Musk's 74-year-old mother ended her trip to China and repeatedly mentioned that "having fun in China" and "everyone is friendly"

"Goodbye Shanghai; Thank you China, I had a wonderful two weeks. On April 2, Maye Musk, the mother of Tesla founder and Twitter CEO Elon Musk, summarized the journey to China on her online social platform, repeatedly mentioning that "having fun in China" and "everyone is friendly."

Meyer posted on social platforms

The 74-year-old Meyer has been a model for 50 years and has appeared in many fashion publications. On social platforms, she describes herself as an "international best-selling author and dietitian supermodel with 2 master's degrees in science". According to Meyer, the trip to China is mainly for sightseeing and signing new books, and he is about to get a doctorate in nutrition this month.

Behind Meyer's attention, it is not only because she is Elon Musk's mother, but also because of her optimistic attitude towards life that dares to take risks and keep moving forward after experiencing life shocks. It is precisely because of this that Meyer was called "a woman who is richer than the richest man in the world" by netizens.

Posting pictures and checking in 7 beautiful scenery

"I had a great time in China"

The last stop on Meyer's trip to China was Shanghai. On April 2, Meyer wore a black velvet jacket, sat on an orchid lace, and took a photo with the Oriental Pearl in the distance. She said goodbye to Shanghai with a photo and thanked China for giving her a wonderful two-week trip.

On March 29, Meyer also came to Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, and posted a video diary of checking in Huzhou Film and Television City. As a dazzling new star on the shore of South Taihu Lake, Huzhou Film and Television City has restored the old Bund of Shanghai, known as the "Universal Architecture Expo Group", and the building integrates many classic architectural forms such as Gothic spires, ancient Greek domes, baroque pillars, etc., forming a unique Shanghai beach scenery and reproducing the prosperous scene of old Shanghai.

On March 27, Meyer put on a cream suit and took a photo with the distant Suzhou landmark Oriental Gate. For this trip to China, Meyer said that he searched many websites for suitable clothes before traveling. This rose-covered blouse was created by a designer from Ordos, China. The day after, Meyer also visited the 500-year-old Suzhou Garden, taking photos with cherry blossoms, ancient pavilions, ancient pines and more.

Meyer wore a suit from a Chinese designer

On March 22, Meyer said that he had a good day in Guangzhou. Before sharing her new book, she visited several attractions. The photo shows him visiting Shamian Island, taking a night cruise on the Pearl River by boat, enjoying the night view on both sides of the river, and climbing to the 103rd floor of the Tianhe CBD Building in Guangzhou to look at the Canton Tower, known as the "little man's waist".

Judging from Meyer's public tweets, in the two weeks since she came to China, she has clocked in 7 scenic spots including Huzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Xiamen, Chengdu and Wuhan, during which she visited well-known attractions such as Huzhou Film and Television City, Xiamen Nanputuo Temple, Suzhou Garden, and Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum, took photos, and watched Sichuan Opera face-changing performances. Under the pictures he shared, many foreign netizens left messages expressing their love for Chinese culture, and many netizens expressed their expectations for traveling to China.

In addition, many netizens in China have issued invitations to Meyer Musk to visit. Meyer responded: "Thank you. I had a great time in China. Everyone was friendly".

Single parent raised 3 children

Borrow clothes from your child to wear when they are in difficulty

On this trip to China, Meyer also promoted his new book "Life by Me", which he wrote at the age of 71. She summed up the book in 12 words: advice for a lifetime of adventure, beauty and success.

In his new book, Meyer describes his life experience, tearing down and rebuilding his life many times, living in 3 countries and 9 cities: making his debut at the age of 15, getting married at the age of 22, becoming a bankrupt single mother at the age of 31, and then living in 3 countries and raising 3 wonderful children. He returned to modeling in his 60s and received his doctorate this month.

Meyer's three children. In 1976, 5-year-old Elon, 2-year-old Tosca and 4-year-old Kimball (left to right)

In the book, Meyer also recalled the birth of his eldest son, Elon Musk. "Elon was twenty-three when he was born, which was the average age for women to give birth in 1971, and I experienced three days of false labor and contractions during the day that didn't stop until night," she said. When it came time to actually give birth, the process was also extremely difficult because Elon's head was too big and he was a fat boy of 8 pounds and 8 ounces (about 3.8 kilograms). ”

Meyer also wrote in the book that when Elon Musk was a child, he liked to read all kinds of books and would not forget every word he read, "We called him 'Elon Encyclopedia'". In 1993, Elon Musk got his first computer at the age of 12, and he wrote a computer game "Blastar" in code and submitted it to Computer Magazine, receiving $500 compensation.

Because she is a single-parent family, Meyer has been working as a nutritionist and model to earn money to raise children, and she is not financially rich. On one flight to Toronto, the airline lost Meyer's luggage. Unable to afford new clothes, Meyer had to borrow clothes from Elon to wear, and for months, she explained to others why she was dressed so strangely, "I'm sorry, I wore it because my luggage was lost." ”

Within 3 years and 3 weeks, Meyer had three children. She said the kids went to college and applied for student loans on their own, and is now proud of their achievements: "Elon is building electric cars to promote environmental protection, and he's also launching rockets." Kimball opened a restaurant where farm ingredients were served to the table, and he taught children across the country how to build fruit and vegetable gardens. My youngest daughter, Tosca, runs her own entertainment company, specializing in producing and directing love movies based on best-selling novels. ”

According to Meyer's personal website, the book has been printed in 26 Chinese dialect editions for global distribution. Chao News reporters searched online bookstores such as Dangdang and found that the book has a lot of publicity introduction, such as "becoming stronger in failure", "the wonderful life of independent women", "Mother riding the wind and waves", and the sales of many stores have reached 100,000+. On Amazon, the book sells for $20.43 and only 17 copies are in stock.

Meyer with three children. The second from the left is Elon, photographed in 2019

Walk the catwalk with children at the same time

"It's all about age"

"Although the learning process is frustrating. But it was a great experience for me. When it comes to surfing the internet, Meyer says it's never too late to learn new skills, "When I post on social media, fans quickly let me know what they like or don't like. ”

Meyer laments that the web can help her move in directions that people are interested in. For her, "social media is a great invention." A designer saw her online photo and invited Meyer, 67, to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week. Also because of social media, Meyer signed a contract with a modeling agency and became the oldest "cover girl" in history at the age of 69. In addition, many photographers invited her to shoot, giving her more opportunities to shoot.

When will I retire after becoming an "influencer"? Meyer, 74, cited her mother as a role model. She once told Musk on Twitter, "Your grandmother retired at 96 because she was in a wheelchair and couldn't show her art. She then read hungrily until her death at the age of 98. No one could persuade her to retire. ”

After becoming popular, Meyer, in addition to work, has always enjoyed the current family life. Meyer reveals in the book that she currently has 11 grandchildren. "They keep me learning, and the weird questions they ask make me so happy."

In the book, Meyer also mentioned that her eldest son, Elon Musk, has five sons, and after moving to Los Angeles, she found that every dinner was like a disaster scene, the children were talking at the same time, and the environment was bad. Meyer decided, "I need to spend 30 minutes alone with each child every week. So, every Friday afternoon, she would show up at their house on time to play games with the children and read a book. Later, Meyer brought the children to the table, showed them how to eat gracefully, spoke politely, and told the children to "close your mouth when chewing" and "don't talk when your mouth is full"... Also, instead of scrambling to tell Elon Musk what he did today, greet him first and find out how he's doing. Later, the children did the same.

Despite her gray hair, Meyer showed her elegance and beauty to the public. She said she is not afraid of aging, "Every decade of my life is better than the last." In my twenties, I could talk a lot about it except for having three wonderful kids; I was also having a bad time in my thirties; In my forties, I was still busy surviving; In my fifties, I came to New York to start anew, trying to get my career on track and make new friends; It wasn't until I was in my sixties, because of my work and my children and grandchildren, that I gradually settled down. ”

"Now, I'm busier than ever." Meyer said that he liked his age too much and never expected life to be so good, "I know that everything has nothing to do with age."

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