Zhang Jike's turmoil has escalated again, many stars have been involved and picked up in the past, can you still believe him?

In the past two days, Zhang Jike's melons have become more and more exposed, first being exposed to disputes involving gambling debts, selling Jing Tian's private photos, and damaging others' privacy and other illegal acts. Subsequently, Zhang Jike's company issued an article saying that the online transmission was false information.

But this statement did not block Yoyo's mouth, on March 31, a blogger once again posted directly pointing out that Zhang Jike's transmission of the actress's video incident was true, and also exposed more details, saying that Zhang Jike leaked a total of 3 private videos and 1 video screenshot of the actress, resulting in the actress being asked for money by Zhang Jike's creditors.

Then, others came forward to support this statement, some people said that they had known about Zhang Jike's scandal, but they were humble and humble and only abused by their fans after exposing the other party.

Insiders who have friendships with major stars have also poked at the connotation.

There are even suspected former media people in the circle who forwarded relevant blog posts and said: Finally exposed...

A reporter contacted Zhang Jike again to inquire about this, and the other party's attitude was to deny it again. When the reporter continued to ask whether he owed a debt or did not expose the actress's private photos, Zhang Jike did not answer and hung up the phone.

As soon as this matter came out, many netizens shouted that they felt sorry for Jing Tian and the beauty was really miserable. It is rumored that Jing Tian originally went to marry Zhang Jike, but after getting along for a while, it was revealed that the south borrowed tens of millions of dollars from Jing Tian and his family on the grounds of buying a wedding house, and later this money will not return.

There are also many stars involved in the circle, and some paparazzi broke the news that Jing Tian had inquired about the man's ex-girlfriend (suspected of Yuan Shanshan) and found that the other party had also been "borrowed" for millions. (In this regard, some netizens said that friends in the trust company knew the inside story of Yuan Shanshan borrowing money from Zhang Jike.) )

There are also paparazzi who tactfully broke the news in the form of serial comics, see this title "Cross-border transformation variety show male stars secretly take intimate photos of themselves and beautiful actresses in order to pay off debts? He borrowed money and did not love it, and it caused complaints in the circle, "I almost didn't name names."

Borrowing money does not love to pay back this point There are also netizens picked up "evidence", a screenshot of a chat between suspected actor Deng Sha and Jing Tian leaked on the Internet, Deng Sha asked Jing Tian whether "he" often manages others to borrow money, including Tian Liang, Yuan Shanshan and others are "his" borrowing targets.

More netizens found that Jing Tian once revealed in the show that some unbearable pain occurred in his life in 2019, causing his mood to sink uncontrollably, and he had not filmed for almost two years because he did not dare to go out. It felt like being in an ocean, all around it was dark, and no one could throw a life preserver.

And 2019 is the year when Jing Tian and Zhang Jike fell in love and broke up, so many netizens suspected that Jing Tian's painful past exposed was this matter.

At present, Zhang Jike himself has not publicly clarified the matter, and the studio said that it is ready to sue, but no one seems to believe that his comment area has long been occupied by enthusiastic netizens.

Some netizens said that when they watched Zhang Jike's live broadcast before, they found that he always asked everyone to brush more gifts for themselves and eat ugly.

With the further escalation of the incident, Zhang Jike more "black materials" were picked up.

Two years ago, some netizens broke the news that they had joined the milk tea brand "Monkey's Rescue" co-founded by Zhang Jike, but after paying the deposit, brand management fee and depositing a loan of 100,000 yuan in the company's account, they found that the company's account was blocked, the person in charge could not be contacted, and the pre-deposit could not be withdrawn.

More than 100 franchisees said that they came to join in the name of Zhang Jike's co-founder, but they couldn't wait for the franchise service promised by the "Monkey's Rescue" company, and they didn't care about anything after receiving the money.

Seeing that more and more franchisees are coming to the door, the actual controller of the "Monkey's Rescue" company came forward to deny that Zhang Jike was a co-founder, trying to redefine the concept of co-founder with "co-founder refers to people who have the same vision, co-create brands, and do not necessarily have to hold shares".

But when the milk tea shop opened, Zhang Jike posted a blessing video as a co-founder, and later at the signing ceremony of a company's acquisition of the "Monkey's Rescue" brand, Zhang Jike also attended in his new capacity as chief brand strategy officer. Using personal fame to publicize and create momentum, but there is a problem but not a word, I don't know how many franchisees regret that they mistrusted Zhang Jike.

Going back further, some netizens dug up that Zhang Jike had been in the newspaper for gambling money incidents many years ago, and was exposed to borrowing money to participate in gambling "games", and as a result, he could not face the cruel reality after losing money and ran away from the team in the process of going out to play.

Netizens have said: How many "surprises" are there in this brother that we don't know?

At this point, Zhang Jike's popularity has been shattered into slag, and netizens once again turned over the clips of Jin Chen and Zhang Jike dating in "Daughters in Love", and after breaking Zhang Jike's world championship filter, and then looking at those details, it seems to have a different meaning.

At the beginning, Jin Chen's bold eating appearance was interpreted as a female man who did not understand reserve, and now netizens suddenly feel that she is just holding the mentality of "Mo Laozi", hoping that Zhang Jike will not look at herself;

At the beginning, Jin Chen and Zhang Jike played the game of "silence is golden" was interpreted as being too straight and difficult to fall in love, and now netizens suddenly feel that she just doesn't want to talk too much with Zhang Jike.

In addition, netizens also found some clues that Jin Chen "did not wait" to see Zhang Jike, such as Zhang Jike calling her "Chenchen", the woman directly staged a second of face change, and her eyes instantly disappeared.

For example, in the date dinner, all kinds of sighs, all kinds of Zhang Jike, strength interpretation of what is called the head.

Before the scandal was exposed, Zhang Jike, as a sports celebrity, had a large number of fans, coupled with close contacts with stars in the entertainment industry, the exposure was very high, and his personal commercial value has always been among the best in the industry.

Later, due to injuries, Zhang Jike's competitive state declined and gradually withdrew from the core combat team of Chinese men's table tennis. But the competition schedule is no longer intensive, and he is not idle, and began to participate in variety shows frequently.

With the brilliant title of Olympic champion, he received invitations to dozens of programs, and the announcements were constant.

Now mired in scandal, if he cannot quickly end the matter, it will greatly affect his commercial resources and advertising endorsements.

At present, there are two voices in online comments, most netizens feel that they have not come forward to deny it for so long must be a real hammer, but there are also Zhang Jike iron fans handwritten long texts to support him, believing that he is innocent.

Whether it is true or false, the melon-eating friends should still move the small bench and wait for Zhang Jike Benzun to speak.

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