Zhang Jike, don't hate it, but don't like it

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Zhang Jike's "gossip melon" will go all the way in the direction of "criminal melon"!

As a melon eater, the last time I ate the melon that shocked me now was still ordinary, but Zhang Jike's "gambling debt" big melon once again subverted my three views.

Thinking of Zhang Jike's glorious past, he joined the national table tennis team at the age of 13, reached the top 8 of the national championship at the age of 18, and won the men's team championship and the men's singles championship at the age of 20.

At that time, Zhang Jike was the proud son of heaven and the "Tibetan mastiff in the table tennis altar" in the hearts of thousands of fans.

The most memorable is that in 2012, 24-year-old Zhang Jike won the Grand Slam of the three individual championships of the World Championships, the World Cup and the Olympic Games.

Zhang Jike, who was working hard for his dream at that time, and the invincible "Tibetan Mastiff Zhang" on the court, brought countless Chinese people full of emotion and admiration.

In the 2016 Rio Olympics, Liu Guoliang's sentence "must wake up, this is the Olympic Games" directly made Zhang Jike from the sports circle to the entertainment industry.

This year, 28-year-old Zhang Jike became the male athlete with the highest commercial value, and he continued to appear at major award ceremonies, and his every move became more and more similar to that of stars.

Just as the so-called "rich and charming eyes", Zhang Jike, who is gradually moving away from the sports circle, is gradually becoming different in the colorful entertainment industry.

In the past, people liked Zhang Jike because of his unruly personality, domineering and ferocious style and talented ball skills.

But after entering the entertainment industry, what did Zhang Jike do?

He first tried to be a singer, after all, during the national team period, Zhang Jike was regarded as the "king of songs" by his teammates, and his singing skills and timbre were indeed outstanding among ordinary people.

Therefore, the first major event for Zhang Jike to enter the entertainment industry was to release the single "Heart Hide", and within two months, Zhang Jike joined the second season of the popular music variety show "Crossover Singer".

In this singing show that brought together 14 film and television stars, Zhang Jike finally won the third place.

Regardless of whether Zhang Jike's award is deserved, from the point of view that he did not adhere to his singing career in the future, Zhang Jike's singing strength should not be able to support him to go down in the entertainment industry.

The road of singing is not working, and there is no experience in acting, so Zhang Jike chose another shortcut: taking on variety shows.

According to incomplete statistics, from 2017 to now, Zhang Jike has participated in the recording of at least 20 variety shows.

Among them, Mango TV's "Daughters in Love" is relatively popular.

But Zhang Jike in the love variety show has caused a lot of controversy because of many "straight men" speeches.

After the program was broadcast, Zhang Jike's popularity did not rise but fell, and many people also realized that Zhang Jike really did not have the perfection that the public imagined.

Since then, although Zhang Jike still has invitations to variety shows, his popularity has long been gone, and his highlight moment is gone.

When the starlight gradually dimmed, Zhang Jike changed the runway and plunged into the army of live broadcast goods.

When netizens watched Zhang Jike selling small goods for one or twenty yuan in the live broadcast room, wearing lipstick and shouting hard, some netizens adhered to the view that making money is not shameful.

Another part of netizens lamented that the former Olympic champions now skillfully said slogans such as "one, two, three, and upper connection".

Such a down-to-earth Zhang Jike makes countless table tennis fans feel strange, and also makes people miss the "Tibetan Mastiff Zhang" who was full of spirit on the court.

If the big melon of "gambling debt" has not been exposed, even if Zhang Jike has more lace news, he should always have a firm supporter.

Unfortunately, this time, Zhang Jike's "melon" is too explosive, even if it is a die-hard fan, he can't convince himself to believe in "idols".

On March 31, the well-known journalist Li Weiao exposed Zhang Jike to a debt of 5 million yuan for gambling, and then Zhang Jike sold his ex-girlfriend Jing Tian's private video to the creditor when he only repaid 1 million yuan.

Therefore, the creditor took the video to find Jing Tian to "ask for a debt", and Jing Tian became the most innocent victim of this incident.

After that, the police intervened, and the creditor pleaded guilty and served his sentence according to law.

In response to the reporter's revelation, Zhang Jike issued a lawyer's statement in the name of the studio.

However, the statement only mentioned the "right to reputation", and did not even mention the name of the whistleblower "Li Weiao", and the entire statement made many netizens smell a feeling of weakness.

Moreover, Li Weiao's attitude was tougher after Zhang Jike's lawyer's statement was issued, and he bluntly said: The other party is welcome to sue at any time.

If the whistleblower is an ordinary entertainment paparazzi, the outside world may think that it is rumor-mongering, but Li Weiao has been reporting since 2003, and he has won many awards in the media and journalism industry.

Judging from the point of professional identity alone, Li Weiao should be much more credible than the revelations of entertainment reporters.

More importantly, after Li Weiao broke the news, many insiders in the industry came forward to shout Zhang Jike.

First, a blogger named "Wang Lao Wu Without Diamonds" confirmed that Li Weiao's revelation was true, and he revealed that Zhang Jike had borrowed Jing Tian's loan of up to 10 million yuan and did not pay it back.

The blogger described Zhang Jike as a complete scumbag, and he should accept both legal and moral punishment.

Then, Lu Xueting, former editor-in-chief of the Sina Network Center and former Sina Entertainment reporter, forwarded Li Weiao's Weibo successively and sighed: Finally broke out.

After that, the entertainment record Zhang Xiaohan appeared, she contemplated Zhang Jike's big melon content in the form of comics, and revealed to the outside world that Jing Tian had wanted to expose Zhang Jike's behavior, but due to her identity as a public figure, she could only swallow bitter water into her stomach.

At the same time, the chat records of suspected actresses Deng Sha and Jing Tian were also exposed on the Internet.

Through this chat record, netizens found that the victim turned out to be more than Jing Tian.

In the screenshot of the chat circulated on the Internet, Deng Sha mentioned that Zhang Jike borrowed 10 million yuan from Tian Liang and 3 million yuan from Yuan Shanshan, but they were delayed in returning them.

Tian Liang and Zhang Jike are both retired athletes, and it is not surprising that the two have a friendship in the past, as for Yuan Shanshan, she was photographed going out with Zhang Jike in 2017.

It is rumored that Yuan Shanshan is Zhang Jike's ex-girlfriend, and if the rumors are true, it is reasonable for Yuan Shanshan to lend money to Zhang Jike.

Finally, Jing Tian, Jing Tian and Zhang Jike officially announced their relationship in March 2018 and announced their breakup in June 2019.

Previously, an entertainment record broke the news that Jing Tian had always regarded Zhang Jike as a marriage object, and Zhang Jike borrowed a large amount of money from Jing Tian on the grounds of buying a wedding house during their relationship.

But in the end, this money was not used to buy a house, but was diverted by Zhang Jike for other purposes, and then Jing Tian chose to break up.

Later, when Jing Tian recorded a variety show, she mentioned that she spent the darkest moment of her life in 2019, and she experienced the pain that life could not bear.

Jing Tian admitted that it took him a year and a half to get out of this gloomy time.

Looking back at Jing Tian's speech in the show, combined with the latest big melon content, Zhang Jike's idol filter is broken to pieces.

Now that the turmoil has intensified, Zhang Jike has done nothing except a vague lawyer's statement.

A reporter called him to ask for the truth, but Zhang Jike only answered the word "no".

When the reporter further asked Zhang Jike whether he did not have gambling debts or did not spread the actress's private video, Zhang Jike directly hung up the phone.

According to normal public relations routines, when celebrities face defamation and framing, the general process is to send a lawyer's letter, call the police, and then collect evidence and file a complaint.

But judging from the current operations of Zhang Jike's team, he should be panicked, after all, the "melon" is rolling bigger and bigger like a snowball, more and more people are coming forward to hammer him, and his behavior of hanging up the phone is even more imaginative.

Zhang Jike's matter has not yet been finalized, but even if he was a champion who won glory for the country in the past, he could not do whatever he wanted and ignore the law and discipline

Before the law, everyone is equal, and as a public figure, Zhang Jike should give the public an explanation.

Finally, please eat melon rationally

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