How much time can you spend with your children?

author:Open-minded Hu Peng

Chatting with the neighbor two days ago, the neighbor complained about how the child was disobedient throughout the process, and accompanying him to write homework would also be exhausting, either he didn't understand how to write homework, or he was distracted as soon as he heard the movement, and he was annoyed!

In fact, I would like to say don't complain about how annoying and hard it is to help your child write homework. In fact, if you do the math, you will miss the little figure under the extinguished lamp in the room. One will write homework, one will touch your head, the other will twitter to ask you this and ask you that.

Don't bother urging your child to get up in the morning every day, and always scold him for dragging his feet when taking him to school. Because a child's childhood is just those few years. When you look at your child's empty room, how you want to call him up every day. Accompany him with his homework.

How much time can you spend with your children?

Because you don't realize how much time you really have to spend with your children!

When you are 0-3 years old, you are the whole of the child, and the child needs your care and education. Grow with him

4-12 years old, you are the child's night, the child goes to school during the day, and there are only a few hours at night, including homework, watching TV, etc., the child is going to sleep

13-18 years old, you are his weekend, the children are in junior high school, high school, basically in school to complete the day of eating, drinking, Lasa. There is also only time to come back to be with you on weekends. It became just two days

19-23 years old, you are just a child's winter and summer vacation, and some children need to go out to exercise and work-study during winter and summer vacation, so that the time to accompany the child is shorter.

After the age of 23, you have only become his Spring Festival, and every year you will only look forward to the few days of the Spring Festival. Children also have their own affairs and are not at home every day.

How much time can you spend with your children?

In this way, how much time do you think your child can be with you? Cherish the bits and pieces with your children and don't let yourself have regrets.

How much time can you spend with your children?