May all "Jing Tian" stay away from "Zhang Jike"

Former champion, today's chief scumbag

The wall is down, everyone pushes it!

Although the ultimate hammer has not yet fallen, Zhang Jike in the past two days has become the target of everyone, reporter Li Weiao, paparazzi Zhang Xiaohan, blogger "Li Lao Wu without diamonds" have successively broke the news, including gambling, cheating girlfriends for money, leaking women's privacy, etc., the amount of money involved is as high as 10 million, and its severity and Zhang Jike's champion image can be called polar, if all true, ex-girlfriend Jing Tian is too uncomfortable, right?!

Judging from the words and posture of several whistleblowers, the credibility is very high. Li Weiao, the chief reporter of the Economic Observer, cannot joke about his career and reputation, and he is sure that what he has seen and mastered is some "judicial material".

Paparazzi Zhang Xiaohan and blogger "Li Lao Wu without diamonds" are not pure to make fun, as early as more than a year ago they mentioned Zhang Jike on the Internet, but the volume was too small, did not attract widespread attention, and... Yes, Zhang Jike is also a diehard fan, and their firepower to maintain their brother is also quite fierce.

In addition, according to various information, Zhang Jike is not very famous in the circle, not only trying to borrow money from Jing Tian and not paying it back, but also the money of his ex-girlfriend Yuan Shanshan and his good friend Tian Liang's money have almost gone from him, this gambling addiction is really a bit big.

It is said that his love of gambling has also been around for a long time, as early as 2004, when he was 16 years old, he had already been hammered into gambling, because he lost other people's money, so he ran away from the team during the game because he could not face reality, and was found after several turns. A short story of the past exposed his character weaknesses of lack of responsibility and poor emotional management skills.

In short, there is no wind and no waves, and I believe that the source of this "wind" will soon appear its true body.

Under the strong public opinion offensive, Zhang Jike also responded, the lawyer letter was sent, and the media was contacted, but after decisively denying it, he hung up the phone without much explanation, in short, it was a "dead deny". The old melon-eating masses know that this is already a routine matter of celebrity crisis public relations, I think that Mr. Wu did not shout "anti-counterfeiting" and rights protection in the face of the accusations of Du Meizhu, and then what?

More coincidentally, some of the experiences and remarks of Jing Tian, another protagonist in the incident, also happen to be compatible with these "revelations".

After the fire of "Si Ten" in 2021, Jing Tian once said in a variety show that she experienced unbearable things in 2019, once fell into depression, couldn't go out, couldn't read the script, couldn't take any work, but she didn't dare to talk to anyone, for fear of causing trouble to others, being said by others to make a fuss, during that time it was like being trapped in the sea in the night, sinking all the time, no one would throw a lifebuoy.

At the time, I sounded a little confused, but thinking about it, it is also common for celebrities to have depression, so I will not delve into it. Looking back now, ouch, if the revelation is true, the big beauty is really miserable, she and Zhang Jike broke up in June 19, and the emotional trough she said is likely to be the trauma left by this past relationship.

I just wanted to have a good relationship, but I was not only cheated out of money, but also leaked private photos, so I was blackmailed by Zhang Jike's creditors, which is an unbearable crit for anyone. What's more, that is Jing Tian, who has been well protected in the entertainment industry for decades!

When you encounter people, the sweetness in the greenhouse cannot escape

At least before "Si Ten", most people will always associate Jing Tian with resource coffee, after all, from the moment when the fame was not yet hit, they clicked on the big production, clicked to play the heroine, and the drama bone seniors clicked to match her, which was the purple MSI senior who even Liu Haocun couldn't match. Beauty is really beautiful, the role is really forgettable, but even so, she has never lacked acting.

This means that she hardly needs to fight, wait to be chosen, play tricks with anyone, and watch out for who has bad intentions to survive well in the entertainment industry, so we don't see in her the ambition and edge that belongs to the four dan double ice, but more the innocence and softness of the greenhouse flowers.

People are easily limited by the surrounding environment, she has lived in a vacuum of impurities for many years, she will have little understanding of the evil and filth of people and the world, lack discernment and self-preservation awareness, so compared with Yang Mi's kind of human essence, it is particularly easy to be fooled.

And more importantly, people have a potential need to pursue perfection, which is the saying "what is lacking makes up for something". Those inherent external qualities are a long-standing habit, a defense against another energy and a barrier to self-exploration, so that those who are the opposite of them are like an ideal self, exuding fatal attraction.

This is the underlying logic of good women loving bad men. Her eyes are clear, but she prefers the turbid aura, her life is dull, but she prefers the pursuit of excitement, it seems to be unscrupulous, but in fact, it is the subconscious desire at work, other girls smell the dangerous smell, the first reaction is to escape, her heart may be very excited: "Wow, so exciting!" ”

Fairies also have to go down to the ordinary, and the perfect life that everyone envies will inevitably be boring and single, and she also wants to break the rhythm and pace she is accustomed to to pursue another colorful.

So the first warning of this melon is for parents, don't really take "let her live in a fairy tale" as a guideline for adopting a daughter, don't be seduced by the lyrics "let the beauty of the world be intertwined with you", rich and nourished are not raised like this.

The real wealth is to give the daughter enough security and trial and error space, in short: first, let her feel that "there is someone behind", not panicked, not afraid, can move forward with confidence; Second, it is necessary to give her the freedom to explore and flutter to open up her own territory, properly guide but not interfere too much.

That's enough, there is no need to painstakingly build an airtight wall between her and the real world, isolate all the trouble and filth, tired and ineffective.

Whether it is the gray area of human nature, the dark side of society, or the cruelty of things in the world that cannot be fulfilled, it does not hurt to understand more at the beginning of life, after all, no one can live in a vacuum all the time. Instead of letting her "get seriously ill" at the moment she is pitted later, it is better to build antibodies during puberty.

You know, the more the compulsory courses for growth are delayed, the greater the price paid. Although Jing Tian suffered heavy losses, he was lucky to withdraw in time, otherwise he would definitely suffer more damage.

But at the same time, it should also be seen that after experiencing this setback, Jing Tian, who was smashed all the way by resources, suddenly opened his knack and shone in "Si Ten", with a cooler temperament and more vicissitudes in his eyes, and the little white flower who had forgotten before was like two people, and the whole person was much more complex and three-dimensional.

That's it, having fought head-on with the reality of human nature, even if you suffer losses and struggle to survive, the aura exuded by the whole person will be more determined and powerful.

May all "Jing Tian" stay away from "Zhang Jike"

Therefore, whether it is to make her less detours, or to let her have a complete and robust personality as soon as possible, we must not frame girls in the false and one-sided beauty in the greenhouse, but should gradually let the real world into her eyes, which is "love her son, it is far-reaching".

Eating melons "afterthought": girls can grow snacks in love

In addition, Zhang Jike's melon can also bring some warnings in love to the majority of women, let's come one by one:

First, don't put too thick a filter on individuals based on occupation and status. If he meets the selection criteria of a certain career track, and winning an honor does not mean that he has passed the test, will not cheat, and is suitable for you.

Champions also gamble, soldiers also split their legs, and the shining professional brilliance cannot hide the diversity and fickle nature of human nature. Don't say it's appalling, but in this world, anything is possible.

Therefore, the first step is to put on "blackout glasses", look at details, and pay attention to intuition, such as how to treat the waiter, how to communicate with parents, how to consume money, how often to send friends, whether you always like to mention yourself in conversation, what things will continue to invest time in, who are the friends you often contact...

Over time, all these trivial parts of reality can eventually smooth out the filter little by little, and then piece together a real and tangible living person, which is the basis for your decision whether to go with him.

Second, don't have the heart of the Virgin.

Under traditional discipline, for women, giving and giving are virtues, love is the greatest, and men are heaven. As a result, women can always give their labor (housework, raising children), money (upside down) and freedom (sacrificing their careers for marriage and family) very easily, even if in the end they can only get meritorious medals called "good women", "good wives" and "good mothers", and the pain and loss behind them can only be chewed by themselves.

Obviously, this is not a good deal, and the so-called virtues and glorification are nothing more than beautiful shackles that make women willing to accept exploitation. But this set of thousand-year-old shackles has been deeply implanted in women's brains, so that to this day, they will unknowingly become "selfless saints" in love, regardless of return, stupidly paying, until they are eaten dry and wiped with nothing.

This is why without any explanation, the love brain usually refers to women specifically.

Without that layer of shackles, men themselves are more able to consider problems from the perspective of interests, rather than thinking about self-touching first. So, female compatriots can try to fall in love like a man, think more about whether he is worth it, look at how many pounds they have, and don't keep thinking about showing their greatness by saving each other.

Third, try not to take private photos, don't give the other party the opportunity to create their own yellow rumors.

Writing March "yellow rumors", "Keep You Safe" seriously discussed "yellow rumors" when it was so appropriate, very unreasonable, very unkind, but it can spread quickly like a virus, causing irreparable damage to the reputation of the parties, because men can vent their emotions and gain a sense of superiority through yellow rumors, and other women need to prove their innocence through yellow rumors and obtain an identity of "I am different from her".

Since this thing is so difficult to eliminate, let's try not to give it the opportunity to hurt itself, today it is said to be "proof of love", if you don't get it tomorrow, it will become a bargaining chip to blackmail you, how many female stars have planted this. The deceased Goo Hara knelt down to her ex-boyfriend and begged him to let go of his surveillance video, and now he feels heartache and embarrassment when he thinks about it.

Yes, at first, it was inevitable to be carried away by hormones, Ma Yili said well: "Don't lose control of what kind of love I have!" "There is no problem, how boring it is to fall in love, our souls are to be constantly enriched in unexpected collisions, but, but, if you can have a blue nose and a swollen face, don't break your arms and legs!"

It is still necessary to retain a little more sobriety and caution while losing control, avoid unnecessary losses, and reduce the cost of growth. There is no money to earn anymore, depression may still come out, but once you lose your life, there is no chance of turning over.

Therefore, after falling in love and before completely returning to rationality, it is best to look at the above "afterthoughts" more, so as not to stupidly deliver them all and become a plate meal for the evil of human nature.

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