakes up the same style", it only catches the out-of-circle clip of waking up wiping his face with wet toilet paper in the "mushroom house", and takes the initiative to sign it as a brand ambassador to play a hot marketing, and the real spokesperson is someone else.

Wake up in Welcome to the Mushroom House and turn over wet toilet paper

Is there a so-called "chain of contempt" in this? Can short-term business cooperation reflect the commercial value of artists? Some insiders told Entertainment Studio that the popularity of short-term endorsements starts from the draft, and then popular drama actors will also have brands to find them, "This is a recognition of the short-term traffic of artists." ”

"The so-called contempt chain, depending on whose position you stand on, the fan position Those 'ambassadors' and 'experience officers' must be the middle and lower layers of the contempt chain, but from the position of stars and brands, everyone takes what they need, I think there is not much contempt chain."

In general, the addition of short-term endorsements means that the brand recognizes the short-term traffic of the "re-employment boy group", and the amount of business will change with the fluctuation of traffic, at least at this stage, customers are confident - the "re-employment boy group" will not be pasted in the short term.

Ju is a "re-employment boy group", scatter is...?

And what about the future? How long will the popularity of "re-employment boy bands" continue?

Although we can't predict in advance, we can see some trends from the views of industry insiders.

In the variety show market, the current "re-employment boy group" is indeed "good quality and low price" compared to ordinary traffic artists. A variety show producer said: "The 'Re-employment Boy Group' has almost caught up with Yang Di's existence!" ”

"The six of them have a broad spectrum of popularity, good work attitude, and good variety show effects, who doesn't like to use it? Another important point is that variety shows are playing an acquaintance group, and instead of trying to establish a relationship between guests, it is better to find this kind of guest who is born an acquaintance. ”

This may also explain another question - can the circle-breaking path of the "re-employment boy band" be replicated? It can be seen that if you want to create a similar variety show TOP group again, one must be familiar with each other and know the roots, and the other is to be open in front of the camera and have variety show effects.

Zhao Linlin shared behind-the-scenes photos of the group

More importantly, behind these two points, many people also ignore the social emotions with strong resonance conveyed by the 6 members of the "re-employment boy group", which is the story of a group of talented musicians who have insisted on chasing their dreams for more than ten years, and there are too many people yearning for bravery and uncompromising.

Therefore, if you want to replicate the "re-employment boy group", you must first go through the precipitation of time, and then grasp the right time and place. It's not just about "shouting poverty."

0713 boy group "Welcome to the Mushroom House"

Of course, the "re-employment boy group" also has its own "dilemma", such as the strength of fighting alone is still no match for the 6-person combination.

It can be seen from the above variety show report card that the number of resident variety shows with 6 people is much more than that of single resident variety shows, and in the flight variety show invitation, in addition to Su Xing and Zhang Yuan have more people to announce (the two often overlap), the number of other members is small, and still can't get rid of the "fate" of collective binding, such as Land Rover's "Time Concert", "Mao Xuewang" and "Farm" have other members involved.

Just this year, Entertainment Studio learned that an entertainment festival selected a "re-employment boy group" at the stage of intended guests, and finally due to the collision of someone's itinerary, the 6 people could not appear together, and finally gave up the invitation to everyone.

"Happy Departure" two seasons of Douban scores

It's just that after going around in the entertainment industry for more than ten years, it's better to be labeled as this than to be cared for.

For the audience, the emergence of the "re-employment boy group" allowed them to see the long-disappeared "internal entertainment living people", injected fresh and interesting blood into many variety shows, and even made some variety show practitioners pay attention to the truth that "content is king".

For the members in it, being able to become popular and out of the circle by virtue of the "re-employment" after passing may be a life episode they never dreamed of.

As for where the road will go in the future, it is up to them to continue to break in.

Zhao Linlin shares the 0713 boy band on stage

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