After Nian Xinyao died, how did the Yongzheng Emperor treat his family

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On January 13, 1726, Yongzheng's once popular Nian Xinyao was given death! Nian Xinyao also did not expect that Longen, who was still under the emperor a year ago, would be pushed down the Yellow Spring by the emperor a year later. This question, Nian Xianyao probably thought of it before he died, the main reason is: he is too crazy! Next, let's take a look at how Nian Xinyao was appreciated, how Nian Xinyao fell into the Yellow Spring, and what kind of treatment did Nian Xianyao's family have?

1. The development of Nian Xianyao

In September 1725, Nian Xinyao was escorted to Beijing for trial. The trial lasted for three months, and Nian Xinyao was eventually listed as ninety-two major crimes, of which more than 30 were immediately beheaded. However, Yong Zhengnian made outstanding achievements in Nian Xinyao, and specially decreed that he commit suicide in prison.

So, after Nian Xinyao's death, how did Yong treat his descendants? It can be said that Nian Xianyao's death plunged the world into a shock. Everyone knows that Yongzheng spoils Nian Xinyao to the limit. Why did the relationship suddenly break down?

Nian Xinyao was born in 1679. Because his father was a high-ranking official in the dynasty, Nian Xinyao was influenced by the family environment since he was a child, and he read many sage books from an early age. Since the age of 21, Nian Xinyao was quickly appreciated by Kangxi. In 1709, at the age of less than thirty, Nian Xinyao became the governor of Sichuan and became a feudal official.

Nian Xinyao was grateful for Kangxi's appreciation. After arriving in Sichuan, Nian Xinyao set an example by refusing to accept gifts and bribes, and also proposed many measures to benefit the people's livelihood, which were unanimously praised by Kangxi and the people. In the following ten years, Nian Xinyao calmed the wars in Tibet and Qinghai many times. By 1721, Nian Xinyao had been promoted to governor of Sichuan and Shaanxi, becoming one of the most important officials in the west. After Yongzheng came to the throne, Nian Xinyao was even more relied on. Yongzheng gave Nian Xinyao the power to oversee all affairs in the west, far above other governors. After the Qinghai war resumed, Yongzheng officially appointed him as a general of Fuyuan, with full responsibility for the repression.

In 1724, Nian Xinyao ended the battle without bloodshed, and his prestige spread throughout the west. In recognition of his merits, Yongzheng specially appointed Nian Xianyao as a first-class duke. In addition, Yongzheng also publicly referred to Nian Xinyao as his "benefactor" and demanded that people remember Nian Xinyao's great achievements for generations to come, otherwise they would not be able to become their own people.

After this incident, Nian Xinyao began to receive Yongzheng's care in all aspects. For example, Nian Xinyao's father and son were knighted because of Nian Xinyao's merits. Whenever Nian Xinyao had a physical illness, Yongzheng would personally send a imperial physician to consult him, and also reward a large number of precious medicinal herbs. The one that can best show Yongzheng's grace is the Litchi incident. Once Yongzheng gave Nian Xinyao lychees, and in order to ensure the freshness of the fruit, Yongzhengte ordered the post station to quickly reload the horses and whips, and they must be delivered within six days. Thinking of Li Longji "riding a red dust concubine laughing" back then, and Yongzheng for Nian Xinyao, it is really embarrassing.

But the good times did not last long. With Yongzheng's favor, Nian Xinyao began to become unseen. For example, when he gave gifts to his subordinates, he would let them "kowtow to the north to thank them". When facing him, the Mongol king must also kneel and salute. In the documents sent to the governors of the same level, Nian Xinyao regarded them as subordinates and called them "decrees". Even the imperial guards sent by the imperial court, Nian Xinyao regarded them as slaves, only for the purpose of whipping and pendant stirrups.

Of course, the above problems can actually be classified as life style problems. It can also be seen as a manifestation of Nian Xianyao's arrogance and arrogance, and Yongzheng can actually turn a blind eye.

But Nian Xinyao shouldn't have done it, but he put his arrogance on Yongzheng. According to historical records, when Nian Xinyao met Yongzheng, "no one paid courtesy." Even when receiving the divine decree, he stood and did not kneel. At that time, rumors appeared in Beijing that Yongzheng rewarded military merit and rectified Aling'a and others, all of whom also obeyed Nian Xinyao's words. This made Yongzheng very faceless.

In March 1725, the sky appeared with five stars and pearls. Nian Xinyao immediately went to the table, thanking and praising Yongzheng for his efforts. However, due to a momentary negligence, Nian Xinyao mistakenly wrote "Chao Qian Xi Ti" as "Xi Ti Chao Qian".

After Yongzheng saw it, he made a big fuss. He believed that Nian Xinyao was not a careless person, and this time he deliberately wrote the wrong words, saying that the emperor was not worthy of "dying and dying". Nian Xinyao was dismissed by Yongzheng as the governor of Sichuan and Shaanxi and the general of Fuyuan for disrespecting the emperor. The so-called "wall collapsed and everyone pushed", seeing that Nian Xinyao was rectified, DPRK and Chinese officials jumped out one after another to identify Nian Xinyao's various crimes.

Later, Nian Xinyao was arrested and imprisoned, and Yongzheng sentenced him to ninety-two counts and punished him concurrently, causing him to commit suicide in prison. The powerful members of the imperial court were easily overthrown in this way. For Nian Xinyao's family, Yongzheng was not soft-hearted. Nian Xinyao's father, Nian Xiaoling, and his brother Nian Xiyao, who was an official, were both removed from their official posts. And his son, who was rich, was immediately beheaded. As for the other descendants, all those who reached the age of fifteen were sent to the frontier, and the imperial court was forever not hired. As for all his family properties, they were all confiscated by the imperial court.

However, the year after Yongzheng Nianxianyao's death, he still pardoned his assigned descendants, which can be regarded as a complete conclusion to this matter. Compared to the emperor of the Nine Races who did not move, Yongzheng was also more benevolent.

The Nian Xianyao incident can really be described as "one person is arrogant, and the whole family suffers." ”

(1) It was reused in the Kangxi era

Nian Xinyao is an official for three generations, and his grandfather is Nian Zhonglong, who once passed the Jin Shi examination during the Shunzhi period and was able to become an official; His father was old, and he had achieved the high position of a waiter in the Ministry of Works and a governor of Huguang, which was a proper feudal official. In 1709, just reached the age of 30, Nian Xinyao became the governor of Sichuan, so young, he became a marshal official, too rare, obviously stronger than his father and grandfather.

An official's success mostly starts with honesty and competence; The fall of an official begins with corruption and embezzlement. During his tenure as governor of Sichuan, Nian Xinyao strictly disciplined himself and treated others leniently, and once thanked Kangxi on a fold, the content of which reads: With a mediocre and foolish, the third generation must "try to repay it."

This faithfulness is well expressed. The point is that people not only say that, but also do that, do not accept gifts, love to do things, which emperor does not like such people?

Because the overall governance of Sichuan was good, Kangxi greatly appreciated it, and said: Always stick to it and be a good official. Seeing the emperor's comment, Nian Xinyao worked harder. In 1718, Kangxi granted Nian Xinyao the governor of Sichuan and was also in charge of the governor's affairs, so that the military and government grasped it with one hand, which was powerful.

In 1720 AD, Nian Xinyao Ping had meritorious achievements, and Kangxi greatly appreciated it.

In 1721, Kangxi summoned Nian Xinyao, not only gave him a bow, but also promoted him to the governor of Sichuan and Shaanxi, and thus Nian Xinyao became a major minister in the west. In the same year, Nian Xinyao quelled the Qinghai rebellion.

It is really "life is proud of horseshoe disease, see all the Chang'an flowers in one night". Nian Xinyao was very outstanding in his Kangxi tenure, with strong ability, not greedy and not occupied. The point is that he has a good relationship with the fourth master Yinzheng, and he is the fourth master's eldest brother, so he has a lot of support.

(2) Yongzheng trusted Nian Xinyao very much

In 1722, Kangxi hung up and Yongzheng ascended the throne. Although there is a change of emperor, Nian Xinyao's life is getting better and better. He and Longkodo (Yongzheng's uncle) became the two people that the Yongzheng Emperor admired the most, one inside and one outside, which can be called the right arm. After that, Yongzheng not only handed over Sichuan and Shaanxi to Nian Xinyao, but also took charge of Yunnan, so that the southwest and northwest were Nian Xianyao's territory.

Yongzheng issued an edict: "If there is a place to deploy troops and use grain and salaries, the minister of the border defense office and the governor of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Yunnan will handle it according to the year." "Yongzheng raised Nian Xinyao to the highest position at this time, Nian Xinyao is his spokesperson in the west, the northwest must obey Nian Xinyao, and Yun Guichuan must also obey Nian Xinyao.

However, Nian Xinyao did not do well. In 1723, the Luobzang Danjin Rebellion occurred in Qinghai, and Yongzheng was anxious. Yongzheng ordered Nian Xinyao to take over as the general of Fuyuan, the governor of all armies, and stationed in Xining to command the counterinsurgency.

During this period, Nian Xianyao's performance was simply like a divine help. As soon as they arrived in Xining, the army and horses were untidy, and the personnel were uneven, but the enemy army came to attack sneakily. Nian Xinyao did not panic at all, and directly arranged an empty city plan, which scared Luobuzang Danjin's army to escape. Then, he ordered a small group of soldiers to pursue, and the Tubo people did not care, but this time the people used artillery, and the enemy soldiers were killed and wounded innumerably.

Soon, Yue Zhongqi's troops arrived, and in a rush of killing, they attacked the enemy camp, and Luobuzang Danjin fled in defeat, only a hundred people fled, and the others were either captured or killed. In the final stage of the war, Nian Xinyao developed the strategy of "parting roads and going deep, pounding its lair", divided into various military horses, advanced at the top, quickly advanced, and soon swept the enemy and won a big victory.

This battle is beautiful, up and down the field, and the praise is endless.

In this regard, the prestige of the "young general" resounded throughout China. At this time, it was the beginning of 1724, which was the peak of Nian Xianyao's life.

Nian Xinyao was made a first-class meritorious service and awarded a viscount, while his old father Nian Xiaoling was also made a first-class duke, plus the title of Taifu.

(3) Nian Xianyao's happy life

Being friends and brothers with the emperor is really a dangerous thing, because you will have the illusion that other people's rivers and mountains have their own half. Sadly, Yongzheng regarded Nian Xinyao as a brother and a friend, so the danger gradually approached. Let's see how good Yongzheng is to Nian Xinyao and his family. First, Yongzheng gave Nian Xinyao almost all the power to appoint, dismiss, and transfer personnel within the western region. As long as there was an appointment in the west, Nian Xinyao did not agree, and Yongzheng did not agree. In addition to the appointment of personnel in the western region and the appointment of officials in other regions, Yongzheng also often consulted Nian Xinyao's advice. When transferring officials from the west to the central and eastern regions, Yong Changchang and Nian Xinyao adopted a deliberative tone, such as "I want to transfer an official from the west, do you agree or not?" For example, "If there is a problem, according to the facts, Shuyier asked him to do it." ”

Speaking with a courtier in such a tone, which courtier does not float? The second is to speak to Nian Xinyao, very polite and close.

For example, he wrote: "Er's true feelings are true, and I miss you very much, and I also have some courtiers to consult with you." "What do you mean? Brother, brother missed you, came to Beijing, there is something to discuss. After Nian Xinyao arrived in the capital, Yongzheng took out important state affairs and analyzed them with Nian Xinyao one by one, and then made a decision.

This is a Prime Minister Affairs! Third, Yongzheng once lamented: If the Great Qing Dynasty had been in the Qing Dynasty for more than a dozen years, the country would not worry about poor governance. After the success of Qinghai's peaceful chaos, Yongzheng said: "This is my benefactor!" ”

Fourth, Yongzheng is to Nian Xianyao's family, which is not generally good, Nian Xianyao's father and son have been knighted and can be hereditary. When Xinyao had injuries to his shoulder and arm, Yongzheng personally offered condolences. When Xinyao's wife was sick, Yongzheng repeatedly inquired and gave medicine.

Fifth, the situation of Nian Xianyao's sister (the prototype of Concubine Zhen Huanhua), as well as the situation of her nephew, Yongzheng also wrote to her eldest brother to let him know the news.

Sixth, in October of the second year of Yongzheng (1724), when Nian Xinyao entered Beijing, Yongzheng waved his hand and gave peacock lings with eyes, four dragon supplements, yellow belts, purple lichen, gold coins and other extraordinary things, as well as various treasures.

In short, the recognition and rewards that Nian Xinyao received were extremely rare in the previous dynasties.

And such treatment made Nian Xianyao gradually lose himself.

2. Nian Xianyao's status has plummeted, and the most important reason is: too crazy!

(1) Nian Xianyao is too crazy; Nian Xinyao's madness may have begun very early, but it was disliked by Yongzheng, and it began in October 1724. When Nian Xinyao was in the frontier, the Mongol princes and others had to kneel and salute when they saw it, which was unimaginable. Later, when he saw Li Weijun, the governor directly under him, Fan Shijie, the governor of Shaanxi, and others, these people knelt down to greet them according to Nian Xinyao's request.

After coming to the capital, you should converge a bit, but old age is not. In the capital, those princes and ministers who went to greet them were to dismount and give salutes, while officials below the prince had to kneel down to greet them. That momentum, the whole "one person under ten thousand people".

What is even more exaggerated is that in front of the Yongzheng, his attitude is quite arrogant, and "no one is courteous."

After Nian Xinyao came to the capital, Yongzheng rewarded a lot, and it was rumored that Yongzheng accepted Nian Xinyao's request and had no choice but to reward him. And Yongzheng's behavior of cleaning up the Eighth Master's Party was also said to be that Yongzheng's ears were soft and he was seduced by Nian Xinyao. After all kinds of rumors and gossip, Yongzheng's antipathy towards Nian Xinyao began to increase. And Nian Xinyao is not a politically astute person, obviously he is walking on the edge of the cliff, but he does not know it, he seems to not know the truth of "a companion is like a tiger".

Nian Xinyao was a little complacent, a little empty-eyed, and let his subordinates, even the peers, give him three points of courtesy.

But what is even more excessive is that he has a small heart and a small heart, and suppresses officials who have opinions about himself and do not stand on the same line with him.

Zhao Zhiyuan, the directly subordinate governor, had earlier disrespected him, and he impeached him for "being a mediocre and unruly inspector", and by the way, recommended his own person, Li Weijun.

Zhao Zhiyuan lost the official, couldn't figure it out, and finally relented, threw himself under Nian Xianyao, and sent a lot of gold and silver treasures, and Nian Xianyao recommended Zhao Zhiheng.

After impeaching the Jiangsu envoy Ge Jikong, Lord Ge also sent treasures and curios many times, so Nian Xinyao promised to say a few kind words for him to make his career smooth.

He once impeached the "Sichuan governor Cai Ting's prefects", and recommended that the Shaanxi political envoys Hu Zhiheng and Wang Jinghao be of great use.

As a result, Lord Cai Ting was in trouble, and Hu Zhiheng became the governor of Gansu, and Wang Jinghao had to be reused.

What is even more exaggerated is that Nian Xinyao also risked military merits, allowing the family slave Sang Chengding and Wei Zhiyao to become the official posts of directly subordinate political envoy and acting deputy general respectively.

This is simply unlawful, and Yongzheng finally can't bear it.

(2) Yongzheng picked up the butcher knife; If an emperor wants to clean up a courtier, there are still many ways.

From the fourth master's stand out in the Kowloon Victory, it can be seen that this person has rich political experience, far from being comparable to a person like Nian Xinyao. Yongzheng's first public sword was that in the first month of the third year of Yongzheng (1725), Nian Xinyao asked Hu Zhiheng, the governor of Shaanxi, to participate in the Shaanxi Yidao Jin Nanying, and Yongzheng directly replied: Nian Xinyao appointed private individuals and formed friends in disorder, and this practice was not allowed.

The second public knife that Yongzheng made was Nian Xinyao's impeachment of Cai Ting, and everyone was escorted to the capital, and after a private chat, Yongzheng came to the conclusion that this was Nian Xinyao's frame. Therefore, not only did he not deal with Cai Ting, but he was appointed as the imperial history of Zuo Du to deal with Nian Xinyao.

At this time, if it is a discerning person, you should see the fame, this is the fourth master is going to clean up Nian Xianyao, everyone is ready to stand in line, but Nian Xinyao has not reacted.

The third knife made public by Yongzheng was sent by Nian Xinyao himself, that is, on March 15, 1725, there was a Xiangrui of "the combination of the sun and the moon, and the five-star pearl", so the court and the public congratulated one after another. Nian Xinyao also came to express congratulations. However, the careless Nian Xinyao not only scribbled his handwriting, but also made a mistake, and was confused, miswriting "Chao Qian Xi Ti" as "Xi Ti Chao Qian".

Does some say this is tight? Tight, one means to be in place from the morning, cautious and diligent, do not dare to slack; One is to think carefully at night about how to be diligent the next day. As soon as this position changes, the meaning changes, one is the person who is the officer, and the other is the person who works hard.

Logically, this matter can also turn a blind eye, but Yongzheng was furious, thinking that this was deliberately done by Nian Xinyao, after all, Nian Xinyao was born as a reader.

Then, the fourth master took advantage of the question to play and said that Nian Xinyao "prides himself on his own merits and shows disrespect."

Immediately, the fourth knife of the Yongzheng Emperor came out: replace the high-ranking officials appointed by Nian Xinyao in Shaanxi and Sichuan, what Hu Zhiheng, Sichuan gradient Natai were dismissed.

What is even more exaggerated is that in April 1725, the governor of Sichuan and Shaanxi was removed from Nian Xianyao, and the seal of the general Fuyuan was collected, and he was transferred to Hangzhou as a general.

At this time, officialdom is boiling, they are all thousand-year-old demons, everyone knows what this means, beating falling water dogs has always been a rule in officialdom, the harder you beat, the faster you will be promoted.

As a result, all kinds of impeachment recitals flew like snowflakes.

So, Yongzheng's fifth knife came, and it was difficult to quell the anger of the people, and Nian Xinyao was dismissed from his post and sent to Jingli.

The next thing is that someone tried Nian Xinyao, this trial, good guy, unexpectedly tried 92 major crimes, the auditors directly asked to deal with it immediately, give capital punishment, don't ask about the beheading after the fall.

Yongzheng said at this time: Niannian Xinyao still made a lot of meritorious achievements, if he is given capital punishment, the people of the world will not accept it, and he will also bear the notoriety of "ruthless and murderous heroes", since this is the case, give it to commit suicide in prison!

So, on January 13, 1726, Nian Xinyao committed suicide by drinking poisoned wine in prison.

Nian Xinyao is dead, how was his family treated?

3. After Nian Xianyao's death, the treatment of his family

Nian Xinyao died, and when he died, his sister, who was the concubine of Yongzheng, had been dead for more than half a month.

Of the four children she gave birth to, only a 5-year-old Fuhui remained, and three years later, the child also died.

Nian Xianyao's father is old, and his brother Nian Xiyao, because of implication, they are both removed from class, taken away from official positions, and exempted from guilt, which is good.

Nian Xinyao's son Nian Fu was beheaded, and the other sons were not old, and they were sent to the frontier of reclamation.

Also implicated are Nian Xianyao's former aides Zou Lu and Wang Jingqi, who have been beheaded one after another, which is indeed a bit wronged. Relatives of the two were sent to Ninguta to enslave the Armorers.

It may be that he felt that he was a little too much, and let the famous old general's family be destroyed, so a year later, those younger sons of Nian Xianyao were all released back, and Nian Xianyao's father was old to take care of them.

From then on, the Nian family was an ordinary family.

From high to low, from clouds to dirt, the brilliance of generations of the Nian family, after painting the most brilliant high point in Nian Xianyao, rushed down, and all that remained was mediocrity. In fact, there are traces of everything, do not be proud when you win, do not be discouraged when you lose, do not honor the lord, and do not bully others.

In this way, it is possible to obtain a peaceful exit, otherwise it may be doomed, just like the once invincible Nian Xianyao, because he forgot his identity and location, his family was finally destroyed, leaving countless regrets.