"Youth Travel 4" premiered, the content was old bottles of new wine, the guests were polarized, and the audience scolded Wu Tong by mistake

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On the evening of April 8, Zhejiang Satellite TV's cultural tourism exploration variety show "Youth Travel 4" ushered in the premiere. Among the many variety shows of Zhejiang Satellite TV, this show is one of the more handy. The show has been broadcast for 3 seasons so far, with many classic hilarious scenes, bringing countless laughter to the audience, and the "Spring Tour Family" composed of Jia Ling, Fan Chengcheng, Zhou Shen, Yang Di, Lang Lang and others has also become a business card of the show.

Judging from the content of the past 3 seasons of "Youth Travel", the rating of the second season is 7.4 points, while the score of the first season is 5.2 points, and the rating of the third season is 4.8 points. The reason for this phenomenon is directly related to the permanent guests of the show. The success of this show depends largely on whether the invited guests are brilliant.

The pilot film of "Youth Travel 4" has 57 minutes of content, the overall look and feel is that there are laughs but no main line, the content and games are "old bottles of new wine", the program team let Wu Tong's set of things to let the "IF Club" members play again, although the guests are trying to make laughter, but overall lack of freshness.

Compared with the "Spring Tour Family", the "IF Club" has just been established, and the chemistry between each other is not strong enough, and it is necessary to further enhance the relationship. Xu Zheng, Wang Baoqiang, Yang Di and others have their own comedy effects, while newcomers such as Chen Zheyuan, Shen Yue, Xu Minghao, Zhang Yixiao and others are still a little unsatisfied. Takaba and Naza did not appear in the pilot, which is also a big regret of the show.

"New wine in old bottles" lacks freshness

"Youth Travel 4" starts a trip with the theme of "IF", the script is not set in advance, but tests the temporary reaction of the team members, and the whole journey is full of unknown challenges. Each destination hides different quest challenges, and the "IF Club" needs to unlock different forms of residence by completing missions.

The overall idea of the show is beautiful, but judging from the content presented in the pilot film, the content is still unchanged. During the lunch session, the program group let the guests play games such as listening to opera, watching pictures and guessing stars, you scratch and guess, and word catching, which are all content that has been repeatedly played in previous seasons of the show.

The guessing session is still full of routines, many songs are tailored for guests, and "As Long as Ordinary" was directly guessed by Xu Zheng. The program group also gave a wave of advertisements to the TV series "My Villain Boyfriend" starring Shen Yue and Chen Zheyuan by the way, but it is a pity that the two lack tacit understanding and entangled for half a day to say the same answer.

The whole song guessing process was lackluster, and in the end, it was necessary to rely on the "guessing song king" Yang Di to play with everyone, Yang Di also came prepared, prepared a difficult question bank in advance, and finally corrected the wrong answer of the program group.

Look at the picture to guess the star link, every time the program is broadcast, it relies on this link on the hot search, Shen Yue this time said that the photo of Wang Hedi in childhood was Wu Lei. This game is not only played in the "Youth Travels" program, but also in the "Ace to Ace" program, and there is not much novelty for the audience.

The IF club is clearly polarized

The biggest change in "Youth Travel 4" is the "big change" of the guest lineup, Jia Ling, Fan Chengcheng, Lang Lang, Zhou Shen and other veterans are all absent, leaving only the "elder of the three dynasties" Yang Di. For this change in the guest lineup, many viewers also held a wait-and-see attitude.

In "Youth Travel 4", Xu Zheng, Wang Baoqiang, Yang Di, Chen Zheyuan, Shen Yue, Xu Minghao, Zhang Yixiao form a new "IF Club", "IF" represents if, unknown and surprise, and the program team also hopes that the guests can bring the audience a new viewing experience.

However, from the content presentation of the pilot film, the 7 resident still lacks some running-in, and the performance of the guests is more polarized.

As a veteran of the show, Yang Di's sense of "master" is also very strong, and the show plays the role of an invisible host throughout the show, able to take the initiative to throw and pick up the stem, drive the atmosphere of all staff, and also cue the process from time to time. However, without Jia Ling, Yang Yang and other old friends, Yang Di also felt a little alone.

Xu Zheng and Wang Baoqiang, the pair of screen partners brought a lot of laughter to the audience, this time recording variety shows in the same frame, the two also have their own sense of variety show, the show is very open, the comedy effect is obvious.

Xu Zheng played various homophonic terriers on the bus, guest Xu Minghao introduced himself, saying that everyone can call themselves "Xiaoba", although Xu Zheng homophonic terrier on the side was late but arrived, saying that the car everyone was riding in was also called "minibus", and the whole car was amused.

You draw my guess link, in order to draw the word "catching the wind", Wang Baoqiang made a series of exaggerated actions hilarious and punched a set of punches on the spot, which is worthy of learning martial arts.

In the three-word solitaire game, Wang Baoqiang thought that he understood the rules of the game, but he kept making mistakes during the game and completely became a "game black hole", but this part also became the finishing touch of the game link.

Chen Zheyuan himself is a little humble, he bluntly said that the audience may not have seen his play, even if he has seen it, he should not be able to boast of anything, ridiculing himself in a word, and the variety show effect is full. On the bus, he staged a "severed relationship" chat with Yang Di, and the funny atmosphere also narrowed the distance between the guests.

Wang Baoqiang first performed a confused look, then imitated the monkey's movements, and finally gestured to take a bite. Unexpectedly, Chen Zheyuan instantly gave the correct answer of Kiwi, which was also the highlight of his debut.

Shen Yue has participated in two popular variety shows on Zhejiang Satellite TV one after another, but she can obviously feel that she is still a little unable to let go. The program team intends to knock her and Chen Zheyuan's CP, but the two guests are obviously avoiding suspicion.

Xu Minghao, who debuted for 8 years, has become the popular person in charge of "Youth Travel 4", and social media and barrage are brushing this artist.

Judging from the performance of the pilot film, the young man is very smart, experienced in reality shows, emotional intelligence is also online, and he completed his hidden tasks early on the bus, and the subsequent performance is worth looking forward to.

Zhang Yixiao obviously lacked reality show experience, and basically couldn't talk after getting on the car, so he asked everyone to take a group photo, and the hidden task was exposed at once. The program team gave her the opportunity to perform alone in your guessing session, but she did not seize the opportunity, and was helpless in the face of the phrase "do not enter the tiger's den, get the tiger", and the sense of existence among all the guests was too low.

The audience scolded Wu Tong this time

After the pilot film of "Youth Travel 4" was broadcast, it also quickly appeared on the hot search topic, the author clicked in, but I didn't expect that director Wu Tong was scolded again, questioning the guest selection and the content of the program. As soon as Zhejiang Satellite TV's popular variety show was broadcast, every time Wu Tong was brought out, but this time everyone obviously scolded the wrong person.

Audiences familiar with the "Youth Travels" program should know that director Wu Tong likes to appear in the show and interact with guests. And in "Youth Travel 4", there is no director Wu Tong, and judging from the voice and picture revealed by the show, it is not Wu Tong himself.

Yang Di asked the director team to apologize in the program, and the camera gave a small picture, and it was not Wu Tong himself who appeared. Some fans inquired on the show's official social media, and judging from the feedback, "Youth Travel 4" did change the director. And it was revealed that this director was the director of the previous "Running Man".

Not only the guests have changed, but even the director of the program has changed, but Wu Tong quit and seems to have not quit, whether it is the game or the content, there are shadows of the original program everywhere. Zhejiang Satellite TV's wave of operations is really incomprehensible, and I can only feel sorry for Wu Tong, so don't scold him this time.

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