Wang Hedi's "anger" and Meng Ziyi's "loss of control" made this issue of "Saturday" completely canonized

There are two common channels for star exposure, one is acting, and when film and television works are broadcast, vigorously publicize and brush a wave of existence. The first is to participate in variety shows, play games and fight intelligence in the camera, which tests emotional intelligence and IQ.

Some actors are not willing to participate in variety shows, worried that overexposing themselves will affect their role creation.

And some actors are natural variety comedians, and going on variety shows can make him more fans than acting.

Remember that in "Hello, Saturday" in 2022, Cheng Yi's unexpected contrast contributed to many variety show scenes. He has always been implicitly and introverted and focused on acting, which is incompatible with the show, but has created a lot of new and interesting variety show effects.

And this time, the same "Hello, Saturday" helped us unlock another chosen variety artist - Meng Ziyi.

The theme of the latest episode of the program is a welfare party, all guests team up in pairs, other friends either shoulder propaganda tasks, or take the opportunity to establish feelings, only Meng Ziyi and Qin Xiaoxian, love and kill each other, just start to team up and dislike each other.

When Qin Xiaoxian heard the team list, he said three words in disgust: "I don't want it." ”

Meng Ziyi was not to be outdone, and immediately shot back: "I don't want to be with you yet." ”

How to say, it can only be said that both of them are typical game black holes, Qin Xiaoxian always loses in "Saturday", and Meng Ziyi rarely wins in other shows.

When they team up, they are not rushing to win, but completely for the effect of variety shows.

This set proved to be the happiest combination in the audience.

There is a game where the partner answers the question, the program team selects classic clips from the film and television works, and the lines in them are silenced, and as long as the partners can cooperate to answer the complete lines correctly, they can earn points for the team and can also have a chance to cut the rope of others.

Each group has two balloons filled with water overhead, and as long as the rope is cut, it can encounter water bombs.

There is a question, which is the famous scene in "Mermaid".

After Meng Ziyi saw it, he was full of confidence, quickly raised his hand to answer, and dictated the standard answer in Qin Xiaoxian's ear: "I have money and figure, and the people who chased me lined up from Paris to France." ”

Before she finished speaking, she had already raised her hand excitedly to celebrate, and her face was full of joy.

Wang Hedi's "anger" and Meng Ziyi's "loss of control" made this issue of "Saturday" completely canonized

But as soon as their answer was finished, Wang Hedi poured a basin of cold water in front of them and asked them, "Isn't Paris France?" ”

Paris is the capital of France, just as Beijing is the capital of China.

Teacher He also hurriedly stepped forward, adding fuel to the fire, and said, "This is equivalent to the people chasing me from Malan Mountain to Changsha. ”

Wang Hedi's "anger" and Meng Ziyi's "loss of control" made this issue of "Saturday" completely canonized

Qin Xiaoxian was angry and corrupted, and shouted to Meng Ziyi, "I said that you can't win", and Meng Ziyi had to cover his mouth in shame and giggle.

Later, they finally answered a question correctly.

Qin Xiaoxian was standing up there, intending to walk over handsomely and cut the rope next to Wei Daxun and Hu Yitian.

Wang Hedi's "anger" and Meng Ziyi's "loss of control" made this issue of "Saturday" completely canonized

But I never expected that Qin Xiaoxian was only halfway there, and his teammate Meng Ziyi had already made the first move, cut the rope, and accidentally cut a safety rope.

Wang Hedi's "anger" and Meng Ziyi's "loss of control" made this issue of "Saturday" completely canonized

Meng Ziyi's action was so fast that everyone had no time to react.

Wei Daxun was not mentally prepared, Qin Xiaoxian had not yet walked in front of him, and even Teacher He did not notice Meng Ziyi's actions, only the witty director captured this scene.

Wang Hedi's "anger" and Meng Ziyi's "loss of control" made this issue of "Saturday" completely canonized

Qin Xiaoxian's heart is broken, he has always been a game black hole, the chance to win is very rare, this time it was difficult to answer a question correctly, and he did not have time to enjoy the joy of success, so he lost this opportunity.

This one-minute victory experience card ended too abruptly.

He was so sad and indignant that he had to pound the floor to vent, and Wang Hedi on the side laughed and lay down on the ground.

Wang Hedi's "anger" and Meng Ziyi's "loss of control" made this issue of "Saturday" completely canonized

Meng Ziyi's surprise can always bring surprises, she originally planned to catch Wei Daxun and them off guard, but she didn't expect to kill Qin Xiaoxian with a dumbfounded eye.

The funniest thing is in the second game.

The name of the second game is called "3 2 1, look over here", two two and one pair, four people in battle, two of them are responsible for winning or losing the game, and two are responsible for punishment.

Qin Xiaoxian and Ding Chengxin are in charge of the game session, and the loser will be punished by splashing water by the opposing teammate.

Fortunately, there are also covers that can be used as shields to block water.

As soon as the game started, Qin Xiaoxian lost, Wang Hedi's eyes were quick, a glass of water splashed all over his face, Meng Ziyi was so frightened that he hid to the side, and after realizing it, he raised the lid again to block a futile effort.

Another round of games began, before the two PKs could win or lose, Meng Ziyi picked up the lid of the pot and flickered forward, she really didn't react.

Teacher He put the finishing touch, saying that Meng Ziyi achieved beauty in this game, and the implication is that beauty is beautiful, but his brain is a little unable to keep up.

Another round of games began, this time Meng Ziyi performed very well, steadily protecting Qin Xiaoxian with a lid.

Wang Hedi's "anger" and Meng Ziyi's "loss of control" made this issue of "Saturday" completely canonized

At this moment, Wang Hedi was put in order, and the stress response also came out.

Similarly, before the two next door could decide whether they would win or lose, they reflexively picked up the lid, which frightened Qin Xiaoxian.

It's okay, start over.

It was very rare that Qin Xiaoxian actually won the victory, Meng Ziyi splashed the water cup when he lifted it, and Wang Hedi blocked it in front of Ding Chengxin.

Just wondered why Wang Hedi had a lid and didn't need to block it with his hands, and when he complained loudly, he knew that the original water cup and lid were taken by Meng Ziyi.

At the beginning of another round of the game, Ding Chengxin lost, but fortunately, Wang Hedi reacted super and took the cover to block it in front of Ding Chengxin.

Unexpectedly, Meng Ziyiqi's high move actually splashed water along the edge of the table and splashed it on Ding Chengxin's pants.

Meng Ziyi's fantastic operation made everyone laugh silly.

Ordinary people really can't think of this trick.

Wang Hedi's "anger" and Meng Ziyi's "loss of control" made this issue of "Saturday" completely canonized

Qin Xiaoxian teased her, saying that he could give Ding Chengxin a wrap-around splash.

Teacher He solved the siege with high emotional intelligence, saying that Meng Ziyi was not intentional, she did not have so many twists and turns in her mind, it was just an instinctive choice.

Another round of games began, Ding Chengxin just lost, Wang Hedi picked up the lid and rushed to Meng Ziyi.

At the moment of his action, the three people at the table were so frightened that they turned away.

Wang Hedi has always played games seriously, and this time, he is completely on top, thinking of using magic to defeat magic, and staged a face-shyening defense.

In the final tiebreaker, Ding Chengxin won, and Wang Hedi decisively picked up the water cup and poured it on Qin Xiaoxian's face, without the slightest softness.

Even Teacher He joked that Wang Hedi was not Qin Xiaoxian, but Meng Ziyi's partner.

This splashing session was so much fun.

Meng Ziyi, who was "out of control", and Wang Hedi, who was gradually "irritable", made this episode of the program completely confiscated.

Meng Ziyi, who has repeatedly made surprising moves, Wang Hedi, who has become more and more courageous in the war, and Ding Chengxin and Qin Xiaoxian, the interaction between the four of them is simply not too funny.

Meng Ziyi really has a bit of variety talent on him.

Before, many people watched "Peachblossom Dock" and were fanned by her, but now in "Saturday", Meng Ziyi has shown his unique charm.

It looks like a bright and moving big beauty, but she has a brain that is different from ordinary people. Her brain circuits are so clear that ordinary people really can't keep up.

I have to say that the happiness of this issue is largely brought by Meng Ziyi, I have never seen such a "gaffe" female star, if it were not for Teacher He's high emotional intelligence to control the field, I really doubt that she would blow up the field.

Meng Ziyi and Wang Hedi are typical unjust siblings.

One is stunned and has repeatedly made surprising moves, and one is more courageous and frontal in the Vietnam War. Such a generous star without baggage, playing the game is really beautiful and interesting.

Netizens shouted, let Meng Ziyi stay in "Saturday", I think it's okay, what do you think?

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