Why do many people say that the "Gulf War" woke up the world?

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The Gulf War was a seven-month war that began with Iraq's invasion of Kuwait on 2 August 1990 and ended with Iraq's surrender on 28 February 1991 in a United Nations-sponsored strike. The war had a profound impact on the whole world and is considered one of the most important military operations of the second half of the 20th century. Below is a detailed explanation.

Why do many people say that the "Gulf War" woke up the world?

First, demonstrate the military power of the US superpower.

Before the Gulf War, America's military strength was not valued by the world. But in the Gulf War, the United States demonstrated its military might, not only winning with accuracy and error, but also successfully securing its interests in the Middle East. This made the world aware of the military strength and technology of the United States, further cementing its status as a superpower.

Why do many people say that the "Gulf War" woke up the world?

Secondly, it strengthens the international prestige and importance of the United Nations.

At the time of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait, the United Nations (UN) played an important role in issuing a resolution condemning Iraq and demanding that it withdraw its troops. At this time, the United Nations is also trying to defend its position in terms of international prestige and importance. The fact that the Gulf War was eventually supported by the United Nations underscored its importance and influence, making it one of the most important institutions for international coordination.

Why do many people say that the "Gulf War" woke up the world?

Third, it strikes at the "cold war" mentality.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, U.S.-Soviet relations entered a new historical phase, becoming more peaceful and cooperative. However, some people's views on the world situation remain stuck in the cold war period, believing that peace and cooperation are undesirable and that only mutual hostility and confrontation are normal. However, the success of the Gulf War broke this inertia of thinking and proved the feasibility of a peaceful approach to conflict management.

Why do many people say that the "Gulf War" woke up the world?

Fourthly, it has promoted the peace process in the Middle East.

After the Gulf War, the United Nations facilitated a series of peace negotiations known as the "Middle East regime." Conflicts between countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel are beginning to gradually resolve. The United States has played a large role in negotiating peace talks with world leaders. These positive efforts have helped to ease tensions in the Middle East and laid the foundation for future peace.

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