Why do Android phones work so hard to pile up materials, and people who buy iPhones don't even look at them?

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"Domestic Android phones are really good now, but I still choose Apple"

That's right, that's what most iPhone owners think right now.

It's not that they don't support domestic production, it's not that they can't look at domestic production, it's just because they have used the iPhone for a long time, they are used to it, they don't want to change, it's troublesome.

For most current iPhone owners, it is really difficult to choose an Android phone that suits them.

It's not that you can't see it, on the contrary, each Android flagship is too good, various configurations, all kinds of piles, is really unable to pick, and finally directly or not picked.


The choice is simple

Recently, I just changed my parents' new mobile phone, and the budget was about 2000 at that time, and I almost picked a mobile phone.

I belong to the kind of person who only understands the configuration parameters of the mobile phone when changing mobile phones.

At that time, with a budget of about 2,000, I looked at various brands of domestic Android on the Internet, mobile phones of various configurations, and there were dozens of models available!

2,000 yuan is reasonable to pick a random one, but the reality is that each mobile phone is really different, including appearance, parameters, ecology and so on.

Some take good photos, but the configuration is poor, and some have a good look, but there are always castrations for individual parameters, so you can only look more and choose the most suitable one.

Why do Android phones work so hard to pile up materials, and people who buy iPhones don't even look at them?

Relatively speaking, the choice of the iPhone camp is much simpler, and in addition to the small battery and slow charging speed in the configuration, other parameters seem to be really faulty.

Of course, we chose a mobile phone with a budget of about 2000, and we can't buy Apple.

But this also reflects the fact that even the Android flagship mobile phone of the same price for Apple's mobile phone is still a variety of brands, a wide range of styles, and the parameter configuration is biased.

Although each Android flagship is excellent, for people who are afraid of trouble and do not understand parameter configuration, Apple mobile phones belong to the kind that buys with closed eyes and will not choose the wrong one.

Event background

Bias takes time to settle

Just like talking about a brand of mobile phone, just like the battery explosion, when talking about Android mobile phones, some people will always think that the mobile phone system is stuck, the mobile phone is not durable, there are many ads, random downloading of things, insecurity, etc.

The history of these early years of Android mobile phones is not my old thing to revisit, but it is still the subconscious concept of many Chinese people until now.

Why do Android phones work so hard to pile up materials, and people who buy iPhones don't even look at them?

As long as someone talks about Apple Android, someone will definitely talk about the past tense of these Android phones.

For example, I said it again today, but I know very well that today's Android phones have long been different.

Now the Android mobile phone is already very good, just like a brand of mobile phone battery will no longer explode, our domestic mobile phone has long been not stuttering, and it is also very durable, and it is no longer a problem to use it for three or five years.

But don't contradict me with a mobile phone that is less than a thousand dollars, we are not talking about the same thing.

Today's Android phones, in addition to advertising or more than the iPhone, the others are more than all, but each has its own merits.


Propaganda in the age of media

In the media era, shooting video has become a general demand of the public, and what equipment to shoot at this time is particularly important.

Although good videos must be because of good content, good content is not often available, and prospective bloggers always have to find a problem to cover up their abilities.

Why do Android phones work so hard to pile up materials, and people who buy iPhones don't even look at them?

Therefore, everyone generally believes that the quality of shooting videos has a certain relationship with the shooting equipment used.

In addition, various media promote that a certain brand of mobile phone shooting video is very good and excellent, and the prospective bloggers pass on ten, ten and hundred.

As a result, it indirectly increased the sales of a certain brand of mobile phones and the popularity of more suitable for shooting videos.

What is the Android phone doing at this time?

In the puzzle pixels, the stacking material, obviously there is better shooting hardware and stacking materials, and in the end it didn't win the game.

Is it really the Android mobile camp that can't do this, I can't see it.

User habits

Internet giants attach great importance to pulling new people, thinking of various ways and methods to attract new people, and there is a whole routine that can finally keep you.

The same is true of the mobile phone industry, which is mainly reflected in the ecological environment of the mobile phone industry.

Why do Android phones work so hard to pile up materials, and people who buy iPhones don't even look at them?

For example, the operating system of each mobile phone brand, cloud album, cloud storage, one-click replacement, backup, etc.

The functions within these mobile phone ecosystems are often only applicable to one brand, and will develop your behavior habits.

After you develop user behavior habits, then change the brand and change the mobile phone, it will look out of place, very uncomfortable, and finally make you feel that this new mobile phone is not as good as before.

This is true for Android phones, Apple phones, and now the ecology of various mobile phone brands is still expanding, and it has been related to all aspects of our lives.

Such as smart homes, tablets, laptops, TVs, and even car interconnection.

Choosing a brand is equivalent to entering the brand's ecology.

For example, if you are used to Apple's ecology, you may really not adapt to the ecology of an Android brand.

This is one of the reasons why many old iPhone owners are reluctant to change Android phones, or even look at Android phones.